Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Android Review
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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Android Review

August 16, 2019

Hello everyone. So Adult Swim are back with Robot Unicorn Attack 2, the sequel to
their completely over the top and barmy happiness spreading game Robot Unicorn Attack. It’s an endless
runner it’s a sideway scroller there’s now two worlds to explore,
basically an ice world and this happy kind of go lucky world
and two teams as it were battling each other. You can upgrade your unicorn you can get
power-ups you can buy new sound tracks to play through with including a track by Erasure apparently. The whole game is just fantastic it’s beautifully well
done and it just screams quality in a way that we
don’t always get from titles on Android. The music is fantastic, it’s got a total 80’s retro vibe that you just can’t get away
from and completely over-the-top gameplay. It’s an absolute dream. Robot Unicorn
Attack is one of those games you’re going to want to pick up and play just
because it’s so pick up and playable. Adult Swim really are one of the best games
developers that’s currently out there on Android and also makes some good TV shows as well so thats Robot Unicorn Attack 2, go pick
it up this weekend.

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  1. Dude i want robot unicorn attack Heavy Metal for android! it's one of the games i want since i changed from iOs

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  4. Pleaseeee review this game "JUMP and FALL", our hopes are on you, and really looking forward to people to play and give us feedback.
    Your review would give us a great boost, that's what we believe in. Thanks

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