ROCKET LEAGUE – How To Improve Your Half Flip

January 20, 2020

all right so this is going to be a
little bit different than my other videos in that instead of making a big
edited video about how to do something I’m just going to kind of show you how
to do it live and I hope you guys find this helpful we’re going to be talking
about half flipping and my goal here is to give you some tools to basically get
more consistent with half flipping because I know a lot of people this is
just one of those skills that they know how to do it but when it comes time in a
game to perform it they screw it up and that’s probably because they haven’t
committed it to muscle memory they know how to do the mechanic and they can do
it in free play but when it comes time to do it in a game because they don’t
actually completely know it they fail to do it and this can be the difference
between you know winning or losing a game sometimes
so hopefully you find this video helpful as always make sure to subscribe if you
like this kind of stuff okay so on to the mechanic
now half flipping is basically the fastest way to get your car from heading
this way to this way now in games you just you don’t have
time often to turn all the way around although that’s a pretty good move if
you can do that it’s just basically drifting but often that’s just not
enough you need to get back quicker and so half flipping is a way to do that and
so what it is is you basically cancel your backflip you cancel your back flip
by back flipping and then pulling the analog stick forwards really quickly in
the middle of your half flip or in the middle of your back flip so you do this
and you know the first step to learning a half flip is just doing this over and
over again and there’s a bunch of videos on how to actually have flip which isn’t
really my main purpose here but the one thing I want to show you is that a lot
of people when they have flipped they use the arrow button and then hit the
analog stick left or right and what I’ve done is I’ve went in and a lot of people
have done this is I’ve rebound arrow right to X or – now it can be to any
button on your controller whatever you have open and it could be air roll right
or air roll left and I don’t even use air roll when I’m half flipping I just use
this button so all my half flip is is a cancelled back flip and then I hit X
that’s it I don’t even have my finger on l1 because it has nothing to do with my
half flip and I think this is the fastest way to half flip so I recommend
doing that regardless so you can do it the other way it’s not going to make a
huge difference if you already know how to do it that way I you’re struggling
though like this really helped me when I did this so I’m going to show you a
couple drills to get better at half flips and the first drill is you
basically go all the way down the field half flipping and so what you do is you
do a forward half whip and you cancel it and if you don’t know how to do that
it’s basically just the opposite of a backwards half flip you just cancel your
forward flip and then hit air roll so you go all the way down the field doing
a forward tap flip and then backwards Haslip so you go down the
field going like this and I screwed it up of course yeah and that’s the thing
it’s kind of hard it sort of shows you where your weaknesses are mine is
everywhere apparently there we go now you got it
all right let’s see if I can just go all the way down the field so that’s basically that you just sort
of have flipped down the field and it’s kind of fun kind of a cool thing to know
how to do not really necessarily all that useful but it does help get the
mechanic committed to your muscle memory now the other thing is a is what I call
a 180 half flip so this is where you’re traveling forwards and by the way you’ll
never use either of these things in a game you definitely won’t use this in a
game unless you’re just sort of celebrating which is where I actually
first saw it what you do is you do a 180 in air and then half flip and this
really helps you get that second part of it down that canceled backflip but
mainly the air roll part of it so just try those two things and see if that
helps you you know get it down more okay so the last thing I want to show you is
how to get better at half flipping in a game so what we’re going to actually do
is just go into an unranked game and you know you can do whatever mode you want
you can do 3v3 or 2v2 or even 1v1 I just chose 2v2 and what we’re going to do
is basically just half flip the entire game yeah all right
so what you’re going to try to do is set yourself up in situations where you
would need to have flip normally in a game
so basically I’m just going to kind of let the opponent hit it over my head so
I’m going to just get myself out of position you know in a place I shouldn’t
be like say right now they’re probably going to score like say right over here
like I’m too far under the ball oh I need to half flip and you just sort of
do that to get yourself back all right so I’m going to try to do this again
this is really it’s like so against all of your instincts so it’s actually
really hard to do but you just got to get yourself out of position and then
half flip back it’s really that simple you can even do some little fake half
flips around if you want while you’re playing all right I’m going to get
myself out of position oh no I need to get back yeah so that’s basically that and it
really helps because like as you can see I’m really not that great at half
flipping in a game because I haven’t done this a whole lot but this is a good
way to get the mechanic down okay I hope you guys found this video helpful let me
know if you have any questions or something else you want to add in the
comments also if you like these kinds of videos make sure to subscribe because I
usually try to put one of them out each week so thanks for watching see you next

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