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Rocket Oven – Le Tour des Possibles

January 23, 2020

Some wood ovens can be ecological. Joel Meadows, living near Melbourne, makes himself some “rocket ovens”, low-tech wood ovens that reach very high temperatures using very few kindling and releasing very few smoke, sometimes even no smoke at all. What is happening with the rocket stove is we are feeding sticks in here, we are lighting the fire, and then as you see the flame will go down, and it will then rise up this chimney. And, this is a fully insulated unit, which means that most of the heat that is been generated in here will be thrown back at the fire. So it makes the burn really hot and that actually nearly completely combusts the wood and the smoke that comes out of the wood. Which means that after a few seconds you’ll see that there is no smoke coming out of this and that’s really just hot gases. Which means that we are getting as much out of the wood as we possibly can. It’s burning though reasonnably quickly, so you do need to stir up them, they need to be fed. We can grow the food that we need on site, because we need a tiny bit of it because we are not using it very much, and at the end we need a tiny bit of it because we are burning it very clearly as well. The bigger the opening of the oven, the higher the temperature. But it consumes more wood. The inside temperature can be regulated either by closing partially the opening, or by using different sizes of wood sticks. This is another rocket stove, this one is one we buit at a workshop, we have tried to build it as low-tech as possible. So we have made the basic J shape of the rocket stove. So we used the bricks to make that form, and then we have covered the whole thing in an isulating material. What we have used in most in our workshop is perlite. So we can wrap that around the bricks just with some clay on it. And it actually forms a sort of an isulated crust around the outside. And then we wraped the whole thing in cob. Rocket ovens can have different use and even be used for several things at a the same time. This is a rocket stove booster to have hot water service. Wood goes in here then stand up up here so this whole unit is isulated again. And then it comes up into this big… this is a coper heat exchanger so there is a central flew that runs into the middle of it and then the heat exchanger diriges the hot gases down and then around the outside and the whole heat exchanger is floaded with water. So what I usually do is that I would fire that at the same time I am cooking my tea. To cook some calzones, we used 1,5kg of kindling to get 230°C. Bon appétit !

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