Relax and fall asleep flying from Los Angeles to Paris …
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Relax and fall asleep flying from Los Angeles to Paris …

February 25, 2020

Hello and a very warm welcome on board this
afternoon’s transatlantic flight from Los Angeles to Paris Charles de Gaulle, operated
by Dream Airlines ASMR. Real world flight time is approximately 10
hours and 30 minutes. Flight time with Dream Airlines ASMR is just 30 minutes. For your own comfort, I would ask you now to relax
and settle in while we make the final preparations for departure. I’m pleased to say that as
with most Dream Airlines flights, we will be leaving on time. If you enjoy the flight
with us today, please remember like this flight and consider subscribing to our channel, also
known as our Frequent Flyer Program. Fairly smooth flying conditions today for
most of the flight although it could get a little bit bumpy as we cross from Nevada into
New Mexico and then a little bit more turbulence is expected over northern France later in
the flight. We’re nearly at the runway now so please
make sure your seatbelt is fastened for take-off. Cabin crew, please take your seats. Thank
you. Well we’re on our way to Paris now. Our
routing was out towards the West from LAX and so we’re doubling back in order to start
our journey across the United States and then over the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll initially pass from California into
Arizona as we climb to our cruising altitude of 36,000 feet. Then into New Mexico, just
north of Santa Fe and into Oklahoma, at which point we’ll be turning slightly towards
the north and heading up to the Detroit area, across Lake Erie, into New York State, New
Hampshire, the Southern part of Maine and into Nova Scotia. We’ll start the transatlantic
portion of our routing just to the south of Newfoundland. This is, of course, a night flight and we’ll
see a sunset as we head across Northern Texas and Northern Oklahoma and then a sunrise before
we’re even half way across the Atlantic. We’ll approach France from the North West,
descending through the northern part of the country towards Paris’s Charles de Gaulle
airport. It’s a little early to say for sure but the weather in Paris is forecast
to be 15 degrees and assuming the weather conditions don’t change that much, we’ll
be expecting to land on one of the Easterly runways there. I’ll have some more information
when we’re in touch with French air traffic control.
I hope you managed to get some rest during the flight. We’ve made excellent progress
and are currently over Northern France. We’ll soon be starting our descent into Paris’s
Charles de Gaulle airport. The temperature in Paris is 16 degrees with a few scattered
clouds. We’re well into our descent into Charles
de Gaulle now and will be landing as planned on one of the Easterly runways. Please make
sure that your seatbelt is fastened for arrival now. Cabin crew, take your seats for landing
please. Thank you. Welcome to Paris Charles de Gaulle. If you
enjoyed today’s flight, please remember to like our flight and consider joining our
frequent flyer program. We have a selection of short, medium, long and ultra-long haul
relaxation flights for you to choose from. And if you have a route you’d like us to
fly, please let us know in the comments section. So I hope to see you on one of our other routes
soon, but in the meantime, wish you a very pleasant and safe onward journey. Thank you
and goodbye.

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  1. Love your vids! Requested a route last vid and so I don’t have one this time but I am happy to be on your frequent flyer program! You should fly the “Dreamliner”! Lol

  2. Thank you for this amazing flight! I’m not scared to fly with Dream Airlines ASMR so I’m ready to fly and travel the world! I can’t wait to go to Hawaii! I’m from eastern ky and the closest airport to me is about 3hrs away. So I can enjoy these flights right here at home ❤️

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