Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) ‘BOUNCY’ MV Making Film
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Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) ‘BOUNCY’ MV Making Film

February 14, 2020

Hello! We’re at the Rocket Punch’s BOUNCY music video filming site! Yeah!
(Excited) Red Punch! We’re back bringing you more
intensity than Pink Punch! Can you feel it? You can’t recognize us, right? – You can’t, can you?
– And take a look at my beads! (Rocket Punch looking great as usual)
Beads! Everyone, look at my hair It’s the mix of purple and blue Hey guys, we know now We know when this video
will be played Showcase – It’ll be played at the showcase, right?
– Rocket Punch, are you changing? – Get dressed! Hurry up!
– Come on! Come on! Now is not the time for that
(Members getting ready to go!) Can’t you change any faster? – I said let’s go!
– KETCHY, just hang on a sec! – Wait, wait
– Hold on! One more minute! (First group dance scene
off to energetic start!) Ouch! (Accidents happen)
(So Hee packs a punch) Oh, So Hee just hit my forehead as we were dancing… I was looking at the camera
and then she nailed me like this (Dizzy) (Forgets the pain and
moves on like a pro) The second scene! (Where could they all be hiding?) (Here’s Yun Kyoung) (Here’s Yun Kyoung)
(So Hee peeks from behind the wall) (Yeon Hee is barely seen) (And here’s Su Yun!) Da Hyun’s so funny, haha (Juri adoring Da Hyun) (Da Hyun focused on acting) (Action!) (Yay!) Great!
(Da Hyun jumps with glee) (Come here, come here) (Members gather one by one) Filming was fun We got our nails done, took pictures and greeted the dolls ‘Let’s go!’ I don’t know where we’re going Where are we going? Maybe… Lott* World? That’s where Juri wants to go (Members taking shopping bags
for next scene) (Flex) I only buy expensive ones These are holiday gifts This is a tuna set! (Hehe) A tuna set and a toothpaste set Is that what they are? (Oh my gosh) Happy new year Then this is sp*m (Bam!)
Oh no (Yun Kyoung’s Hollywood action) Did you film that? (No, I didn’t mean it) Oh no
(Edit that out!) (Sorry) Be sure to leave that in! It was an accident This is my life I didn’t mean it! KETCHY, this is my life
(The 01s bickering as usual) (Pouting) (First take) Off to the next scene (Second take) Off to the next scene Stop copying me Cammy, it got all dark It’s night time now
We’re getting ready for fireworks (Juri approaches) Isn’t it pretty? (Hey, KETCHY!) Not Juri. I mean the backdrop Hey! Juri too! Juri’s gorgeous, right?
(The older sister craving some love) (A scene of showering flower petals) (Grabbing a handful) It’s like a priest washing his
hands… (Flower petals fall) Hey, So Hee! Sorry, sorry!
Juri, I’m sorry Wait, not yet (Ready for shower of flower petals!) (Joyfully anticipating) (Living in the moment!) Cut! (Excitement gauge at 210%) Let’s pick them all up! – Pick them up?
– Okay! (Reality behind beautiful scene) (Maximum effort for each scene) Got one! Me too! It’s quicker working together Here’s another!
(Glimmer) Wee I think we made it fun This is so cool It was a good time (Looking at So Hee) So Hee loved throwing them up in the air I wonder what she was
thinking while doing it – So Hee!
– Yeah We’d like to have an interview Sure! – So,
– Yeah What were you thinking about
back there during the scene? (Filled with enthusiasm) I was thinking, “We’re having
such a good time!” while giving it my all (No way)
I’m thinking it was something else (Gosh)
Be on stand by – That’s not true
– Sure! (A new outfit and a set)
Hi! This place is A parking lot…
A supermarket parking lot! Earlier… It’s a different vibe from
the room party, right? (So beautiful) Ta-da I wonder if I’d be a good director… (Real director’s right next to her) (Her inspiration to become director) Walk with confidence! Put some feeling into it! Smaller steps! Su Yun, wait… (Sounds like Juri) Su Yun, to the right… (Juri and So Hee
acting as co-directors) (Passing the mic)
(Su Yun caught on! lol) (Bursts of laughter) Let’s go to left again
Sorry, Su Yun (Yeon Hee) Hey, So Hee! Today’s the second day of filming the BOUNCY music video We’ll film in front of that
building and in the supermarket In the supermarket, we’ll
divide into two teams One team will go on a spree and another team will ask,
“Where is everything?” as they look around at
empty shelves Can you guess which team
Su Yun is in? (Cutie pie) Can you guess which team? (KETCHY, take a guess) (Rushing in with excitement!) (Push, push!) (Da Hyun carries more than
she can handle) (Su Yun is…) (in the team on a shopping spree!) We dream being pop stars who act Rocket Punch dream of
becoming acting pop stars! I want to steal that orange (Yeon Hee grows hungry) Let’s steal one (Yeon Hee makes her move) But it’s a bit hard so I’ll go get another one that’s soft (First attempt fails) (Hush) You have to be quiet I can’t get caught (Yeon Hee finally gets a tasty orange) (Yum) (So good) (Falls in love with the taste)
It’s really sweet But I brushed my teeth (Yun Kyoung enjoying herself) (Filming popcorn being thrown!) (Resembles showering of flower petals) (And debris…) ♪ I’m about to lose my mind ♪ Late at night… Rocket Punch members are
fighting off the exhaustion I’m so out of it! She’s really tired
(Da Hyun’s losing her mind) She keeps doing that Yahoo, haha Where did you learn to act silly? From So Hee (Here is the teacher, So Hee!) This is me at 4am I’m totally out of it Yun Kyoung, get it together! Hang in there! KETCHY, are you sleeping? Good night See you at the showcase Yup (Filming coming to an end!) (Last group dance scene) (Members dance with hair
flowing through the air) (So Hee looks confused) (Flustered) (Juri’s hand reveals her
passion for dancing) (Staff rushes over) (LOL) My hair extension fell off (Bye-bye hair extension) (Group dance wraps up nicely) (Eventful filming comes to an end) (All right) I always leave with flare (Rocket Punch calls it a day!)

