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Rice Dice Gameplay Runthrough

August 10, 2019

hey everybody today righto runs through rice dice a spirits of the rice paddy dice game which is on Kickstarter right now and I’m gonna be doing a two-player run-through today so you can see what it’s all about although before you’re going I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you’ll know what they are okay be done so then welcome to the fields everybody and welcome to the dice here are the five rice dice that come with this game they all have the same actions weeds workers wild cards water or cards I didn’t just I didn’t realize that they were almost all double use except for cards and actually there’s a six side which is instead of a single worker a double worker now on your turn you’re gonna be rolling all five of these dice and then choosing to do one action and the whole point of this game is to plant and grow and harvest rice as fast as possible because the first player to harvest 100 rice wins the game this is a race and I’m going to show you how it works today and let’s see we’ve already got the game mostly set up now I’m playing a two-player game which means in the reserve there are ten water if we were playing with three or four players there would be more watering the reserve but there’s only ten in a two-player game alright now we got our dice now before you’re going to everybody has to have one rice paddy so we just shuffle this deck up and we’ll see what everybody starts with me and Jen but it would boo we draw three two three okay and the rest will come over here there’ll be more rice paddies aplenty and each of us of these three picks one so I can start with crafty weeds honorable workers or rewarding harvest and this is gonna be the first place that I can actually start trying to plant rice and score points now the bigger the field the more hexes there are in a rice paddy the more points it’s worth when you actually harvest it since this is three if I could get this thing entirely planted and harvested I will score ten points whereas both of these are only two so if I get these planted the two planted and then harvested I’ll score five points although if there are weeds when I harvest I score fewer and all of them so I got to think about you know how big because the bigger it is the harder it is in a given turn to get this thing all planted and harvested and all that but on the flip side not only is there the size I got to think about there’s the special power which every one of these I take gives me a power rewarding harvest if I harvest this turn if if I’m harvesting take five rice so that’s just a really cool power whenever I choose to do any kind of harvesting in addition to how many points I was supposed to get I get five more and remember this is a race to a hundred rice so that’s a really cool power honorable workers this is the tougher one to fill out but for each Ilan card all on is one of the spirits you can see I’ve got two on cards and a Bottari kala card in my hand for each all one card I have in my fields including this one our each all on card and we’ve had has two permanent workers so that means if I have this and I got and if I actually as I get more and more rice patties I try to get all on Patty specifically it’s like I’ve got virtual workers so I don’t have to be so reliant on rolling a lot of workers so that’s pretty cool and then crafty weeds this one means whenever I roll the weed result instead of using it as an attack because that’s it’s only function this is an attack die to hit your opponents instead I could treat weeds as wildcards so I don’t have to be so attacking I can be crafty with my weed results and do other things you know what I think I’m gonna go with this one so the other ones there I’ll go to the bottom of the deck Jen meanwhile she’s choosing from Twisted Fate crafty workers or prophecy so prophecy means every time she rolls it’s as if she rolls two additional cards so if she wants to know four card actions very quickly prophecy you’ll let her get a lot of cards really really click and since it’s for big it’s gonna be tougher to fill in you need 15 um or I mean you get 15 points if you fill it with water and then plant it and then empty it and then harvest it that’s a lot but uh-huh which would be tough to do at the beginning of the game without other special powers but on the flip side this is gonna let you the more card results you get the faster you can get more cards and make your rice paddy bigger crafty workers all workers not doubles single workers count as a wild so it’s kind of like crafty weeds instead crafty workers are wild cards or twisted fate all card results count as wild so there’s two so Jen could do either of these four wilds or she could go for this thing that lets her gets cards much much quicker I think she’ll go for that one kind of crazy but Jen’s gonna do this because she’s gonna try to get her patty her fields filled out as fast as possible and this is gonna help her do that whereas me I’m gonna have more flexibility and it means if I ever roll weeds I don’t have to use them as an attack I can play a more friendly game so anyway these are the cards we didn’t take they just end up going back and we are ready to go I am the first player we’re both starting out with zero points and what do you do on your turn you roll the dice here we go okay so what do I get I got four workers and a wild card and a weed and now because I got crafty weeds this weed is effectively another wild card so let’s going ahead and treat it as such so now what am I gonna do well I can only do one action on my turn in this case I could do a worker action if I did that I’d have one two three four five six workers so that’d be a very big powerful worker action but