Remote aeroplane by Paper
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Remote aeroplane by Paper

September 6, 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to watch, this time into a favorite little friend, remember to pay attention to us, I believe many of my friends have played since childhood, when the mobile computer is not popular, it is the main activity of your time, friends, than Whose paper plane flew high and flew far away, and thought at the time that if the paper plane could be controlled like a remote-controlled plane, it would be impossible at that time, but in the era of rapid technological development, he Already a reality, will an uncle make a small tool that will allow the paper plane to control its construction like a remote-controlled aircraft, very simple, the head is a controller, the return is the motor, if preaching The middle part of the reed is connected by a thin tube, but don’t underestimate the structure. The uncle spent dozens of models when grazing, and finally finalized it. It was installed on paper when it was used. On the plane, using the mobile phone controller to connect to the economic crisis, not only can it fly longer, but also can use the mobile phone to control all kinds of magical fancy moves, and this small With a charging port, the price is very cheap, at around $ 50, the current program has to matter here, like a small partner do not forget to taste.

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