Real life Iron Man Richard Browning and his flying suit   CNN Travel
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Real life Iron Man Richard Browning and his flying suit CNN Travel

August 23, 2019

five kerosene fueled microturbines one exoskeleton suit a camera fitted helmet one oil trader turned obsessed inventor if you strapped it alone you feel the weight you go to do a systems check the heads up display fires up you squeeze that trigger to full power you feel the thrust come in and then there’s that magic moment when it all goes peaceful when the ground literally leaves your feet and then there’s this weird moment a bit like riding a bike but in three dimensions where you have complete three-dimensional freedom you can just look away you want to go to and it just happens he’s not a huge fan of being called Iron Man but even he has a hard time avoiding the comparisons so we didn’t build this to build an Iron Man suit there were some wonderful parallels and the Iron Man CGI community reached out to us joyously and we’re very excited to see that it turns out that all of their thinking that they’d done around what this might be like was actually really very accurate it’s a great link I love people to make when they see it so why leave the day job as an oil trader I did have some hesitancy making the leap from a perfectly good normal day job into this this world but then again I think you only live life once and I didn’t want to have the regret of not pursuing this it was about could you reimagine human flight in an entirely different way by adding just a little bit of horsepower to the human frame a little horsepower is more like five jets each with the power of a hundred and seventy horses capable of pumping out air at a thousand miles per hour that’s more horsepower per jet than this Richard has named his suit Daedalus Mach 1 after this guy it looks easy here but no pain no gain right we went through countless iterations with this we tried putting engines on on the legs we try putting three engines on each arm we even experimented with independent throttle control for each engine the only way we got through all this was just by constantly analyzing what would be the worst that could happen if we just got out there and tried it and if that answer was falling from a couple of feet onto a farmyard we went and did it and that’s why we ended up opening the door onto a world we never imagined Daedalus isn’t ready for your garage just yet we’re doing some work with interesting military groups around the world the first responder a rescue personnel in the same kind of manner if you want to move a soldier in a very unique nimble way in three-dimensional space we turns out we can do that very well but also I’d say what our focus is at the moment is frankly entertaining people and for now fun is well fun [Music]

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