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Reckless Getaway iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 16, 2019

While I can’t speak for everyone, there’s
nothing quite like a great car chase scene in a film. Aside from the child-like glee
that comes from watching the action and destruction inherent in these scenes, there’s another
exciting level of knowing you’re watching man and machine working in a perfect ballet
for the camera. Reckless Getaway by Polarbit and Pixelbite (the developers behind Reckless
Racing) have put aside any sense of reality in an attempt to create a madcap, slapstick
point-scoring racer. As much as it’s nice to have a choice between
touch and tilt controls, Reckless Getaway doesn’t really take off until you start to
master the deceptively basic touch controls that only allow you to move left and right
and activate any special abilities you may have picked up. It’s deceptive because the
game initially presents itself as a fairly standard racing title, but after weaving back
and forth a few times you start to notice the extremely odd floaty physics that keep
you airborne just a little too long or moving forward despite being completely sideways.
However, this complete lack of reality feeds in to the game perfectly as everything else
is subject to the same rules making it easy to shake off a conga line of cop cars chasing
you. If you haven’t worked it out by now, the premise
of Reckless Getaway is a simple one – make a getaway with the cash stuffed away in your
vehicle. You’ll travel up each stage in the surprisingly detailed 3D world the game inhabits
while also collecting coins; blowing up other vehicles; and performing stunts (such as large
jumps) to add to your overall score. Should you get enough points while jumping over bridges,
invading farms or crushing vehicles in to trains you’ll be rewarded with ‘stars’ (up
to four), however there’s a catch. Points can also be lost for blowing up or taking
‘detours’ and not keeping up with the camera. Stars are also made unavailable for each of
your deaths on the level, though damage taken can be regenerated if you can manage not to
smack in to something for more than a few seconds. The real point of contention is just how difficult
the game can be at times, with so many ways to potentially ruin a run, getting four-stars
or even three can seem like a monumental task. Replays will eventually net you the progress
you’re after, mostly thanks to learning the ins-and-outs of each level, but it still feels
like a steep hill to climb. There’s a real old-school feel of developer
versus the player going on in Reckless Getaway, though instead of the challenge consisting
of cheap tricks to catch out the player it’s up to the player to rise up to the occasion
by mastering the quirky physics and detailed levels. As such if you’re looking for a casual
or otherwise easy game to conquer, you might be out of luck, but if you want a challenge
or something straight-up over the top, check out this title.

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  1. it reminds me of this nes car game whereyou can jump over car, can't remember the name 🙁
    but yea I'm so getting this hehe

  2. Cool…just woke up and there is the reckless getaway review. Just bought the game to give it a try. I think the weird physics are fun… nice review btw

  3. It's an awesome game, but need a lot more cars to increase replay value.
    Same goes for the earlier title Reckless Racing which runs out of the juice in a month or two.

  4. I unlocked all the levels, that's why I won't continiune playing. Touchgrind BMX at least had unlockable bikes wich got me going till the end unlike this game.

  5. the way that the game looks and only looks reminds me of that good OLD game for pc called ignition. Search up ignition pc in google and see what I mean.

  6. The game is ok. The only thing I hate is that its hard to tell when the ramps come up that you jump. I miss a lot of the coins due to not seeing them in time. By the time you see a ramp you're either going too damn fast to get to them or you're either on the opposite side of the road.

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