here’s the problem right now my workers can’t do anything because your use of workers on your turn is to remove weeds if weeds have been clogging up your fields so I have no weed so I can’t do that workers can also harvest so if I have successfully grown rice I could use workers to harvest it I would need two workers to harvest a size two but again I haven’t grown anything yet and then the other thing workers can do is they can plant so I would need two workers to plant a size to Patty but I can’t do that until the patty has been flooded as that’s the whole thing it’s the way these rice paddies work once they’re flooded with water then you can plant the rice and let it grow so right now this would be an awesome worker turn except my workers can’t do anything yet um so I don’t think I’m gonna use workers instead I’ve got these two wild cards and so that means I could treat these wild cards as two I could treat them as two workers but all right talk about I don’t need workers I could treat them as two weeds which means I could hit Jen with weeds twice I could treat them as two cards which means I could draw two cards and pick one and add it to have a bigger field overall more rice paddies which means more special powers which means more often options I could treat it as water and now that means I could actually start flooding and you know what I think that’s what I’m going to do oh by the way I forgot to mention before I rolled after we both chose our starting cards and we revealed what they were we looked at the total water count of them 1 2 3 that means from the reservoir from the supply and in a two-player game there are 10 water tokens with more players there’d be more in the supply as part of setup after he’s revealed I put 1 2 3 water in the reservoir these are this is the only water that we have to be able to fill our fields and if we can’t fill our fields with water I need to to fill this double if I can’t do that then I can’t plant if I can’t plant I can’t harvest some score points Jen’s got a real problem she would need for water to be able to fill this thing up and there isn’t for water available right now but that’s ok Jen did not take this for the ability to plant and harvest she took it for this ability to give herself a lot of cards really really quickly so because she’s just forget about the fields jen is just all about the prophecy so anyway it’s my turn this is what I rolled and I’m gonna treat these 2 wilds as if they are to water so that means I’ve got a double water now whenever somebody does water on their turn first of all everybody can partake in that turn if other players have water in their fields like say den did at some point have 4 water in this field and she had already planted because hey she had the water in a field she had planted so that there’s a lot of rice to harvest umm now she would want to get all the water out of the way because it’s my turn and I’m choosing water even though it’s my turn if Jen wanted to she could release all this water back to the reservoir so on a follow-up turn she could harvest now that doesn’t matter right now because Jen doesn’t have any neither of us have any water but the first thing you do on a water turn is all players have the option to release water either back to the reservoir or it can go down the fields from an earlier paddy to later Patti which is a big part of the game is controlling the flow of water but it’s begin the game nobody has any water so we’re skipping that and now I’m going directly to the getting water because I have to water here because it was really two wild cards I can take up to two from the reservoir and have them start streaming through my patties I’m gonna have them start streaming I’m gonna stop them right here and now my patty which has two spaces is full of water I have to have exactly two if I was only getting one water for some reason it wouldn’t be any good the water would not this would not be enough to fill it so it would keep on going if it’s got no place to go it goes back to the it goes all the way back to the reservoir but as it is I got the two I needed to fill this up now I’m ready on a future turn to actually plant because my two hexes are flooded by two water so that was my turn it’s over it is now Jen’s turn she takes the five dice she rolls him up and let’s see all right so Jen’s got a choice she’s got a triple weed number I said weeds are attack cards for me they’re a while but for Jen they’re not so Jen has a choice she can she’s got this wild so she could use this to do a quadruple weed attack or she could ignore these weeds and instead go for remember Jen has two cards she always has two cards so really she’s got one two three and she could treat this as four that means Jen could she only gets one card but she could draw four and pick one so she’d have a lot of flexibility and that’s what Jen did Jen wants to be able to customize the perfect rice field for her now instead she could say oh I don’t want to do either of those things I want to work her she could treat this as a single worker but it would be a really weak one worker so I think really Jen’s choices are here either do a card and draw one two three four and pick one or do a weed attack and try to hit me with three weeds and now she does that that will slow me down weeds don’t prevent me from doing my work but remember if I harvest this after I plant this and then empty the water out and then use workers to harvest I’ll score five points of 100 I need but if there are weeds in here if there’s one weed in here I’ll only score two points if there’s two weeds I’ll only score one so weeds are a real pain in the butt if somebody throws weed your way you’ve got a waste workers pick those weeds out before you can get your maximum harvest so does Jen attack me to slow