Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) ‘BOUNCY’ MV Reaction
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Rocket Punch(로켓펀치) ‘BOUNCY’ MV Reaction

February 17, 2020

Ready, set… Hello everyone! We’re Rocket Punch Hi there Can you guess why we’re here? Well, there’s a screen
TV right next to us Yes, there is! We’re here to film our reaction
to our BOUNCY music video Woohoo! It’s been two days since the release,
but she still hasn’t seen it (True patience of our leader!) I wanted to ensure the most
authentic reaction, so I made sure not to watch it You’ll get to see her reaction for real I even covered my eyes during
the showcase viewing I swear – I saw it
– Get ready! (TMI: Su Yun played the video
as soon as it came out!) I already saw it But it’s fun to watch over and over Shall we start it? Yeah I wanna see it! Let’s watch it Cue the video! It was so hard to ignore the members
talking about the video… Da Hyun and I tried to spoil it Woollim Entertainment! There’s Da Hyun – She’s doing her thing
– I knew this would be the first scene There I am “There I am” Oh, Kim So Hee Wow! What’s that?
Is that CG? – Check out those effects!
– It’s so cute – This was fun
– Wow, awesome (Reliving the shoot)
I enjoyed that So gorgeous (Reenacting) Oh, Jeong Da Hyun! Jeong Da Hyun Ouch It’s our little girl Whoa – She’s so pretty
– Awkward… I totally forgot what was filmed here Beautiful (CG arrows) Wow!
(Yeon Hee’s genuine reaction) – What’s that?
– CG This is totally for real – Such a cutie!
– Yeon Hee doing her wink – The makeup glistens really nice
– It looks great So pretty She looks cute – Kim Su Yun!
– Round and round – Da Hyun loved this scene
– Our dancing came out great I absolutely loved this part It looks beautiful Did you see Yun Kyoung
doing like this? (Close-up) (Chaos breaks out)
Oh my gosh! (Crossing legs in sync) No way
(So embarrassing!) I drove Rocket Punch trying to look cool We don’t look cool,
we’re trying to? (More CG effects) (Actually stunned)
Whoa! – (Bam!)
– What great CG! – What did it say?
– BOMB! Wow Now it’s So Hee’s turn Shih Tzu! Aw, our cutie pie is
gonna dance now (The puppy of Rocket Punch) She knows how to be cheeky (Here’s the girl)
What nerve she’s got (Yun Kyoung’s solo cut) What are you doing there?! Were you acting?
(Yun Kyoung grows shy) Stop it!
I’m embarrassed Hey, take a look Yun Kyoung’s face
when she holds the avocado No, my friends would
make fun of me for that! (This scene!) (Everyone imitates Yun Kyoung) At that part the director said, “Yun Kyoung, no need to get angry” (Feels awkward)
(Teasing Yun Kyoung) “Just pretend you’re
disappointed, not angry” (The sulky face again!) – Wow, it’s pretty
– Look at the haughty girl Yeon Hee looks so haughty (Flings hair out) Oh! – Ah, this part!
– This was a blast (Vroom) I stole from both Juri and Yun Kyoung Yeah, that’s right (Grooving to the music) They added CG for the words! – The video is so cute
– This part was fun too I didn’t expect the words
to pop out like that Guys, let me explain this scene In this part, we’re all trying to take away – Yeon Hee and Su Yun’s gifts
– Yup Right, without them knowing (Curiosity satisfied!) We felt bad but then afterward the other members pop out,
surprising us – and we all run off together
– What was that effect?! It’s a curvy line Curvy line? – I dunno. It beats me
– Get it together I don’t even know what I’m saying – We came out so great
– We really did – Oh!
– Model Punch! We’re all trying to look cool What’s that Shih Tzu doing there
instead of So Hee? (Oh, stop it) Guess she ran off Dance break time! So adorable (Imitating So Hee) (Confident) Each and every
member is in charge of visuals… Really? haha Isn’t it kind of weird to
say that to ourselves? The dancing changed
for that part, right? (Rocket Punch’s favorite scene) All that glitter! I loved that part Even picking it all back up was a blast Wow, Juri looks – amazing
– She really does – That’s so cool
– It looks yum She said “It looks yum” Whoa
(Da Hyun’s dance moves) Oh, check out Da Hyun! – Oh my gosh!
– Who did that move? (Shocked by CG effects) What’s that? – The video looks so cool
– It’s so vibrant (Chroma-key effect) No way! So that’s how it was edited in Wow The concept of our video was FLEX*
(*FLEX=Spending lots of money) – FLEX
– FLEX! We certainly FLEXed Rocket Punch’s second mini-album (La fin!) The video was about bringing excitement to a boring city by
throwing Red Punch So Hee looked fantastic throwing
that punch at the end She just threw it right out there It was great Last time, Da Hyun did it
This was So Hee’s turn Finally, I can see the memes
as much as I want I was keeping away from the Internet Oh really? (Yeon Hee waited until today) It must’ve been hard The anticipation for the BOUNCY video felt different from what I felt for the
BIM BAM BUM video Yeah I agree I felt like there was more hype for it I was totally curious too I was always trying to go and
sneak a peak (Peering from behind) As we were filming,
we added some more cuts to the video at the
director’s suggestion, which ended up replacing
what was originally planned And we wore so many different outfits Thank you so much for
the pretty outfits as well The entire staff was amazing Thank you! I thought we’d never say those things
while filming a reaction clip (Rocket Punch is all grown up) We always used to just sit here blank Thank you I think it’s time to close out so… I’d like to say we hope you all look
forward to Rocket Punch’s BOUNCY performance and please
show a lot of love While you eat, BOUNCY! While you drive, BOUNCY! While you work out, BOUNCY! Wait, it might not work
while driving You may get too excited Yeah, that might be a little dangerous Even if you listen to BOUNCY
when you’re behind schedule you can speed yourself up Yeah definitely Be careful while eating too!
You could get indigestion – Of course
– It’ll make you walk faster While you walk, BOUNCY!
Give it a listen to your heart’s content We’ll be wrapping up now Sounds good Let’s calm ourselves… No wait! – Calm ourselves?
– No, not yet! Okay, excitedly!
This has been Rocket Punch! Bye bye – See ya
– Hope you enjoy it BOUNCY! Today, BOUNCY!
Tomorrow, BOUNCY! And the day after,
BOUNCY! A week later, BOUNCY! A year later, BOUNCY! BOUNCY video up next! Cue! Cue!

