Real life Iron Man: Jetpack showcased at Design School Show
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Real life Iron Man: Jetpack showcased at Design School Show

August 10, 2019

The gravity jet suit which I’ll be demoing
today is a suite of 5 micro gas turbines placed around the body, two on each arm
and one on the rear and that allows a human to fly by accelerating
gas downwards. So the suit uses 5 micro gas turbines. They’re just
miniature jet engines and those accelerate gas, once combusting the air
with kerosene, they accelerate gas downwards that it creates the propulsion
needed to allow a human to fly into the air. In 2017 the jet suit set a world
speed record for the fastest jet suit but actually, since then we’ve gone much
faster, almost twice the speed. We’ve now gone 90 kilometres an hour over water
and actually testing wing surfaces of that speed as well to start to
transition to using some air for lift rather than just the vectoring of
the turbines themselves. One of the main things we’re going to do with it is
scale it up into a race series and have multiple guys and girls from different
sporting backgrounds all racing it out through different teams, their own kind
of design suit, which I think will be really cool and that encourages,
between the teams, competitiveness in upgrading the suit and actually
developing the technology itself

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