me down or does she go on ahead and just leave me alone and start building her own strategy I think she will attack me and slow me down she’ll be able to get cards later so she’s doing a quadruple weed this wild card is for weeds now it’s interesting aha when you do weeds Jen maxi because she did for weeks she has the option to attack every single player in the game with four weeds now in a two-player game that doesn’t meet her much it’s just because it’s just me so she’s gonna hit me with four weeds but here’s the problem each patty each card can only hold two so even Jen has this awesome super-powerful weed attack and if I had another patty out here that means she’d be able to put two in this one and two in this one as it is right now it’s kind of wasted because she’s only gonna put two in here so now my crafty weeds are choked up by weeds oh no so I will have to waste workers to clear them out which means Jen has slowed me down but she hasn’t pursued her own agenda attacking in this game especially in a two-player game is not necessarily the greatest thing because while Jen has slowed me down she’s not doing her own thing but we’ll see how it works out so that was it Jen’s turn is over she could have gotten more cards but she didn’t instead she hit me with weed my turn alrighty so here’s what I want I want a lot of workers now I got one two workers that is terrible because if I choose to do a worker action that well that’s not bad ideally if I could have gotten say four workers that would be great I would do a worker action right now two of my workers would be needed to plant my two hexes so that’d be two of them the other two I would have to weed those weeds out but I didn’t get that what did I get I totally forgot I think it was a card right or was it a weed I bet whatever was okay was a weed let’s say so I didn’t get that now I could still go on ahead and say hey I’m gonna do a worker action which is to which means I could use these two workers to get rid of these weeds or to plant the two spaces or instead I could say hey I could weed Jen right back but I know that’s always the time she’s not gonna fill this thing up any time soon there’s literally no water to do it or I could say hey I want to do a card action I can draw two cards and one and add more fields to give me more special powers as it is I think I will no matter what it’s like a double action it’s or it’s a triple weed which would still only be two for Gen or a double card or a double worker I’ll take the double worker I could use those to get rid of these weeds but instead I will use them I needed two workers to completely plant my fields so now my fields are full of rice growing and ready to go my turn is over it is now Jen’s turn whoa okay so Jen’s got some workers and a while that could be anything and some cards right so these workers aren’t gonna do Jenny any good because she has no weed she can’t plant because she’s not flooded etc etc Jen’s gonna do the cards now she paused for a second to slow me down now she’s gonna go for the cards one two three four five Jen gets to draw five cards and pick one uno dos tres cuatro Cinco let’s see what she likes all righty blessed fields charmed Patty’s cool water peaceful fields favorite spirit so she gets to take one of these and now that’s a really powerful thing let’s see right if you aren’t so favorite spring of Jen goes for this one the special power favorite spring is if you collect three matching spirits in your field you may replace this card and take 15 rice you could win this game never growing or harvesting rice at all you could get all your points by leveraging special powers so Jen goes for favorite spring all right so that means he would need three so basically this is barong and so you can have up to four cards in your patty so this would be barong Jen would want to get two more belongs out and then if she had three bongs and then on a later turn replaced this one with a new one she would score 15 points now Jen is very good at drawing lots of cards to get the ones she wants like you know if there’s more belongs here uh-huh actually oh man there’s all these bronze if Jen could get all of them she can do that right now so that might be a thing that Jen would just go forget about growing stuff forget about the water and the workers and all that Jen just tries to set collect cards if she goes for this thing if she goes for blessed fields this is gonna be easier to fill up than this quadruple and when weeds are added to your paddies take one fewer so Jen is sort of protected by weed attacks from me but Jen knows I’m not likely attacker with weeds anyway because weeds are more valuable to me as wildcards charmed Patty’s weeds cannot be added so you know and this is a simple little thing to fill up you just need a single working you need a single water and so you can start harvesting it which is why it only generates three points but you are completely safe no one can ever weed you so that’s pretty cool peaceful fields you gain seven rice for each barong card in your field including this one if you do replace this card mmm all right right so basically that’s a one-time thing she has this out again she tries to get a whole bunch of belongs out and at a time when she has ideally all four belongs and when she replaces this she’ll score 28 points from her peaceful field so she hasn’t tried to grow anything she just makes a lovely field and everybody loves it so much that the barong spirit will give her her rice Alice E is Jen worried about me attacking with rice I don’t think so because again rice is gonna be not something I’m doing great because I’ve got crafty weeds so I don’t think she cares about that she doesn’t care about the blessed those are true protections cool water water counts as a wild that gives