Roblox: Escape from Area 51 OBBY! [Annoying Orange Plays]
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Roblox: Escape from Area 51 OBBY! [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 15, 2019

(fast techno music) (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Hey, yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video. We’re back in Roblox once again, and we’re trying to escape from Area 51. Oh, no, aliens, they’re
really outta this world! (laughs) Are you sure you wanna walk? Okay, I guess I can walk on this. Hey, buddy, whoa, no, look what happened. Looks like an alien escape, oh, no! Let’s follow the trail to see if we can find
it before it escapes. Oh, no, buddy, you got
killed already, oh, no. Here, I’ll show you how to do it. You just jump over ’em like this. You don’t wanna get, yeah,
you get zapped in the bootie and then you die and you fall
apart in a million pieces. It’s not good, it’s not good for ya. Not good for your health. Hey, what’s going on, bud? Robertob78, lead the
way, I’m following you. Okay, we’re gonna follow this alien. We’re gonna get him. We gotta get that alien, wait, whoa. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, no, toxic waste, oh, you died, too? Swimming in toxic waste. Oh, everybody’s doing it (laughs). Alright, guys, I saw
ya, okay, there we go. That’s how you do it. Follow me, guys, we can’t
let this alien get away. If the alien gets too far away, that means he’s gonna have a lot of space. (laughs) Get it? Yeah, ’cause aliens are from outer space. You want me to explain it some more? It’s even better when I do. Looks like down is the way through. Okay, down to the ground, yeah. Hey, what’s going on, buddy? Whoa, everybody’s on top of me (laughs). Yeah, we’re gonna go,
whoa, it’s a party, nice. Oh, that guy knows where to go. I was almost gonna jump on the pipes. That would not have been good. Going up, don’t mind if I do. There’s a little orange bootie for ya. (laughs) You know you love it. He says, hey, be careful of
the lasers, they look painful. Okay, so you’re saying you want me to push Justin Bieber into the lasers? (laughs) Whoa, oh, I almost got a haircut. Whoa, bah-dooh, bah-dooh. Whoa, you’re racing, buddy, come back. Oh, no, hey, I should go first. You should probably let me lead, you know, since I know where I’m going. I don’t want you to
take a wrong turn, see. Uh, ya fell into the toxic
waste, I was telling ya. Shoulda let me lead, ’cause then you’d follow
me and you wouldn’t die. Hey, hey, you guys, what did the alien say after he landed on a soft drink company? He said, take me to your liter. (laughs) Get it, liter of soda? Oh, that’s so good. Alien puns for days. Oh, that was quite the leap. Take a peep at my leap,
it’s quite neat (laughs). Do I go up, yep, we’re going up. Got this, we’re gonna get that alien. We’re gonna get him, he’s
gonna go (speaks gibberish). Sometimes gibberish helps me play better. (laughs) Beat you. That pipe looks safe enough to climb on. Mm, should I take his word for it? Oh (laughs), I was gonna jump over that, but then I was like, well,
maybe not, then I did. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop creeping up on me, buddy. Oh, I see, okay, you’re
not supposed to climb that. You’re supposed to come over here. If I can jump on top of this thing. This is weird, weird, weird (laughs). Weird, okay, there we go. ♪ I’m just running on a wall ♪ ♪ Everybody loves to run on a wall ♪ Check it out. (square dings)
Dooh-dooh, whoa, lasers. Just gotta make sure
not to laser my bootie. My bootie must be kept safe from lasers and alien probes (laughs). Yeah, that’s the one
thing I gotta worry about if I find the alien, probes (laughs). (square dings)
Booh-dooh! You know, I don’t know if we should worry about the aliens so much
as this guy, Clucky. He’s cloned a billion times. There’s like a million of you guys. Maybe you guys are the aliens. Yeah, ah, yeah, doors, see,
there’s another one of you. (square dings)
Told you, booh-dooh. Oh, going down, what
(laughs), what happened? Who put the laser floor here? That’s a great addition to
this building, I gotta say. If I was gonna have a bathroom, you know, redoing some bathrooms
in my house and stuff, ooh (sputters), ah, laser
floor would be the first thing that I would install. I mean, you don’t wanna make it easy for people to go to the bathroom. Whoo, ooh, aye aye, okay,
whoa, no, no, we go down. Ooh, I can do it, I can do
it, hop into, oh, more, ah! There’s so many (laughs). Yes, I did it. (square dings)
Booh-dooh. Why is this guy twice
as big as you, Clucky? That’s weird. Whoa, more laser floor. Check it out, sweet. Just gonna drop on in, yes. Carefully, oh, that’s touching my toenail. Oh, it’s gonna mutate my toenail. It’s gonna mutate my
toenail into something else like a cheddar cheese hotdog. Ah, that would be a problem (laughs). Guess we’re going into
the teleporter, bleh. Okay, what happened? Booh-booh bah-bah booey. (sputters) Ooh, I’m stuck. Ooh, glitch in the matrix
(sputters and laughs). Okay, that’s better (laughs). That was weird, I feel weird now. I think we’re in a spaceship. Well, we’re up in the air and
we’re looking down on earth, so probably.
