Review: Fractal Space for Android and IOS
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Review: Fractal Space for Android and IOS

August 27, 2019

For quite some time now, Inde developers have
been making fun and innovative games for mobile and this game personally stood out to me.
What’s so special, you might ask? I guess you’ll soon find out So hey, what’s up guys, it’s me Hari Lakshman
here and this is my review on “Fractal Space” Fractal Space is basically a First Person
Puzzle Game. The storyline of this game is really enticing. You take the role of an unknown
person who has lost his memories and is trapped in space. You objective is to get out of this
universe with the help of an invisible assistant who guides you along the way. I don’t want
to spoil the entire story to you guys but I would like to say that the game makes sure
that its revealed slowly. Since this game was made using the latest
Unity Engine, it isn’t surprising that the graphics of this game is really good. The
visuals look pleasing and the animations were flawless. The levels are designed in such
a way that you don’t feel confined in a box at all. I did feel that the textures looked
a bit dull in some areas and it would have been better if they were more richer. Nevertheless,
it was pleasing to my eye and it didn’t disappoint me. The gameplay mechanics is similar to games
like Portal. You have to solve puzzles, use tazer guns, fly using jet packs and do other
fun stuff. The puzzles do take some time to complete and it gets more tougher as you progress
through the game. I like the fact that the game let’s the player take complete control
of his character and not “restrict” him by any means. And by the word “restrict”,
I mean things like timers, barriers, and all of those annoying stuff. Hints are provided
to us in the form of dialogues and sentences written on walls, but they are provided in
the most indirect way possible making the player to think twice before they leap. There’s
a substantial amount of items that can help you to grow and know more about your character.
I heard that this game has some optimization issue with some devices and I hope that the
developers fix them as soon as possible. The soundtrack of this game is dynamic and
pleasing. It makes sure that the player gets completely immersed into the game and it won’t
disappoint you. The controls of this game can be stated as
more of a hit or a miss in my book. It works really well but has some glitches with the
camera angles which needs to be fixed. And There’s an option of using a controller,
so yeah! In overall, This is a solid package and it
won’t disappoint you. Honestly, I was surprised that this game was so good and I felt that
the *game needed its love. And the best part is that it’s free on Android and costs around
a dollar on iOS. If you are interested, click on the “i” on the top right hand corner
to try it out. So that’s pretty much it guys. You can follow me on Twitter to stay
updated and you can Ask Me Anything on my AMA page and you can consider following me
on Google +. And lastly, Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. So, Thanks for Watching.

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