Restore Full Website Backup in cPanel – Full Guide 2019
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Restore Full Website Backup in cPanel – Full Guide 2019

August 27, 2019

Hello, everyone, Pooja hear from
if you accidentally remove some data from your website database or having some problem
with your database. In such a case restoring the database to a previous, the backup state
might be a great option to save your time. so in this video, I am going to show you how
to restore a full Cpanel backup. for that first login into your cPanel next
is in a file section select the backup Wizard then click on restore this feature allows
you to select what to restore here I am restoring my SQL database now click on choose file and
select the backup file which you want to restore and then upload it .so this way we have restored
MySQL database now click on select to restore type similarly
we can restore home directory and email forwarder and filter this way we can able to restore
cPanel full backup press the bell icon on YouTube app and never miss another update

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  1. When I attempt to restore MySQL, I select the file and hit upload, but do not get a "Restoring Database" screen. The screen stays blank, but the tab at the top of the screen shows "Loading". Unfortunately, nothing happens. It stays on Loading for 10 minutes without a change.
    Any thoughts?

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