her more flexibility and this is something she could actually start trying to fill and but you know the fact that she can draw so many cards means she really does want to start collecting cards I think she will go for the three matching spirits in the field right Jen’s gonna go for favorite so these ones are gone and LSC here so that was her turn she got a whole bunch of cards she picked up every one now when you add a new card to the field you’ve got three choices you can put it to the right of your current Patty’s or to the left of your current Patty’s or you can replace a Correll patty completely and once you have four you have no choice but to replace I think she will put this up water of this because this is water she could fill up and then later on that water could go downstream to fill this up um and maybe get four in here so that’s how she’s placed it and she’s still got this special power now she’s got this kind of objective she’s going for and that was her turn it is now my turn I’m gonna roll again and let’s see I got some workers I got a wild card a card and water now if I choose to do the water that means I can clear this water out once I clear this water out I can start harvesting and getting points but you can see only but the ideally in a perfect world if I clear water out now I have no place for it to go to so it will just go downstream and come back to the reservoir if I could first get another card and put it here then when I clear water out I’ll hold on to it it will come down and it’ll move from this place to this place so I can flood and do that oh by the way I forgot when because Jen added a new card to the simulation it had a water value which means we had to adjust the overall available water there should now be five one two three four five there’s one two three so there is now five total water available in the simulation and still five more in the reserve so I forgot about that so before I release water to have a go all back to the reserve so Jen could get it for her gigantic fields I don’t think I like that instead I’m gonna go on ahead and do a card action although I only have a snow it’s a double so I’m gonna do a card action which means I draw two and pick one and master of the field spirit feet of spirit friends if you collect four different spirits in your field you can replace this card so this is kind of that set collection like what Jen has I’m not interested in that I’m actually trying to grow rice here so I’ll take master of the fields if you have the most paddy hexes this turn no ties take 500 aha but I don’t have the right so when I put this down I could score five points if I’ve got the most hexes but I don’t I would have one two three four five Jen has one two three four five six so I will not get the benefit of this that’s not great um right so maybe I do go for the other one instead yeah I think I will go for the spirited frames and now I could put it here or here I’ll put it down water so that when I release I could flood this so I could start planting there as well because if I put it up then when I release the water it’ll go back to the reserve and I won’t be able to hold on to it now this is a new card which adds zero so the available water doesn’t change in the simulation at all that was my turn it is now Jen’s turn again and boom what do we got here all right more cards workers and cards Jen likes cards because she’s trying to get a lot of either barong or samara cuz if you have three matching spirits you can replace that card so Jen’s gonna do a card action again because these workers aren’t gonna do anything for her she does that she has no weeds she can’t plant anything because nothing’s flooded even though more waters available now so if she had gotten water she could start trying to flood because he would only need to water to go in here so she can start planting but that’s not happening instead jen is doing another card one two three four five jen is drawing five cards and she wants barong or samara one two three four five belong bo are known are here’s a Samara and a Samara oh my gosh noble wrongs so there’s two blanks in Abbott ara kala so she’s not taking those she’s gonna take one of these master of fate re-roll any dice after your roll she get one REE roll or get another card you know what Jen hasn’t she’s getting enough cards she’s gonna dump her foresight it would be nice with a prophecy but she’s dumping that Plus oh my God look how big that is and instead Jen is gonna be master of fate now this is adding one more water to the overall supply so now there’s enough water to maybe fill up Jen’s very thirsty Patty’s as well she can either put this here or here let’s go ahead and put it up at the top so if Jen gets if Jen only gets one water she can take it and fill this up if she gets three water she can take it and fill this and this if she gets four she can let all four pass through and get to that one so there we go Jen now has two Samaras if she can get one more Samara then she could replace this and score 15 so you know Jen’s going for it and in the meantime wait if she starts rolling some water she can actually take use of it and now it is my turn let’s see what I got alright Oh a lot of workers oh my gosh but I don’t need workers right now cuz I can’t plant here wait no if I do workers I could use two workers to get rid of these weeds but that’s about nothing else instead I’m gonna do water all right and it’s a whole but it’s only a single and singles not good enough if I had a first of all if I use water anyway I’m gonna do it anyway because I either I’m gonna use workers to just get rid of two weeds it’s way overkill or I’m gonna use water let’s do water so first of all everybody has the option to release water if they want Jen no water sure she’s not releasing