Robocop Pop Culture Shock 1/4 Scale Statue
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Robocop Pop Culture Shock 1/4 Scale Statue

August 31, 2019

What’s goin’ on? Metal-head. Welcome to Statue Base. Today we review this metal-head in the 1/4th scale. It’s Robocop by Pop Culture Shock. We waited for him a long time, and he came out well. Robocop arrives in this attractive box. which isn’t overly large, and that’s kinda good, he fits there well, and… …he doesn’t arrive damaged. The box is attractive and there’s nothing to criticise. You also find these gloves inside the box. A great idea. because you won’t leave any fingerprints on your statue of Robocop. It won’t get smudged. We praise PCS for this idea. Other manufacturers could also include this accessory automatically, since given the overall price of the collectibles, that we pay great sums for, a pair of gloves cannot be too costly. The certificate of authenticity is also great. We’ re very lucky to receive number 4. A very low number in the edition. One of the lowest we own. Feels like winning in lottery. An regarding the statue itself, it consists of the base, body… …both arms. One with a gun, one without… …and the headsculpt. Plus the attacheble calf pistons, which must be carefully pressed in order not to break them, as written in the manual. So be careful. Packaging is great, we are very positive about it. Let’s talk about the pose and the sculpt, which came out very well. I must praise it very much. The statue Robocop has so many nice details. It’s true to the industrial design, You see it not only on the base itself, which also features the film’s logo. Upon closer inspection, you can see… …many details in the base. Now the body itself… It’s great that it’s heavy-weight. It’s a massive piece. Here, as I mentioned previously, attachable pistons. There’s the instruction manual supplied. It warns about careful assembly of the pistons. So be careful. Great thing. Even though the arms and head of the Robocop statue have some weight to them, there are very strong magnets inside, so you needn’t worry that during manipulation, there would be pieces that do not hold in place. Everything fits well where it’s supposed to. The pegs are large and hold strong magnets. We praise how well it all clicks together. We also like the Robocop’s pose. It’s iconic. The way he was walking with his raised hand. Or just waving it around. Plus the gun pointing arm, the headsculpt. It pose is overall nice. Iconic, we like it very much. The Robocop is portrayed… …the way we would want him to be in our collections. So high score from us. Not only because of pose, bult also the sculpt, which features much detail. Overall satisfaction. One more thing to add: The statue was in pre-order for quite some time, Even though we waited for nearly 3 years, before PCS company finished the production, We think it was worth the wait. It’s a very well made 1/4 scale statue. This Robocop will embellish your collection. Even the pain application turned out excellent. The base has… …nice seamless paint. The metallic finish has nice violet hues in it. So if you look closely at the statue, not only on the chest, helmet and the legs, you can see the violet hues. Which is heavily used on the headsculpt, on its back. So when looking on Murphy’s head itself, The lower part of the face is very well done. Not only paint but also the sculpt. So we like the head also very much. What else to add? The depth of detail is overall a good job. We can grant a high score even in this section. Although we try to find some negatives, but there aren’t any. Let’s move on to the next chapter. Pop Culture Shock asks 425 USD for this piece. We think it’s absolutely fine, since the entire Robocop came out well. For money invested, you can expect a statue, which was previously released only by Sideshow. and this one is certainly superior. It’s newer and much more advanced. A very nice piece by Pop Culture Shock, we can only recommend. The price/performance ratio of this statue far exceeds the invested money. You have something to look forward to. Pull the trigger on this statue. Investment into this piece is very interesting. It’s released in 2 versions. Exclusive and Regular version. The exclusive version has 350 pieces worldwide. and the only difference is, that his right hand points upward, and the left hands points down. We ourselves prefer more the regular version, which you can see here. This edition has 600 pieces. We consider this pose more iconic. so we like the regular version more. However, if you have the exclusive version, you can swap arms as you see fit. That’s of course an advantage as such. Very nice ivestment here. It’s worth buying. It’s the nicest Robocop ever released. It came out well. It’s time for me and this beauty to say goodbye. Thanks to Pop Culture Shock… for allowing us to buy such a wonderful statue, which we like really a lot. We must recommend it. Thank you all for watching, for subscribing and continuous support. Don’t hesitate to comment, we’ll appreciate all your feedback. because it drives us forward and helps us improve our show, and bring you better, more accurate reviews. See you next time. Take care! And in the right hand, he has the gun pointed for shooting birds. So… Dude, I’m crazy. Jesus! The only downside of this statue is, that I had to pay for it. Please, Pop Culture Shock, next time send us these beautiful statues automatically and for free! We’ll sing praises about them!

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  1. I'm a french fan of Murphy but so much money to invest especially after having
    bought the tdk premium batman, what a costly hobby…^^ Really nice review anyway 🙂

  2. Thumbs down for English title, English description and ??? Language.
    Basically clickbait.

    English is not even my primary language, but I won't read a full video.

  3. Always better investment to get exclusive and u have the regular arm pose + extra pose. + exclusive has light up base

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