Rescue Polar Bears Data & Temp Final Thoughts

August 29, 2019

hey everybody final thoughts time for rescue polar bears data and temperature which is a very admirable cooperative pick up in the liver game you know the central message here of players bravely trying to rescue polar bears but more importantly briefly trying to gather the data that we need to make the case to have a long-term solution for problems in addition to a short-term solution my hats off to them to actually you know create a piece of entertainment that can also be about something is always laudable you know using board games for something that’s just more than just a flight of fancy and I mean this game does a really good job al and its presentation is through the roof those polar bear minis my god they are so adorable you just want to do your best it’s heartbreaking to not be able to stay one step ahead and see them go into the freezing drink and you’ll and potentially lose because I gotta warn you right now folks this is a surprisingly challenging co-op you’re gonna lose more often than you win huh and it’s really weird – I’m very very surprised that the rules come with variants to make it harder it kind of miss a trick by not coming with variants to have a beginner easier version of the game this might be something that’s a bit frustrating for its target audience I mean because this is clearly designed for kind of a mass-market approach with its really cute adorable wonderful charming you know pieces and it’s very simple streamlined fast gameplay that it don’t get wrong it is still a beatable game but it’s gonna push you really really hard razor’s edge stuff here trying to balance your need to you know take care of the polar bears in the short term and watch for you know and try to keep their explosive growth under control because if there’s no place for them to grow we’re gonna lose and still trying to get the main job because you can keep the polar bears population under control no problem you can just keep rescuing them all day long but you’ll lose cuz you’ll run out of time if you don’t collect that data or you can chase after that data like you saw me do in the run-through but if you focus on that too much and don’t slow down and keep the you know the polar bears spread out it’s gonna blow up in your face – it’s a very challenging game and while it’s incredibly cool that the all the ships have radically different powers that make it play very very differently depending you have to pursue different strategies depending on what ships you have in the game no matter what ships you’ve got it’s gonna really challenge you even on the normal level now that’s a good thing um and you know because it definitely gives the game’s legs but something you’ve got to know going in I don’t know that your average you know Walmart Kmart I because that’s where this thing should be really I don’t know if your average family audience is going to be up for something that might be as challenging as a ghost story so that’s just something to bear in mind going in it’s not quite that challenging but like I said it can really put you through the wringer Ziff you don’t stay on top of everything all at once um and also is interesting and this is a cooperative game that I think it gets tougher the fewer players you have I mean there’s some good scaling stuff but from what I’ve seen I think the higher your player count it’s gonna be a little bit more approachable problem just because you can cover more ground but all that aside it’s sharp its well-designed it’s gorgeous and if you enjoy pick up and deliver because that is the core mechanism here go out into the world pick up these polar bears deliver them over someplace else repeat keep repeating this while also trying to do your core objective of collect all that data uh hum it’s gonna be an enjoyable game if you’re not the biggest fan pick up and alert like Jen and I it might just be okay with respect this we get this this is clearly solved this is clearly challenging this is clearly enjoyable but for us pick up and deliver is always kind of a turn-off a turn-off so it wasn’t really keeper for us there’s one other issue too which may be an issue for some folks may not be like I said right up front this game pulls at your heartstrings this cover is beautiful and it’s so evocative and it’s so sad that is something you gotta bear in mind going in it can be really heartbreaking it can be very hard to play this game Jen mentioned at the first time we were playing it that she had a very hard time just not thinking of all the video footage she’s seen of just super skinny polar bears starving with no place to go because of the real-world problems that we’re facing this game brings that to your table and so again like I said right up front I think that’s beautiful and laudable that it casts us in the heros asked with actually trying to solve these problems but these are real pressing problems and you know are for you and yours it might be something that you have a hard time enjoying just because it reminds you of some of the stuff that’s going on right outside your window so that’s something to bear in mind with rescue polar bears date and temperature to really sharp game really fun really challenging the rules the translations not so great but it gets the job done for the most part and hopefully they’ll run through in there’s plenty of information you know BoardGameGeek for some of the trickier spots but that’s it folks that is rescue polar bears data in temperature and I’m gonna say thanks very much for watching a very very nice day talk to there so long bye

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