any I do I’m releasing it and letting it go downstream and now this is not flooded anymore this is flooded so now on a future turn I could use a lot of workers to clear out these weeds harvest this and plant over here because I’ve kept control of my water nice right anyway so first of all I released Jen had nothing to release now I’m only generating one so that means I can take one from here if I had a paddy that needed only one I could actually like Jen yeah you know Jen could only needs one to fill up her or master or fate but I can take this but it’s got no place to go because when you’re having water go through it has to completely fill an area or it just keeps going down to the reservoir you can’t partially fill a patty so that one didn’t do any good but still I’ve emptied this I’ve flooded this next up if I get a lot of workers I can start scoring a lot of points but in the meantime it’s Jens turn and what does she got she’s got some workers she’s got some weeds she’s got no wild cards and she’s got three cards so she could draw three and pick a card but what are her chances of getting us tomorrow like what she needs instead well these workers don’t do any good though so Jen could she does have a couple of leads you know what since Jen would like to get more cards three she doesn’t feel safe about getting a Samara so workers aren’t gonna do her any good Jen’s gonna weed me up some more each one of my patties can have up to two genkan throw two at every player in the game which means just me so Jen has now clogged up both of mine so that means I’m gonna have to spend more workers not harvesting or planting but weeding so that was Jen’s turn while she waits for a bigger card hand now she’s kind of regretting not getting that foresight so she could get even more cards my turn whoa alrighty I can do some water I’ve got four workers I’ve got five workers that’s not bad I will do it I’m gonna do workers so I’m not doing water I’m not doing cards one two three four five workers how am I gonna spend those workers I will spend two of them to plant here and I will spend one hour and two of them to get rid of these two weeds and that means I’ve got one left and why are the three meats here there should only be two because they’re gonna be a maximum two right so I that’s right alright alright I have these weeds that was my mistake right so I spent two of my workers to plant here I spent two of my workers to weed here that means I’ve got one more worker unfortunately if I had two more workers I’d use them to harvest here now but I don’t so instead I’ll use my last worker to get rid of one of these weeds so next turn when I get some workers I’ll be able to make use of them but in the meantime Jen’s weeds did slow me down while she’s waiting for a better role and she gets it no she’s got all these workers but she does have three cards she could weed me again slow me down but this is a really weak – she or she could just keep keeping me in check while she’s waiting for her super card rolls to get the target she’s going for because again all these workers with nothing flooded she wants some water so she can start filling these fields now she could do water she could say hey this is just a single water which means first of all I would probably release this water back into the reservoir so now I could harvest both of them and then Jen would take one water which means she could fill up this field and start planting but one water that’s terrible she wants a lot of water cuz she’s got a lot of hexes to fill so as crazy as it is I think Jen while waiting for a better role is just gonna slow me down again here’s two more weeds ah my turn alrighty and I got two I got three workers so if I wanna do workers I could that’s not bad or I see I could start doing some more water but there’s no reason for me to flood these if I get another card I could put a third thing so I could flood later so I can have more water control I could weed Jen but she hasn’t even shown me nursin actually planting anything yet so that doesn’t make much sense I think I will take the three workers so I’ve got three total workers here and with that I will use one worker to get rid of this weed and then two three workers to harvest this space and that means I am the first player to score I just made five points everybody hurry alrighty and the rest of my Dicer are useless it’s Jens turn she rolls and right this is a bit more like it all right oh now this is a tough choice jen has one two three four cards drawing four cards gives her a very good shot at getting the spirit she wants or she’s got one two water which means she could know what the others have anything released she could take two odd and fill this up and start planting here does she want to continue trying to find her favorite spirits for the for the favorite spirit patty or does she actually want to start trying to plant stuff because that’s a source of points as well but nope she’s gonna stick with her with her Grande card strategy and try to find more Samar’s so she’s got one two three four cards she’s drawn and she’s looking for a Samara one two three four wrong a Wang perfect okay in fact it’s the only one so she will take hand of fate you must change one die face each time your role you must even if you think it’s got the perfect role but I mean more often than not that’s gonna be good because you can get whatever you want one of your dice is exactly what you’d like it to be so Jen’s gonna add this the other ones by the way I should have said it’s weird the the prototype rules I have don’t specify what to do with the cards you don’t use um basically I’ve just I know Jen I we’ve not had a game where we’ve gone through the entire deck yet but I could see it possibly happening if a player goes for a really card heavy