Rise Of The TMNT Episode 3A Review: War and Pizza SPOILERS
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Rise Of The TMNT Episode 3A Review: War and Pizza SPOILERS

September 1, 2019

He’s bringing the robots to life no sweat still got this Hey, what’s up Turtles fans? Okay. So today we’re gonna be reviewing The next episode rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode 3 a war in pizza now Spoiler warning now if you haven’t seen this episode and you don’t want any spoilers then this videos not for you but if you have seen this episode and just kind of want to hear my thoughts and opinions on that or If you have any just don’t mind spoilers then yeah, go ahead check this video Don’t forget to hit thumbs up, but we had a skip episode to be Donny’s gifts because that’s one that they didn’t release for whatever reason on their an ich komm website and the app When they released the first five episodes so they skipped it for whatever reason but I believe it’s the episode where the Donny gifts these Items to the rest of the Turtles the thing Leonardo wears on his neck The helmet Raphael is wearing some footage We’ve seen and the big like orange suit that turns into a giant ball and Mikey Fight some enemies. We’ve seen him wear that as well I believe those gifts are given to the rest of the Turtles by Johnny and I believe that’s what the episode revolves around now Now, I don’t know exactly when that episode is gonna air But I do remember hearing that when they do their premiere, like in September their official premiere, they’ll be doing like some kind of Marathon Rises a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I’m assuming it’s gonna be the first five episodes. They release of the app But but we don’t know yet it could be those five episodes Plus Donny’s gifts the episode to be so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for More information come out from there and but as of now There is no real release date on episode to be Donny’s gifts. So we’ll just have to skip it for now We’ll come back to it and reveal when the time comes but ask for episode three a war and pizza Well, let’s dive right into it. Now the episode starts off with April at her job It’s almost like a Chuckie Cheese type place called Alberto’s she seems to be kind of responsible for hosting like the birthday parties that are held there and She’s under pressure from her manager. It looks like to Complete an entire like ceremony a birthday ceremony there at this pizza place without any hiccups and the pressures on her manager makes it very clear to her that this is her last chance and We get a look at some of the like animatronics at this pizza place that play you know, like happy birthday music kind of exactly like chucky cheese and it’s Alberto and his funtime band and this includes cherry tomato and president pepperoni Not sure if those two will be reoccurring villains or if they’re just for this one episode and kind of throwaway villains Whereas I feel like Alberto will get to this a little bit at the end. There’s more of a Reoccurring villain. Well the kids at this birthday party think that this like Singing thing is pretty lame and they end up thrashing Alberto and April starts the panic so she calls Donnie to come help her out you see in the background when they’re on the call that like the rest of the turtles are fighting like a flying like Microwave or something and I wonder what the story is behind that but it was just something small and funny I thought I’d point out since It looked funny. But yeah, Donnie agrees to come the rest of the Turtles also agree to come since well They’re at a pizza place so They’re gonna show up for the free pizza and their plan to blend in is just to pretend like they’re one of like the singing robots there at the place so we get a look at one of Donnie’s other like battle shells and This one’s more Like I don’t know if you got familiar like iron spider like the kind that Iron Man had like in infinity war the movie It’s kind of like that with like extra like arms that help Donnie Kind of perform tasks. It’s already a couple different shelves. We’ve seen him have different battle shells We’ve seen him have that can perform different tasks. I believe in the first episode mystic. Mayhem He had like the one that turned into like a jetpack thing I forgot what it wasn’t up sewed to you But it yeah and this one it’s like an iron spider type shell now the episode continued you know with Donny fixing Alberto even had some upgrades with Alberto being able to perform like heavy metal like happy birthday songs and stuff like that but Donny forgets to charge or bring batteries for his remote that controls, Alberto and Alberto goes crazy hits some electricity and this like brings them to life somehow April tries to jump in and help cutting off his hands, but only revealing You know dangerous claws underneath that where the hands were The rest of the Turtles while eating pizza in the back hear the commotion going on and come outside to jump in and help but Alberto seen he’s outnumbered brings to life with his newfound powers cherry tomato and president pepperoni along with other like animatronic things like these whack-a-mole type creatures and then like a like a prospector type guy like riding a missile April see it was a kid at one point the fight breaks up into sections Michelangelo ends up taking on president pepperoni one on one We even get to see as a mystic weapon in action a little bit He ends up wrapping pepperoni with it at one point and like throwing him into like some games and stuff Stopping him. We see over on the other side though. Donnie fighting with cherry tomato And he ends up like electric heating her and like melting her and we see Raph fighting, Alberto And it looks like he’s having some issues with his Mystic weapons at one point where he’s like not able to get him to power up so I’m wonder if we’re gonna get like some like backstory to how these pet these new weapons power up and stuff and what the like trick is to getting them to I guess be Active Raph seems to be having some trouble with Alberto and Leo jumps in to help throughout the fight Alberto spewing stuff out Like if I can’t have a birthday party nobody can and this gets Donnie thinking to the point where he sees like a cake Nearby and he tells Alberto well, this is your birthday today was the day you were born and he’s kind of like distracting him and well distracting him April comes over and just smashes his head with like The whack-a-mole like stick thing and that’s pretty much how they defeat him as the places ending though. The pool the building starts to fall apart and the turtles kind of like bail and I kinda like have fun cleaning up type stuff and April’s boss ends up firing in April and April’s kind of cool with it though because she’s happy she won the fight with Alberto so she just kind of walks off says Naomi might check my final check or whatever and that’s pretty much where the Episode ends now we do get a little stinger at the end of Alberto kind of like opening his eye Up again kind of like Terminator style. So I guess he’s gonna be back. I would assume he’s gonna be back at some point He seems like one of the bigger villains that will be reoccurring This episode in my opinion is one of probably the weaker out of the five I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other five other four episodes just some of the writing in it didn’t some of the writing and it didn’t feel I don’t know maybe as funny as the Other ones because I feel like the show’s Relying a lot like on comedy and it does on action as well and that I feel like the action was cool in this episode But the other episodes I feel like it hits more than action and the comedy And this one I feel like the action is good but the comedy kind of this little subpar to what I feel the other episodes were at but That’s just my opinion Let me know down below. Have you seen this episode? What are your overall thoughts on it or better yet? What word is this rank for you amongst the five episodes that were released? I’d love to see the comments down below and just kind of see where everybody puts this one at and for me It’s at the bottom out of out of the five And I guess I’ll make a list of like the five episodes where I rank them all When I’m done reviewing these first five episodes And we can kind of just talk about it then. But yeah, this one just kind of spoiler It’s at the bottom for me when it comes to these five episodes now I’ll be reviewing the next episode in a couple days. So that’s episode three be newsworthy So we’ll go ahead and talk about that one in a couple days But yeah, thank you for watching if you’re stumbling across this channel a lot more Ninja Turtles content in your life Go ahead hit that subscribe button. If you enjoyed the video, please turn that thumbs up button blue. That’s it for this one guys I’ll see you in a little bit with another one. Take care

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  1. Albearto has potential. The same goes for Meatsweats. They could end up being really memorable characters.

  2. This episode I can agree has great scenes with the action! Albearto here is voiced by Tom Kenny (with addition of his wife Jill Talley voicing Cheery Tomato) X3

  3. This episode is SOO Five Night's at Freddy's reference!!??

    Alberto is like Freddy
    Cheery Tomato is like Chicha (CAUSE SHE'S A GIRL)
    and President Pepperoni is like Bonnie

    (Sorry if i get the names wrong)

  4. #QAVIDEO If every versions of the turtles fought which version would come out in top? (This includes, all the movies and shows)

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