Real life flying car just took off!

August 14, 2019

a real life all electric flying car just took off no seriously it really did three days ago futurism posted this one a Lilium jet…you just said it was a car.. anyway if you’ve been begging for the universe for a flying car for your entire life you may soon be able to stop asking this week germany-based company Liliuam Aviation took its new all-electric two seated vertical takeoff landing VTOL prototype for his first test flight definitely i wanted to show you some more images of this it’s absolutely ridiculous flying cars coming out 2017 ok I guess now won’t be too long before your old Gramps come on over fly by to pick you up come on kids don’t get on in my flying car.. some of these kind of like jets almost even though they said Jet on there it’s flying cars.. crazy these were the photos released by Lilium Aviation the company who’s creating these flying cars the future is now

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