strategy like this so I’m not sure if they’re just supposed to go into a discard pile and then get shuffled and put back in with the deck empties out or if they’re just supposed to go to the bottom of the deck as you go uh-huh as always folks please watch what the Klingon subtitles turned on because of course we will actually make it clear there because that’s where all my goofs are mentioned including I think I forgot in the main run-through I was forgetting I could have used weeds as wilds when I was rolling but anyway so Jen’s got hand of fate she either puts it at this end or over here she’ll just go ahead and put it at the end which means if she ever gets this filled with water then the water could spill out over there and now from now on Jen can change one die or must change one die every role that is awesome but more importantly she has one two three samaras which means if she has three matching spirits in the field which means in the future if she replaces this card she will get 15 points yeah all right which beats my five well let’s go back to me I’m just trying to be a good farmer here so I could do all right so remember this is a wild I think I was forgetting about that earlier I was thinking more about Jen’s strategy than my own so basically I’ve got I could do a double water I could do a cross repel card or I could do a single whee or what-have-you I think I will go on ahead and do a double water alright so first of all that means Jen could release water she has none to release I could release water I have none to release and then I take to water one two and it starts coming down I don’t want it here because I want this to stay dry so I can harvest instead I’ll bring it down here and boom this is now ready to be planted again because it’s full of two water so that was my turn easy peasy alright Jen’s turn and let’s see here so water and I remember she must change one card or one dye role because of the hand of fate and now I mean heck she’s got one two three four she could give herself five and draw alright let’s go ahead do that so she’ll turn this to a card as well and so she’s gonna do one two three four five she’s drawn five cards to finish this favorite string one two three four five and I mean whatever she takes she’s gonna replace this one be because that’s the one that will trigger the 15 points so does she want new hinge Springs this patty contains one magic water there’s always water or never water there at your choice that’s pretty cool or a double magic spring oh by the way oops I forgot when Jen added this one two three four five six seven eight nine so actually almost all the water from the supply is in the reservoir forgot to add that you always adjust stuff from the reservoir every time new cards get added or cards get replaced with old cards you have to do that immediately so what are we gonna do here is Jen want good fortune if you roll if you roll one of each of the four phases no wild and no double worker get ten points that’s pretty cool it’s it’s Oh particularly whoo that’s interesting you must all right know that this says you have to roll them not that you get to change them so I don’t think you’d be able to use the hand of fate to make a good fortune happen sooner that’s good question though because I think you’d have to roll them so it’s a long shot to get of your five dice for them to be the unique icons but it’s ten points when you do only count actual icons rolled not modifiers like the hand of fate so that’s that make sense so she go for that one ooh dreadful plague if you have four Bottari kala cards which he does she has four samara cards destroy one card in each opponent’s field with anything on it if you do not replace this card hmm no no no I don’t think so right because I certainly don’t I do not have a whole bunch of Vitara kalus so I’m not interested in that one so say that one’s out magic Springs Hidden Springs glorious do one extra water every time you roll and a really big field to fill so Annie and Jen wouldn’t need a big field to fill but then you show you know I think she’s going to Jen’s gonna go for glorious do she’s going for big fields right so and replacing this with this one she scores 15 so boom 15 points alright and that’s gone and these other ones are gone and we now have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so all of the water is available now if this ever gets replaced with like say a zero and that means we have to take three out but say there is no water to take out from the reservoir as water eventually gets released and comes back to the reservoir you take it out as it becomes available but as it is now let the rains come folks it’s the rainy season there’s a lot of water coming because of all these fields that was Jen’s turn and now it is my turn whoa all righty so no weeds so no wilds I could do some water action although I don’t want to do any water action water actually would only well know so I’m not gonna do any water cuz my waters perfect as it is I could get cards or a single worker that is not exciting let’s go on ahead and do a card so I’m just gonna draw two cards and pick one and add it lush Patties or lucky day if you’re all three um wilds take ten bucks only count again so you can’t modify to do that that’s pretty funky I don’t like my chances I like lush patties because see my patties now require one fewer water to be filled so these now only need one water a piece I’ll go on ahead and put this up front all right so now that’s really cool alright with three water I could get all of these filled and ready to be harvested so that was my turn it is now Jen turn unless see here alright so she’s got a couple weeds she could start weeding it up she wants to start doing water now to start filling but she can’t seem to roll water to save