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August 16, 2019

TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Steep! I did some videos on this- wait did I do one or two? I did some videos on this, anyway, when the game came out. And I really, really liked the game. I just kind of stopped playing it cuz it just got a little bit boring to me But it’s basically a snow sports kind of game where you can get in, you had a wing-suit, you had a parachute You had skis, you had snowboards all this different type of stuff BUT they have added the coolest thing in the world which is a rocket-powered wingsuit And that immediately, I was out, I was out, I didn’t want to play the game anymore. BUT THEY PULLED ME BACK IN with this kind of shit so let’s, let’s try a little race here. I missed the thing, I missed it, fuck. *laughs* Nice, okay, we’re going over this way. Oh Jesus, oh jeez, I haven’t actually played with it all that much. I just kinda gotten in and saw that it was in the game. Oh man, okay, whew, FUCK…ooh be careful! Okay, okay, not too fast not too fast cuz I will die No, I don’t want to fucking smash into a mountain. I don’t want the only memory people have of me Is that I made a really great blood stain on the side of a cliff. That would be pretty sick though! Okay, I don’t know who this person in front of me is you’re making me all nervous thinking that I’m not good at this because You’re passing me. I’m terrific okay. My mom loves me. I love me I’m sure somebody else loves me. “YOU BEAT 1A hammerhead’s DARE” TAKE THAT, 1A HAMMER HEAD! YEAH!! Cuz then one of the things about the wingsuit and everything in this game is that It’s hard to control, but then once you’re down you have to like click into your menu to go back up This one you can just fly it all the way back up to the top It’s so much fun. Oh, can I go up t-
what’s this thing? Hot-air balloons, I forgot I can just go buy them now whoa Okay, I can’t really turn around I can dodge it shit though. Okay. There’s the balloon. This is so much fun Am I able to go through the balloon? Through the balloon. Oh jesus. Oh jesus. Oh jesus. Oh Jesus I mean yeah, but only because the game let me go through it. I would have smashed the shit out of that otherwise This stuff is hard enough to do with just a normal wing suit rocket-powered makes it scary. Oh, I’m the best That was amazing! Jesus! Terrifying and I have a whole pants full of Semen, piss and poo now, but we did it. I’m gonna go all the way up here. What’s this? Can I get a drop zone up here? I did…Oooh I did not mean to- I didn’t know that’s what that did! Okay, okay, okay prepare for landing, prepare for landing. Are you good? Soft as a kitten okay? What should I use uh can I just turn it to running? There’s also a sled that I can use. I bought that too but for now, I don’t want any of those things I just want to be able to, oh wait can I just There we go just go in the middle there. I just want to run around. This is sprinting apparently. This is the highest point in the game! Well.. That over there is technically the highest point in the game But we’re on the highest peak in the game. Being on the highest peak of the game, I think that that calls for sled action Can I…can I s- oh god wrong way! WRONG WAY! WRONG WAY, STOP!! Fuckie-Doo, the man. No, that’s Scooby Doo’s brother, Fuckie Doo. Yes, yes! A sled is NOT what you should be going down the side of a mountain on! Oh, you are so gonna die! Oh, your ass must be in bits! I’m so sorry, but we look fantastic as we’re doing it. hit this ridge hit this ridge and be fuckin majestic Oh god, oh god. Okay easy does it easy does it there boy oh. You are doing surprisingly good for a guy who’s sitting on a lump of timber. Okay, no no no no no staking stick it together stick it together to stick the landing Yes! WHEW! Okay get up you’re fine. The fuck is this? WEW Yes, okay. We are scheme at absorbedly fol-oh no. Oh this is a lot of sharp jagged death Oh fuck, oh god, REMEMBER ME AS THE GREAT BLOOD STAIN! Remember me as the breakdancing ski ninja This is nice. Oh, I’m in the GoPro cam! OH, what did I do? Okay, ooooh mama, that’s Awesome, but very dangerous. I like it. We’re about to, we’re about to tip this slope but in the coolest fashion possible watch. Oh jesus, oh fuck. NICE sexy skills! We’re fine, exactly what I wanted to do. There’s something amazing about hearing that, “booooooooooo” and they just This is the shit that I live for oh yes, take this you sharp jagged mess of ass! I do not fear you anymore Yes Jesus, Jesus, Jesus No, not you Jesus. Sorry. I’m just remarking. Using your name in vain and all that, my bad. Oh god, oh jesus! I can’t even keep up with my brain’s eyes, jiaaum balaiah This rocket-powered wingsuit is the fucking bee’s testicles(wtf?) This is-why wasn’t this in the game to