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  1. Since he's moving soon, Richard is only reviewing games that he's going to throw in the trash on the way out of Malta.

  2. @23:18 Jen could use the Master of Fate ability to reroll. In fact, I don't think Rahdo used it even once!
    @25:30 Rahdo released the water for free! You should have put them back on the field as you did a worker action instead of water action.
    @40:27 Jen used a water action, so Rahdo could have released his water for free.

  3. 33:56 You had the water you wanted: rolled 1 water, had to change one die (which could be water), and had Glorious Dew.

  4. Weeds rule is confusing. Rules make it seem like you weed yourself if rolled by yourself, not as an attack. Clarification would be great.

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