her life oh but remember I totally forgot her hand of fate she must change something so what’s interesting to water isn’t good enough if she changes this to a water she’s gets 2 that means she could fill this but she could fill it with one she’d like to get at least 3 water so she could fill this space and start because it’s tough to fill all these hmm all right well anyway though so she’s not gonna do water she wants at least two so what’s he gonna do instead she could change and make another weed and now hit me with three weeds yeah let’s do that so Jen’s just gonna make another weed she’s hitting me with three which means she can’t fill this anymore she’ll go one two and three so now all my fields have been hit I gotta spend time on that okay my turn alrighty oh look at all that water okay why can’t Jen roll this water she’s been desperate for it so two workers or three water which means she’d get a chance to flood both of these so she could start she doesn’t want to flood this because this hasn’t been harvested yet but if she wants to harvest this she only got two workers so with two workers she could well she would need both workers to do this which means since there’s two field she would only get one point so she uses these two to get one or she could use these two to clear that out that’s kind of lame I think she’ll go for the water so first of all everybody has a chance to release water I’m not going to but and then I can take three water righty and well I don’t want with order I will go on and do the workers because I don’t need the water right now I’ll do the workers just to clear these two outs so later on I can get the full five points off of this I was my turn Jen’s turn okay boom that’s more like it I think it’s gonna rain big folks Jen can hand to Fate she’s gonna turn this into water she’s gonna treat all these as water oh my god she got she would have been able to have a lucky day if she had that card but she doesn’t jen has four water first of all everybody can release their water if they want I’m not going to as I haven’t planted here yet jen has nothing to release and now she brings in four water and she can let it trickle down how ever she wants she needs five for this so she could let him all trickle down and have four here to start working on this but instead I think she’ll let’s start trickling she’ll have one here the three is not enough three is not enough three is enough so now Jen has two fields filled and she can start planting in those this one generates ten points this one generates three points nice okay back to me what am I gonna do all righty oh here’s all my workers that’s what I was waiting for and Plus remember weeds are wild so I’ll turn it into a worker as well so I’ve got one two three four five six workers with my six workers I believe first of all I will use two of my six two plants over here I will use so I’ve got four left I will use two more to harvest this which is another five points I’ve now gone to ten and I have two more I will use those two to get rid of these two weeds pretty happy with that okay big work day gents turn all righty so she’s got um right ooh so she’s got two workers could be three workers and with hand of fate she could make it five workers mmm five workers would live her yeah so Jen’s gonna do that Jen is going to take one two three cuz I was a wild four or five Jen’s got five workers she needs one two three four so she is planted here and here so that is 13 points waiting on some harvesting okay Jen oh she was having fun with her set collection for a while but she’s decided to actually grow some rice for a change since she’s a rice farmer and all that okay my turn let’s go all righty no workers oh but now I got three wilds okay so what do I need I need some more water because I need to flood these I need to empty that so let’s say this is three water oh no but I want yeah yeah so let’s say this is three water right okay so with three water first of all we have the opportunity to release I am going to release Wow and Jen is going to release this is at the end of the way so this goes down ah shoot this is kind of a pain oh man this is where things get really cool let’s just say for example like this Jen could now release this and this and all four could come here and fill this up because it’s tough to fill up four but she wasn’t able to do that because that’s not her layout but you can see how water control is everything in this game Jen has a slightly sloppy layout here so Jen releases this that goes back to the reservoir she releases this because she needs to empty these and no one is not enough one is not enough doesn’t want so Jen just lost all that water she could have okay but anyway so we’ve done releasing and now I am bringing in three water because I’m the one who triggered this I’m bringing in three and I need perfectly one two three so there we go Jen stern she wants a lot of workers to harvest all this stuff whoa she did not get a lot of workers but remember hand of fate lets her change something so she could say hey there’s one two three four five workers which we one two three yeah so Jen’s got one two three four five workers which is one two three four Jenna’s harvested both of these and that has given her 13 points plus her 15 puts her at 28 Jen is zipping right along nice okay and that was that it’s my turn okay so I’ve got a wild and a couple of weeds which are wilds now that Jen’s actually started growing rice I might want to use these weeds as actual weeds because she could score so many points off these big honkers as you just saw I could just go on ahead and do three weeds and got our but two of them would come here and one of them would go into another one so I probably put it over here into her easy to fill one so that would slow her down or