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  1. They're seriously Rocket Punching my heart. ‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ๑‾᷅༬‾᷄๑)̂—̳͟͞͞o 고생했어 얘들아~ 朱里、お疲れ様! (◡‿◡˶)

  2. 4:46 yall this is the real Takahashi Juri, once she gets mastered in Korean she'll dominate everybody's life with savageness

  3. Rocket Punch…"Great Unity"!…(a) [Attention to Business]! @3:44 – 4:00 (Fun & Work) "Stay Alert & Calm"! (Never dull, my friends).
    (b) [Rocket Punch] "likes (loves)" what they're doing. @ 4:00 – 4:22 – 4:37 – 4:53! (Rest & Play). Never a dull moment!
    (Love Interviews), my friends. To Note: ["Unity"] is an ["Emotion"]! It's [Memory], [Fun & Work] even [Rest & Play].
    [Harvard], "How to Stay Cool & Enjoy Life"! Yours truly, Jamieson (PF) Steele where the [Blue Eyed Lion] is a [Facebook Icon].
    Great job, young ladies. Great [Introduction Video] on MV Making! @4:55 – 5:10! @5:12 – 5:37! Director Appreciation: [Practice]!

  4. I love them, they are so funny!!😂❤ Sohee directing with Juri, -01s bickering – then cracking up at Juri's hair extension and in sync, no less!😅 For some reason I found what Yeonhee said at the end so funny; The delivery was so candid and combined with the limboing I had to laugh. Lastly, lets not forget Juri's interview with Sohee😂😂

    I have a feeling they will be so good at variety shows in the future, like Snsd

  5. じゅりちゃんがこんなに馴染んでて本当に嬉しい😭

  6. Pay Attention:…A young master's way….From the [Tip pf your Toes] to the [Tip of your Nose] the (a) [Whole Body]
    & [its Parts] are "composed" of a…(a) [4 to1] "Rhythm". It's a Five (5) Count…(b) [1,2,3,4 – 1] (Timing)! Got it! [It's got Direction],
    Purpose(Very Important)!…To the Point:…This is "How" the "Fibers" of the [Muscles & Membranes] "Breathe & Communicate".
    To Note: It's "How" the [Brain Communicates] through [Rhythm & Timing]! i.e. [Dance, Transitions, Movement & Completion]
    (Rest & Equilibrium)! So be Specific, Peter (Jamieson). Soon, my friends! Keep up the [Good Work & Practice]!
    [Smooth & Easy], [Casual & Cool]. [Good & Bad, "don't mix"]! It's called, "Freedom of Expression", the "Clarity of Dance"!
    All for (Focus & Clarity). MV Performance! Good job, Rocket Punch!

  7. They are really called Rocket Punch for a reason, because they pack a punch to each other. ^^ Each member getting hit by each other accidentally. Thank you for the english subs. 🙏💕

    This was such a chaotic and savage making film. From, them pretending to be co directors and then accidents with hair extensions at the end. ^^ Stan Rocket Punch and become a Ketchy everyone. 😆

  8. じゅりちゃんめちゃ韓国語上手くなってる!!ダンスも!!努力したんだろなぁ✨

  9. Whaaaaa. Your tiredness was worth it. You're all never fail to amaze us on your comeback. As i was expected, you're all so funny and energetic on your filming😂. I really love it. Be health to all of you😁 I will support you till the end Rocket Punch😍😘

  10. 朱里、元気かなと観てみたのに朱里全然映んねえじゃんとか思ってたら、綺麗なお姉さんがいきなり朱里の声で喋りだしてビックリ!髪型、化粧、カラコンが日本の時とは全然違って、最初、朱里だって全く分からなかったわ。

  11. I don't know if it's just me, but based on most recent IZ*ONE ENOZI cam, it seems like Juri speaks better Korean than Nako does. Nako has a more natural Korean tone, but when it comes to fluency, Juri seems to be better at it and also uses more advanced words. While Sakura and Hitomi seem to have advanced to the point where they speak Korean pretty comfortably, Nako kinda has to think what she wants to say even though it's not really a difficult sentence. It's like she kinda hit a wall or something after being the one who was speaking it the best at first. Even though Juri is considered no-lingual, she's improved so much from just a few months ago.

  12. Yeo Hee kind of give me a Seulgi vibe! She could be the next main vocal after Suhyun!
    So Hee’s hair is really cute!! Give the Hairstylist a raise!

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