Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Sensor Operator—What are some challenges?
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Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Sensor Operator—What are some challenges?

November 19, 2019

we’re just scratching the surface as far
as the technology is concerned it’s continually developing changing and
they’re continually trying to improve the aircraft you build a familiarity
with one type and then the new type rolls in so being flexible and being
adaptable to that unique operating world when you are thrown different types of
situations it is definitely a necessity the more pilot stuff that you know the
better sensor operator you’ll become at first it’s not expected of you didn’t
know a lot of pilot things you are expected to know all the sensor operator
stuff as you get more experienced and more comfortable being a sensor operator
then you could look over and ask your pilot hey when you do this with the
aircraft what does it do your training especially your initial qualification
training and your mission qualification training at your operational unit
they’ll teach you the basics of kind of just hey these are the things that the
pilots are trying to do while you’re doing your thing over there but they’re
only going to teach you the basics so I can teach you how they’re doing it or
even why they’re doing it it’s highly suggested that you do so to learn as
much as you can so the training that we get exposes you
to it but at some point you’re gonna have to learn how to reach out and ask
for help when you need it it’s gonna have an effect on you mentally you have
to be able to compartmentalize that stuff and find a way to deal with combat
stress the family life impact can be pretty high if you have a spouse and/or
children they have to understand what it is that you’re doing and why you’re
doing it so you can’t just say I’m sorry I have to work this weekend they have to
really understand that so that they can accept and know that why you’re gone is
for a good reason and it’s not just because you wanted to fly a plane that
happens to fly on weekends it can be difficult but most of the families that
are in in the RPA community have been able to weather it just fine but like I
said it takes that it takes that communication so that they know
understand really understand what it is that you’re doing and why you’re doing

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  1. I have a question if you have asthma does that automatically disqualify you for the Air Force, or the military in general

  2. 0:47 just look at his cloth carefully you can see a face that is the left zip and right zip then you can see the mouth near his stomach

  3. can you have a place for me am now going to 10th grade and i want to become a drone sensor operator i have a long way to go i will join when i have a college degree thank you.

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