instead since these are all wilds I don’t have to attack her at all I could go big I could say I’ve got four workers which I need one two three four yeah I’m gone for four workers here and I don’t care about the cards with my four workers I’ll spend one two to plant three to plant and forward to get rid of this weed so now if I can get these emptied out and harvest I’ve got 13 points waiting to be harvested so that was my turn Jen’s turned the game is starting to speed up so what did you I’m gonna do ah first of all she can change something she could get some water she could get three water which would let her just fill this ah oh wait a minute jen has glorious do she’s already got one water so if she changes this to a water then she’s got one two three four she has four water which is enough for her to go master of fate and then this one or two come all the way over here and fill up the Big Kahuna I think she’s gonna spread it out though one one two three like before that is kind of a bummer though having this three at the end where there’s nothing for it to roll out to oh well so so that’s it Jen is now ready to start planting and here again and meanwhile over to me oh yeah I am going to ah let’s see here so I’ve got two wilds or two weeds if I want to mess her up I’ve got or so that could be five workers but I need to get the water out of the way because these are flooded that’s why I need I need water so one two three water and first of all I’m gonna release Jen could release she doesn’t want to release anything but I am gonna go ahead and release cuz this is all good and now I could bring water in I don’t care even if I had no water I would release just to get rid of this because now I can harvest in the future that was that Jen’s turn alright remember she’s got one water she’s got two extra cards if she wants more cards so she’s got one two three she’d have three that’s not enough to put more water over here I think she wants workers one two right so this is one this is one two three four five six seven workers Jen needs one two three four so she has planted both of these again alright and then it is my turn and right what am I gonna do with this business I want workers I got no weeds so to my name I’ve got three workers here which means I could get one two three let’s just go on in and do that before Jen hits me with some weeds so that is eight points so I just went from 10 to 18 and nothing else I just used workers I didn’t give myself more stuff so I could grow more I didn’t bring water in because I didn’t need any but now I’m gonna start needing water in the future it is Jen’s turn and what if she got here all right she needs to let water out but she’d also like to let more water in oh yeah yeah yeah Jen’s gonna do water she’s got first of all she can change things so she will forced this to become a water right so she’s got one two three four water first of all everybody gets to release I got nothing to release Jen’s gonna release this and she’s gonna release this but it’s just gonna come down over here so she’s put that in so that but now at the end of return if she doesn’t have enough to fill a space she loses it but it’s nothing to return yet so she’s just had this water come downstream over to here to this for oh no no she’ll have it come down here to this five because remember she’s got one two three four so here comes four more one two three four boom the glourious do is upon us now Jen’s got to get five workers all at once to plant this thing then she’s got to let the water out then she needs five workers again all at once to get the 25 points but this hand of fate is really helping making that happen all right Jen might want to get some more wild card generators to be able to fill this up more effectively but anyway so that was Jen’s turn um big water Inglorious do my turn all right I need two workers to fill this out and I can totally do that let’s just go ahead and do that I’ll use these two workers for that’s a wild I’ll do that that’s five more points for me one two three four five I’ve almost caught up with Jen and now I need to flood this place or I need to get into the card so I have more flexibility like what Jen’s pulling off here and Jen meanwhile says give me workers alrighty Jen wants five workers she’s got one two three four hand of fate let her do this he’s got six workers she needed five she’s just planted it folks oh that is terrifying now she lets the water out she gets five more workers twenty five points I was doing well at the beginning but only having three cards I’m throwing away a whole special power that could really help kick-start stuff or give me more control over how I let water flow downhill in and out of the reservoir um what’s gonna happen next I don’t know folks says I’m gonna stop right there cuz that should give you a pretty good idea of what rice dice is all about now if you want somehow thought you can hit that alright in the top right corner screen or follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. Since he's moving soon, Richard is only reviewing games that he's going to throw in the trash on the way out of Malta.

  2. @23:18 Jen could use the Master of Fate ability to reroll. In fact, I don't think Rahdo used it even once!
    @25:30 Rahdo released the water for free! You should have put them back on the field as you did a worker action instead of water action.
    @40:27 Jen used a water action, so Rahdo could have released his water for free.

  3. 33:56 You had the water you wanted: rolled 1 water, had to change one die (which could be water), and had Glorious Dew.

  4. Weeds rule is confusing. Rules make it seem like you weed yourself if rolled by yourself, not as an attack. Clarification would be great.

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