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ROBOT 99 iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 29, 2019

It should come as no surprise that when the
illustrator known as ‘Fu’ turned his hands towards making a video game it ended up featuring
robots. However, ROBOT 99 isn’t just a pretty face and while the game is easy to pick up
and play, managing to work your way to the final levels might just test your abilities
and maybe even your friendships. I mention ‘friends’ because ROBOT 99 has a
built-in co-op feature supporting multi-touch, giving additional players a chance to manipulate
the robots on the screen as well. However I’m skipping ahead of myself and I should
point out that your job is to save as many robots as possible before the downpour of
these metal automatons becomes too much to handle. Touching them as they fall will deploy
a parachute, dropping them safely to the ground before they blast off in to the sky, however
robots can also be dragged to a bonus area called a ‘POWERIZONA’ to add to your score
while also launching them almost immediately. The challenge of ROBOT 99 comes in trying
to prevent too many collisions as parachutes can be destroyed in the process and knocking
robots off-course can have dire consequences such as losing a life (of which you only get
3 before a ‘game over’). Each of the game’s lusciously designed levels feature slightly
different hazards, ranging from objects passing by at the bottom of the screen, to crushing
machines and even the direction in which robots launch themselves can change, keeping things
fresh despite the simplistic gameplay. However, all good things must come to an end
eventually and while ROBOT 99 does a great job at staving off the inevitable, the game
is ultimately repetitive and the lack of additional features like achievements cuts things short
sooner rather than later. With that said true magic of ROBOT 99 is in sharing the experience
with friends, so if you don’t mind a small distraction that can turn in to a big one
that you can get your friends involved in, this is for you.

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  1. If you have fast fingers you can rapidly tap on the robots to increase the score dramatically. But this can lead to sore fingers. 😛

  2. always nice those reviews of you.
    but how do u get the black background whithout having light problems with your camera.
    nice i keep waching every week =D

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