(square dings) Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious, booh-dooh. Ooh, looks like somebody’s mixing some Kool-Aid up in here, nice (laughs). Got cherry, got grape (laughs). No orange (laughs), no. Don’t make orange Kool-Aid. That’s the one flavor you
can’t make, it’s illegal. Looks like we’re going this way, whoa! Booey, ooh (laughs), ooey to the Kool-Aid. (laughs) Delicious. Yo, I got this, I got this. Don’t you worry ’bout it. Whoo-whee, oh, watch me,
that was awesome, so cool. Nice hallway, I give it a B plus. I’d give it an A, but it doesn’t have enough peanut butter bowling
ball sandwiches in it. I mean, if you want a
hallway to be complete, that’s what you gotta have. (laughs) Ooh, ooh, ooh,
this looks dangerous. Whoa, ah, the platforms are moving. They’re making me, well,
that’s just kinda weird. Looks like I’m running in molasses. Gimme my glasses, I’m
running in my, whoa, whoa. That was close, that was close. Ooh, ooh (sputters), ah! (laughs) Yes, I can’t believe I actually made it. Here we go, bah-dooh.
(square dings) Ooh, tightrope walking. Do these tightropes have
nuclear waste in ’em? Kinda looks like it, ’cause
they’re glowing a little bit. As long as toxic waste
doesn’t make you shrink like Midget Apple. – [Apple] Hey! – [Orange] (laughs) Okay, okay. Whoa, whoa, alien whirlpool. Whoa, that was awesome. I don’t even know what
happened, but that was great. Whoa, what are you saying over here? Come on, let’s see if it’s this way. I don’t even know where I am, booh-dooh! So I went from Area 51
up into a spaceship, and then from the spaceship,
I got warped down to, I don’t know, I don’t
know what this place is. This doesn’t look like Earth. What should we call this planet? Hm, I think we’re gonna
call it Fartsville. Hooey (blows raspberries). Wow, bah-booey-bee (laughs). Ooh, is this more Kool-Aid? Yeah, looks like a
Kool-Aid river, very nice. Maybe that’s Gatorade,
I can’t really tell. Or maybe it actually is toxic waste, uh, some kinda mutagen or something. Are those little floaties
coming outta there? Maybe don’t wanna touch those. I don’t know, maybe I do (laughs). Okay, let’s not test it out. Hey, there’s a buddy, he’s coming. Follow me, I know the way, guy. This river passed the test
with flying colors (laughs). (square dings)
Nooh-nooh. (square dings)
Booh-dooh. I think he must be right behind me. Yeah, you’re following
me, aren’t you, buddy? You know which way to go. Hey, there he is. Hi, don’t creep up on
me too close, though. Don’t be a creeper,
don’t be a creeper, okay? I’m first, I’m first,
I’m first in the portal. (laughs) The portal potty, yay! (laughs) But where do I go? Where are we going, I don’t (sputters). Oh, oh, I see. Aw, looks like the same
place it was before, but it’s different colors this time. Alright, Clucky, I’m feeling just ducky. I’m going this, oh, oh. He walked right over the glowy parts. I didn’t even know you could
walk over the glowy parts. Uh-oh, it’s a race. Whoo, I can beat ya, come
back here, get back here. We can run through the
toxic waste together. Ah, he stopped, he paused. Oh, lanother Orange win, yes. Oh, first to the door. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! What is that, oh, no (yells)! I got eaten, kind of, oh! (square dings)
Booh-dooh. Yeah, I got eaten by an alien. Hope we don’t end up like these guys. Ooh, they’re definitely not