begin with? I’m not even trying to do anything like progressive in the game anymore. I just want to do something Oh MAN Do stuff that makes your face turn into an ass Hey, but you leveled up that’s okay, haha. Right you see that that little castle thing over there. We are going through that We are so going through that my dude at rocket pace. Okay easy easy. Yeah, oh The most extreme do it again do it again do it again we can do it again We have the power and the lower one the lower part this time do it do it my boy Do it my boy That’s outstanding that makes me feel incredible at the last second we pull up watch I could have actually gotten a lot closer. Oh fuck I’m going really fast. Dude you are pulling some serious G’s right now! OH GOD. I fucking love this thing I hate this thing. Oh, trees. It’s amazing how much calmer it is when you’re not rocket boosting the whole way around. it’s actually far more manageable, but This is way more fun Okay, just tip the house. Tippy tap tip Tippy tap. How did I even do that? I really thought I was gonna smack into that. I have no idea how we managed to avoid that with testicles this big. Here we go, here we go, YESSS! This is what this game should be about Cool ass shit I love this! Should make this a little course people can play To try and- to try and beat me, oh god Because that was the thing you could do in the game right? You could create your own courses based on crazy shit you did? Go straight to all these fucking trees and somebody else could try and see if they’d beat my score. Oh, god. Well he’s not gonna dance anymore. I made a course out of the route I just took and I want to see if I can even beat it myself again You can’t even beat my own ghost fuck cuz this isn’t even one of those things where you’re looking at somebody else, dude You’re like how did they do that? And I’m kind of like, “oh wait I’m racing against myself, how did I do that?” Look how fucking close I got to that building? Okay, this is an extreme race my best points is six thousand nine hundred and thirty five, that’s pretty fucking good. Oh, God Almighty! I’m nowhere near getting the same score this time. I just wanted to see if I could do it I got close! I was only a thousand off. All right, let’s do an actual like Race that’s in the game wait who’s here? hello? What, no! Is this not a Is this not on one of these race Who needs ground sports when you got the fucking wings of destiny on your side? Whoa whoa, whoa whoa careful careful! OH Jesus ow fuck Th-there’s a challenge for you at home, how many bones can you break? I broke a lot of them. We’re going to the winter olympics! I think, I don’t know there was a thing that you could travel to Asia to go to the Winter Olympics or prepare for them So I have to select my country. Is Ireland- ah there’s the boys. Alright, what kind of stuff do we want to do? Do you have any like actual events like uh, a ski jump or stuff like that. That’d be cool! The ones where you go all the way down and jump at the last second and see how far you can go? Okay, what are these? Parallel giant slalom, no I’m terrible at those. Cross. I’m gonna pick my Irish boys! I’ll pick this lady right here because she looks like she has red hair. Snowboarding, of course. Okay, all these other people sound proper. A. Schulz from Germany, A Guillard from Switzerland, and D. Kasteel from Belgium. And then we have jack-septic-eye, from Ireland. I’m representing you boys and girls! Don’t fuckin’ worry about it! Jack’s here! Absorb bumps, hold left trigger stick to the ground and release to gain a speed boost- I don’t know how this game works.. Okay, oh Jesus Okay, I’m winning That’s good, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh Ohh, there we go, there we go, okay. Stay within your- AW FUCK- I killed ’em! That’s how Ireland rolls in these fucking races buddies. Okay. I get it, I get it, I get it. I don’t get it! Fuck my ankles. Ow, don’t fuck my ankles. I like them MOVE! Did I- did I qualify? Am I the winner? Is this what winning feels like? I think I won! Thanks everybody, thanks. Haha, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing for half of that. At least I killed A. Schultz. Could I have a replay of that? Can I replay that watch? watch? They tried to pass me out there Fuckin’ annihilated oh That was the best part of that whole thing [singing amazingly] Thanks, thanks everybody back home That-that went pretty well I think. Ooh! This is what I wanted, yes! This kind of thing, big air! I forget how I jump. Okay, okay There we go…I Thank you! Thank you! That was my trick! I called it, the up and down aroundie. I hope everyone enjoyed it! Can I retry? I got it, I got it, I know what I’m doing now. I know what I’m doing now here we go Yes Four hundred and forty nine? Everyone else get 1395! Okay…on their first