Roblox: ESCAPE SPONGEBOB OBBY #2 ?  [Annoying Orange Plays]
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Roblox: ESCAPE SPONGEBOB OBBY #2 ? [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 8, 2019

– [Orange] Hello lady, I’m first. Oh. (laughs) Whoops. I accidentally pushed you
off the edge, I’m sorry. (electronic music) (laughs) Hey yo, it’s A to the O back
here with another game video! We’re, oh, okay we’re dying apparently. Alright, we’re playing
escape from SpongeBob-ay! In Roblox of course. I’m just continuing where I left off. There’s a first episode,
if you haven’t watched it, you better watch it 3,000 times at least. You know, guys… You know every video that I release, you should watch it at
least 3,000 times, each one. That’s the minimum, right? How many times do you guys
watch each one of my videos? (laughs) I mean, I watch each one of
my videos ten billion times. Every day. Like, totally. I have a network of 4,000 computers that are running at the same time, and they all have the same date, and so… Yeah, you see how it goes. So, that’s what I expect
out of my fans too. You guys should have like,
a whole array of computers throughout your entire house,
and they’re all playing Orange videos at the same time. It would be so good. I know. That’s what I expect of you guys, ‘kay? (laughs) You can do it, I know you can. And I know some of you are saying like, “Uh, man, that’s way too many computers. There’s no way I can do that.” Hello lady, I’m first… oh. (laughs) Whoops. I accidentally pushed you
off the edge, I’m sorry. I’m gonna stand on your head now. Okay, you go. Alright. Okay… Ow! I wanted a piggyback ride, lady! I think your name is Erin Lynn? Yeah, Erin Lynn, oh no! Oh God! (laughs) I totally deserved that. Yup, that’s what I get
for pushing you off. Yeah, I understand,
you get to push me off. Yeah, so, now we’re
even Steven, Anna Lynn. What happens if you find
a Steven that isn’t even? Like an odd Steven? Well then what do you do? Because then you can’t say the saying! It doesn’t rhyme! Aw, man, worlds would collide. I think the world would
probably implode, actually. Well, worlds would collide,
the universe would implode. I was almost to the top, Anna Lynn! Ahh! Gotta stop it, don’t touch me! Okay, let’s go to the top. Go lady! Oh no, it’s Adam XGAMER, ahh! Oh, no no no. (laughs) I kicked him over. Okay, this part’s actually really hard. Watch me, Adam XGAMER,
I’ll show you how to do it! I’ll do it, and I won’t
even have a fidget spinner in my hand! It’s gonna be crazy! So tempted to buy that fidget spinner. No! What the… How did I die? I didn’t even touch… (gibberish) Coming at me. Adam XGAMER, you cheater! (laughs) Am I distracting you, AdamX? I’m sorry. Okay, I distracted myself. Okay, alright, everybody at once! Yes! (laughs) Who’s gonna make it up to the top first? Is it gonna be Anna Lynn? Is it gonna be Adam XGAMER? Or is it gonna be Orange? The tutti frutti that’s hoppin’? Everybody’s favorite
version of the tutti frutti. The 9,000th version. It’s the best one. That’s me! (laughs) I’m never gonna make it to the top. (gibberish) Actually, I will. Just watch and see! I’ll show you how to do it, guys. Okay, so apparently you
can’t hit the sides. You can only hit the top of
the stairs for some reason. Doesn’t make any sense. Almost there. One more. One more… Yes! I did it! I did it, guys! Yeah! I’m gonna go back and
see how they’re doing. Hey guys, I’m up here! Come on! Come on, you can do it,
put your back into it! You can do it, put your nose into it! (laughs) Whoa! I don’t even have a
nose, so I can’t do it. (laughs) You guys don’t understand. When you don’t have a nose, it’s really painful to sneeze. I would not recommend it to anybody. Yo were sneezin’ and pleasin’, no! I keep touching, I’m sorry! I’m touching with my pinky heel. (laughs) Okay. We can do this! We can do this. So give me the power. Give me the power of the oranges. It’s pro-tastic. That one’s right below, so… Yeah, there, we did it! One more, just a couple more, just a couple more. And oh that was close, that was so close. What do I do here? Looks like I’m jumpin’
on upside down tables. What? What am I supposed to do? Oh, okay, I bet you don’t
touch the middle parts. Ah, yup, that’s it. Don’t touch it! It looks like the spiky
pole in the middle is made of hot lava! That’s what I assume. That’s just what I
assume, that anything… What? Oh, okay. I thought it popped me back all the way to the beginning. Here we go… I assume that anything that you’re not supposed to
touch in any of these games, it’s always hot lava. I mean, what else could it be made of? Maybe you guys have some insight
on this that I don’t know. So let me know, what do you think? What do you think these things that you’re not supposed to touch, what are they made of? Ah man, I want some more friends. I want some more friends
to jump on their heads. That’s what you do with really
good friends, don’t you know? That’s a sign of a really good
friend is jump on their head and they’re like, “Oh that’s
cool, you can jump on my head, totally cool.” Ah, I was trying to go
through there super fast. No pausing. Okay, just… oh, squeaky wheels. Oh boy. Come on, baby. Do the twist. The orange twist, that is. You can do it. There it is, there it is. Aw, this is tough. I think if I go through
here just real slowly… There we go. (yells loudly) What! I didn’t even touch it! My pinky nail. The nail on my pinky touched it. That’s… (speaks gibberish) Okay, we can do it, we
