Relative success! Einstein lookalikes set world record
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Relative success! Einstein lookalikes set world record

August 11, 2019

He may have died sixty years ago – but Albert
Einstein was alive and well in Los Angeles over the weekend. More than 300 lookalikes gathered to break
the world record for the most Einsteins in one place. Sporting unruly white hair and moustaches,
the participants came together decked out in the genius’s token suit and tie for the event
– and mimicked his most famous photograph. But while for most, the charity bid was a
bit of fun, there were some professionals in attendance. 81-year-old Benny Wasserman, a real-life Einstein
impersonator and actor, could have been mistaken for his twin brother. But the event wasn’t just about beating the
previous record holders – it was actually for a good cause, benefiting
School on Wheels, a homeless children’s education group. The new world record breaks the previous one
of 319 Einsteins in one location, set in March by students in Berkeley, California. March 6 marked the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s
theory of relativity.

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