ahead of the game (laughs). What a bunch of skullduggery (laughs). Yeah, that’s actually a word, look it up. I’m real, ah, whoo-hoo (sputters). Whoa, okay, so I went from
trying to find the alien to being eaten by the alien, and now I’m trying to
get out of the alien. And then what do I do when
I get out of the alien? (square dings)
Booh-dooh. Because then I found it, but
then I don’t know what I do. I guess right now, I’m
just trying to survive. ♪ I will survive ♪ ♪ By jumping on the
radioactive checkerboard ♪ Uh-oh, looks like we’re going down! Ooey, boo, boo, bah! Whoa, are we back where we started? What’s he saying? Booh-dooh. I hope we didn’t come out of
where I think we came from. (laughs) Yep, I’m pretty sure we came out the other side, buddy. (laughs) There’s no going back now. (laughs) Sorry, rump roast. (laughs) Whoa, look at this place. You’re right, this is awesome. Aw, man, how do I get one of those tanks? Please, I wanna drive a tank. Come on, let me inside. Aw, tanks a lot (laughs). Yeah, I was ready, I was gonna
say tanks a lot either way. Man, oh, man, this level’s long. Okay, we can get there, come on. ♪ Bah-pah dah-pah dum-dum ♪ ♪ Bah-dah bah-dah bum-bum ♪ Quickly, up here. Why are we going fast, are
we being chased by alien that wants to eat us and
then poop us out again? (yells) ♪ I’m a tightrope walker ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ Oh, if I fall off, I go right
into the toxic waste Kool-Aid, which would be so great,
’cause it’ll be delicious, but that’d be so bad, ’cause then I’ll get
mutated into something, like a squirrel with
crayons instead of hands. Aw, I guess, you know, that
actually might not be too bad, ’cause that way, I’d always be right. (laughs) Get it, ’cause
I’d write when I run. (laughs) Oh, that’s just nuts. (laughs) Oh, the puns keep on coming. Whoo, drop it in, here we go. Uh-oh, uh-oh. (square dings)
Booh-dooh. Things are looking rocky (laughs). Bridge over troubled waters. One, ai, ooh, ew, ooey. Yeah, there we go, kickin’ some booties. We need to find a way across. Okay, whoa, whoa, that was close. Wah, uh, ah, giant pillars. Okay, ooh, that one’s a little far away. I think I can do this, I can do this. Come on, get the energy
going, get the juices flowing. Get the juices flowing through the orange. ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ Yes, did it, I didn’t think I
was gonna get that one jump. Hooey, ooh, one more. Put your bootie into
it, yes, did it again. Orange is on a roll,
cinnamon roll, that is. (laughs) We did it, quick, get the badge. Alright, another obby
oobie oh-bie defeated. (square dings)
Booh-dooh. Alright, the escape from
Area 51 was outta this world. (laughs) Ooh, oh, no,
the path I just created just, ah, went through me, ah, um. Okay, this is weird,
this feels really weird. Uh-oh, now I’m trapped
(laughs), now I’m blinking. (laughs) Alright, guys, well, thank you so much for watching. I’m just gonna sit here and keep being discombobulated, okay? Make sure you do everything you can to make this the most popular
video on the internet, ’cause it totally deserves
it ’cause it’s so good, ’cause I’m upside down, yay! Until next time, later, hot potaters. (fast techno music)

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