can do it, we can do it, we can do it! We can do it, we can do it, we can do it. If only I had a fidget spinner… (laughs) I’d knock all these pillars down. The mighty fidget spinner of death! Right… Yeah… I was gonna ask you guys to… oh! So if you see the video of me
dumping ten million skittles on top of Pear’s head because
you guys suggested it, which was a great suggestion, by the way, I need more suggestions
for things to do to Pear. I mean, challenges. Just challenges. Not necessarily to do to
Pear, but yeah, totally. (laughs) Everybody loves that, right? I know I do. Woo-hoo! Oh… I think we’re getting close. We’re getting close, guys, we can do this! Oh, these look like lily pads. Yo, I’m a froggy! Ha, do it! Right? (laughs) You guys love frog ponds, don’t you? Yeah, I’d tell you some more,
but I don’t want you to croak. (laughs) I meant to do that. I totally meant to die. (laughs) Okay, apparently, the raised
up portions are made of Justin Bieber boogers. Ew, I touched it! (laughs) Grody! Okay. This is actually a little bit harder than I thought it was gonna be. I can do this. One more, one more… Yes! Done and done! And, oh, look at that
colorful pyramid-thing going on up there. I like it! I love it! I want some more of it! But only if you guys want
some more of it too, okay? Aw, come on! I wanna get to the end! I wanna see SpongeBob-ay. Oh no! That’s right, we’re running
away from SpongeBobby. We still haven’t figured
out why we’re running away from SpongeBobby, though. I really don’t understand. Like, what did he do? Was he throwing knives at me or something? Maybe he was insulting my mom. Nobody insults my mom! (laughs) Except me. (laughs) Wow, tightrope walking. Or, I guess… Tight-girder walking. Same thing, actually. So have they made an
Orange Simulator game yet? I’m waiting for that. I’ve been waiting forever. It’s what the world needs. It’s what the world’s been asking for. Go look on social media, go
on Twitter, go on Facebook. It’s the number one requested thing ever in the entire world, universe… I totally… You gotta believe me, guys. I’m telling you the truth. Everybody’s asking, “Yo, where’s the Orange Simulator?” Because everybody wants
to know what it’s like to live like an orange, to be an orange, to live that orangey life. I know that’s the number
one thing you guys think whenever you wake up every single day. You’re like, “Yo, I wonder
what it was like for an orange. What would my day be
like if I was an orange?” I’ll tell you; it’s awesome! It’s awesome! (laughs) Everything’s great all the time, except when the knife tries to kill you, or they, you know, people
try to throw you in blenders, or, you know, things like
that, just the little things. Don’t worry about it! It’s not a big deal. Oh, I thought I had to
jump on the red ones. Apparently, I don’t… Stay away from that one. Because the red is made of hot lava. Yeah… Oh. This is a little bit tougher. I can do it, though. I’ve got mad skills, yo! Yeah, no problemo. Hey, check it out, I’m having a ball again. Wheee! It’s so much fun! So much fun. Whoa! They’re moving! They’re moving and disappearing? I love it. Now, don’t disappear when I’m
standing on top of you, okay? Oh, that was close. Almost went on that one,
but I didn’t, so we’re good! Going this way. Don’t disappear. Don’t disappear. Oh… okay. We’re good! Gonna go over here then… Yeah! I chose correctly. Oh, check it out. I think that might be the end up there. Oh, we’re getting so close, guys! We’re having a ball again
with some things in the middle that are cutting them in half. We can’t touch those things
’cause they’re made of hot lava or Justin Bieber’s boogers or
something, so I don’t know. What do you guys think? You gotta let me know, okay? Gotta do it. Put your back into it. You can do it. Put your sandwiches into it. Actually, onto it. Yeah, because I have
sandwiches on my back. Yo, you could do it,
put your back into it. Yo, you could do it, put your sandwiches on your back and do it. Wait, what? I don’t know. (laughs) Oh… a couple more. Yes! Got it again! Oh, some more. Throwing them at me, huh? You can’t stop this orange! Yeah! You aren’t ready for this jelly. Orange marmalade coming up,
all up in your business. Actually, don’t make me
into orange marmalade. I would be very unhappy with that. Definitely would not be having a good day. Okay, here it is, you guys. Here it is. I think this might be the ending. What’s gonna happen? Oh! I just went into that guy’s crotch. That’s weird. I feel strange. (laughs) Okay. What is it? Oh, I see something that says winner. Yes! Orangey is the winner! Whatcha got for me? Oh, I’m so excited to see what’s in here. What? What? This is the end? Okay, seriously, there’s gotta be something
other than just, surprise. A card that says… what? Aw, come on! It’s just a card that says, Surprise? That’s all I get? Come on! There’s gotta be something… Winner? (laughs) That’s it. That’s it? Okay, I’m kind of happy,
but angry at the same time. Or I’m gonna spin at winning. Actually, I’m gonna spin it until I barf. What kind of business is this? Are you kidding me? Alright, well that’s what happens when you beat the SpongeBobby-obby. SpongeBobby-obby, how did I
not come up with that before? Just now! SpongeyBobby-obby! Alright, well thank you
guys so much for watching! Until next time. Later alligators! (electronic music)

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