RIDE This Robot! — Mind Blow #62
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RIDE This Robot! — Mind Blow #62

August 30, 2019

The new i-limb Ultra revolution from touch
bionics is the first upper limb prosthesis that can be controlled with an App. And students in India created “SHE”, or, Society
Harnessing Equipment, lingerie that delivers 82 electric shocks and contacts the local
police in order to ward off attackers. Vsauce! Kevin here, this is Mind Blow. After four years, Micromagic systems is finally
ready to reveal “Mantis,” the biggest all-terrain operational hexapod in the world that walks
on six ground-sensing hydraulic legs. The British robotics firm says the two-ton hexapod
has the ability to manipulate objects, such as this trailer, automatically level while
riding, and load easily by folding itself onto a truck bed. The BIQ house is powered by algae. Created
by design firms Splitterwerk, Arup, and SSC when used as a “bio-skin” during summer the,
algal growth speeds up providing a cooling effect for the residents while transferring
that extra heat to hot water systems. Algae is also harvested and sent to the technical
room where it is fed into a bio mass fuel converter which provides the remainder of
the building’s energy needs – making it self-sufficient. A new study creates the illusion of having
a phantom limb in non amputee people. Neuroscientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden set up the
experiment by having the participants right arm hidden, and then they touch that arm with a
brush and imitate the same movements with another brush in mid air within full view
of the participant. They discovered that within a minute most participants transferred the
sensation of touch to the area of empty space where they only see the brush move and thereby experience
a phantom limb. In order to prove the experiment worked, the scientists would make a stabbing
motions towards the phantom limb and measure the participants sweat response to the threat
which was increased during the illusion. And they hope it leads to insight into future
research on phantom pain in amputees. World record 30 skiers holding hands and doing a flip… New fossil dinosaur embryos suggest that baby
dinosaurs grew at record rates, and also had the ability to flex their muscles in preparation
for the outside world. The bones had blood vessels which meant that the tissues were burning
oxygen and growing rapidly, and the structure of the bones gives researchers reason to believe
the embryos were flexing their legs to strengthen their muscles. Wolrd Record 30 skiers holding hands and doing
a flip. Yay. Fujitsu Laboratories created a touchscreen
interface that connects the real world with the virtual. It can accurately detects the
user’s fingertips creating an interactive touchscreen for the real world. This allows you to manipulate
paper using a webcam and a commercial projector. With this ability information can be imported
as data from any document by just using your fingers to select it. And they’re aiming to develop
a commercial version of this by 2014. Students at Virginia Tech College of Engineering
made a life-like autonomous robotic jelly fish the size and weight of a grown man. At
5 foot 7 inches and 170 pounds, it’s being developed for the US navy and the goal is
to have the robotic jellyfish in waters around the world, with the ability to leave it in
the ocean for weeks or even months. Eventually they may have the ability to clean oil spills,
monitor the environment, or conduct surveillance. After 4 years Micromagic Systems is finally
ready to reveal MANTIS – the biggest all-terrain operational hexapod in the world that walks
on six ground sensing hydraulic legs. The British robotics firm says the 2-tonne hexapod
has the ability to manipulate objects such as this trailer, automatically level while
riding, and load easily by folding itself onto a truck bed. The Cave Automatic Virtual Environment is
a fully immersive six-sided room that projects 3-D environments on its walls. It was created
by the team at UW-Madison and gives users the ability to move virtual objects using
muscle activity, a projector, and virtual reality glasses. This allows users to exert
forces against things that are created in front of them. The hope is that this will
have rehabilitation applications for those suffering from injuries, strokes, or certain
disabilities. Finally Festo created BionicOpter – a robotic
dragonfly that has mastered the complex flight characteristics of its real life counterpart. I’m going to leave you with a biped robot
that stabilizes its balance if you push it – and as always thanks for watching…

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  2. The mantis ain't the first, John Deere / Timberjack has a Hexapod logging machine for forestry… We had the pleasure to look at one at the company I work for.

  3. 1:22 thats fucking bullshit. i know for a fact a illusinist did this years ago with a hammer instead of a knife. it was relly cool. fucking sweds.

  4. Told you so.The future is full of weirdos and bullshit artists. Them and their fucking technology. We are in the verge of WW3 and we continue to make these scary devices? The military loves you, fucking retards. Every time you invent something, they are after it. you get the money, they get the technology to use against the enemy and there are no enemy anywhere in this world. Well there are enemies in this world but not without the technology you've sold them. Sell your ideas and technology to foreigners, they will soon copy and make them better. And pretty soon you'll find yourself threatened to the point of making you regard them as enemies. Yes? Loud music, drugs and money is making people mad, and when they feel threatened, they will go back to school and invent more' Weapons of Mass Destruction. What goes around, comes around. That's why you go to higher schools, to find out where the fucking devil is; yes, retarded hypocrites, yes?

  5. Dont give the robots and Machines to much brainpower but hey the scientists are to stupid to understand that ooh whell hello Armageddon

  6. Thank you japan for bringing my biggest wishes to reality. NO MORE COPYING HOMEWORK OR NOTES!!! JUST COPY AND OASTE INTO MY BOOK!!!! YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  7. Ok I'll ask what everyone here is wondering… if that guy replaces that brush with a vibrating device and in the same 'blind space' configuration gives that girl an orgasm while floating another vibrating device over a 3D model of a penis… does she project her erogenous persona, the one in orgasmic ecstasy, into the inter-space filled with the 3D model and so feel as if she is a male, and the researcher is her male lover?   We all want to know.  Ok, well what if that interspace has a puppy in it?

  8. My arm was once locked for a week (like a T-Rex) due to an injury, and at times, I'd feel a phantom arm, not knowing about phantom limbs. It felt weird and made me halfheartedly second guess my sanity.

  9. The thing where they take the brush and wipe it on thier hand and one in mid air is not new. its called phantom limbs and i saw this in phycology they did this years ago already so if you want to call it new then your like the gum boxes in the store the ones that have been out for ages and still say new. also in the phantom limb experiment they also gave them a fake arm and smashed the fake hand with a hammer.

  10. here's an idea. make a time machine robot that can only go back, send to the age of the dinosaurs and collect samples of dna, place the samples in nitrogen chambers and wait it out. have the machine be powered by solar power

  11. that robot at the end, all I could think of was imagining it speaking "why, why, I do not understand, please stop, why?"

  12. The hand that can be controlled by an app still only leaves you with one hand free to actually do things. A shittier one.. x)

  13. That dragonfly robot looked pretty cool, I bet that's something like what Frank Herbert was imagining for the ornithopters in Dune. So even though I know flapping mechanical wings would never be a better idea than propellors, it's still nice to know we're taking steps to use wings anyway.

  14. So if you can only control the protese at the start with your phone in one hand you can only use one hand again ? WTF thats so useless xD

  15. So many cool ideas. i especially love the dragonfly. But what we certainly don't need is anything else to intrude on our privacy. More surveillance really? You had a golden idea with cleaning up oil spills, why couldn't they be happy with that? No, they had to soil it's goodness with more big fn brother.

  16. 0:32
    You know what this thing reminds me of?


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