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Recess & Play Time! – A Brief History | A Cool School Kids Wiki

August 23, 2019

My Cool School project is all about the history of recess games! Kids have played outdoor games during recess since ancient times We’re bored! Here you go, some dinosaur bones and some rocks… Have fun! Hopscotch is believed to have started in the Roman Empire, where kids would hop across squares in their togas. And in England during the 17th century, children had a game called Scotch – Hopper You’re not supposed to fly to the numbers, Harry. That’s cheating! Oops, sorry! Hopscotch is played all around the world! In India, it’s called Kith Kith. In Poland, it’s Klasy. In Germany, it’s Himmel & Holle. And in New York City, it’s known as Potsy. Yo teach! Just one more game of Potsy, ok? Fo’get about it! You’re late for class. Then, there’s Red Light Green Light. It’s based off the lights that were invented in the 1830’s to keep trains safe. Some people call this game statues because when the person who is it yells “red light!” you have to freeze like a statue. Hey, Lady Liberty, I think someone said “green light” like a hundred years ago. They did?? Ugh, finally! Here in the USA, lots of kids play kickball. It was invented in Cincinnati in 1917 to teach kids how to play baseball, our national pastime! But instead of using a hard ball and a bat, we kick a large rubber ball. Kickball is also popular in Japan. But over there, kids call it “kickbase.” Some recess games have odd names like Duck Duck Goose. It’s also know as Duck Duck GREY duck. Legend has it, this game originated in the state of Minnesota. Apparently, it’s based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Ugly Duckling. Duck, duck, goose! Goose?? I’m not a goose! I’m a moose! But my favorite game is Double Dutch! It goes all the way back to ancient Phoenician, Egyptian, and Chinese rope makers. They would jump over the rope and preform fancy footwork. But the game was officially founded by David A. Walker in 1973. He was also a detective. Hm… I have no clue how this works… It’s like this! So, I love recess! What’s your favorite game to play? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. mai faverit game is roblex cazz u can prtand thet u r a roblex cartre but i have a goke!!!!!
    whet is qpeds fave game to play !!!!!

  2. My country called Hopstoncth as Nhay o and Staue is called den do den Xanh or tuong
    It's hard to understand but Vietnamese or Thailand people understands it like me

  3. My favourite resses game is 24 home how you play it is one person contest and every one else hide once the counter leaves you run to the tree with out getting caught if you do you count if multiplayer people get caught the first one that got caught they contes

  4. My favorite game is gallop horsey because I invented the game in the game some one is the horse and everyone needs to run if not they'll get knocked down

  5. My favorite game at recess is playing freeze tag or ball because I love recess and I know I love mathematics I'm still good at making magic I want to be and toy school another and cool school I love you is Booksy and I love her stories my name is Natalia I'm American

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