runs, that dude just rubbin’ his nipples next to the thing. Okay, here we go Three fifty? Wha? Oh fuck yes! OH YES! Suck on that every other country! Sorry, if any of your countries are in this, but I just pulled off the fucking sickest take that France Hey, that was that was run one I have fucking two more in me Why am I all the way down here? Oh cuz I haven’t done my run yet. Okay, here we go. Stop yelling at me! The dude’s just like, “HEY, Are you good?” Okay, watch this, watch this shit. YES! HAVE YOU EVER, HAVE YOU EVER.. Have YOU ever seen anything like that? I earned a number one, baby! STOP RUBBING YOUR NIPS. Okay, I got this, I got this, heart of A FUCKING WARRIOR! Yes fucking perfect Shana FINA, and I’m singing my national anthem because I know I’m on top I Basically came out and fucked everyone Thank you ha ha very proud of myself oh, I’d like to look at this one Oh, maybe I don’t ok ok Ok ok I did a thing, I did one thing, that was pretty cool Yes! Okay, am I doing good? I really don’t fucking think I am. Holy fuck! Did y’all see that? Were y’all ready for that? I don’t think so. Oh fuck- Get ready for it! That was shit! Alright, we’re doing good this time, we’re doing good this time. Okay that could have been really fucking bad for us but I saved it cuz I’m amazing You see? You see? … YES BABY! YOU KNOW IT! YOU KNOW IT, IT’S YOUR BOY! THE SICKEST! No one in the world of winter sports has ever seen a behemoth, like the redheaded ninja pigtails Oh wait. Can we get him checked for drugs? Cuz I’m pretty sure, I just pulled off tricks, that humanity has never seen. This guy’s over here doubling my score (front flip with a clean grab) That was pretty fucking cool. Alright, Falula. (Triple backflip with a tight grab.) I didn’t do that. What are you talking about? A trick no triple backflip? I didn’t do any of those! I like how it was almost like a record scratch. Like, *record scratch* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation. This is the one This is the one The one that kills you. This is the last one! HYUH! Okay, it’s not the last one, but- OH YES FUCK YEAH, that’s a good score! That’s a good score! Thank you everybody at home! Thank you mom, and thank you Jesus. Okay, we’re in second now. It’s pretty good all I have to do is that again? He got more points this time? This is really hard to pull off. This time. There we go there we go yes keep that grind going! Aw, you were supposed to hit that thing though Oh fuckin’ mama! I tried I tried everybody is it a medal position? Silver medal one! we got it. We got a silver. That’s that’s good. That’s decent. I’m going home with a medal at least it’s not cold, my mother will beat me but What you gonna do, what are you gonna do? Last effort, half pipe. I think you guys know, but I am a half pipe magician, okay? See this You see this okay, I need some speed. I need some speed. That’s fucking terrible Okay, I don’t know what the scores are on..something like a half pipe. but I’m hoping that my score is at least up there So sick if you were to landed, that’s what he is trying to say, okay let’s see what scores do people get on a half pipe Oh Jesus Take that Canada and Brazil. You know my mom always said to quit while you’re ahead. I showed the world my worth. I came home with two golds. That’s more than some people ever get in their whole lifetime. So do you have a gold medal? Thought not I mean technically the character at the game has a gold medal, but I myself I’m going to go around the world telling everybody I won a gold medal in a video game, but I still want a gold medal in a video game, but it still counts Well, thank you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it punch that like button in the face Like a boss! AND highfives all around! Thank you guys! I will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Lesson number one, when you’re sick, don’t yell.

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  3. Jack, this game is super fun, Iv'e played it myself and just riding around is fun. Please do some more and follow through with the Olympics.

  4. dude I miss playing this game cuz I gaveaway my xbox one and now I miss it so much, I still have the game tho but not the xbox one sadly 🙁

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    Widowmaker? I didn't know you were an olympian

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    its kinda like syncronised racing or something

  10. Imagine you wingsuit down half the mountain then switch to snowboarding down the rest and goes on a ramp and switch to the jet pack and fly around then parachute and watches the beautiful sunset

  11. The rocket powered wingsuit is a reference to the bavarium wingsuit and the weaponized wingsuit in just cause 3 and 4

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