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  1. Juri speaking Korean will always make me super soft!! They're all adorable of course but I feel special affinity for Juri bc she's so far from home. Huhu we love you Juri ❤ Good job, ladies!!! The MV was great. Rocket Punch is def my favorite rookie group!!!!

  2. 너무 좋은데 m net 뮤비코멘터리 처럼
    스탑버튼, 뒤로가기 버튼도 만들어 놓고, 비하인드썰 더 많이 풀어줬음 좋겠네요 ㅋㅋ
    아니 생각해보니 걍 뮤비코멘터리 나가면 되겠네요… 엠넷 빨리 섭외좀

  3. 後ろの3人、特にJURIが静かなのが個人的に気になる(心配🥺)

  4. Yeonhee is really a reaction queen! She hypes up everyone as much as she can, and easily gets super excited even for little use of CGs! Hahah I love our leader so much! Yunkyoung is always shy and awkward when she saw herself appeared on the screen! I'm glad to see Dahyun reacting more actively! What a baby ^_^ ! Suyun is so pretty as always, and did you guys see when she pointed out Yunkyoung specifically?! Haha Suyunkyoung can never be separated huh 🤭 Sohee and Juri are unsually quiet in this video, considering they're supposed to film their reactions, but it's super satisfying to watch them as well! #로켓펀치 사랑해 😘❤ Malaysian Ketchy here 🌟

  5. "All members are in charge of visuals" >> Facts!!
    in the future, i hope they film this before or in the day the MV is released, so Yeonhee don't have to suffer the restraint ^^


  6. 쥬리 분량이 없어서 우울함 ㅠㅠ 발랄한 모습이 트레이드 마크이건만 왜케 조용히 가만 있는거야 ㅠㅠ

  7. yeonhee i don't see here in this mv we see the maknee must like yeonhee juste backup dancer look at here true face not happy she wait to see herself but she is not there 3 seconde that what i see here face the all mv ridiculous she is the leader

  8. じゅりちゃん!大好きです😘❤️

  9. omg their fandom name is ketchy? i mean, i love it🥺💞 i'll be called a ketchy from now on i see…..

  10. Yes! 😍 I did NOT expect this but I love it! I love idols who post reaction videos, BTS do it after all and it's great. ☺️

  11. ジュリ元気かな~~大人しいけど、何かあったかな?いじめられてるのかな。。。。本当に心配。日本から1人だから色々大変だと思うけど応援してるよ!!

  12. I adore Rocket Punch. Definitely have to agree with my bias Suyun's "Model Punch" statement, they were gorgeous in this, and they're all always super adorable. They're definitely one of my favourite rookie groups. ^ㅅ^ 💖

  13. もしかしてみんなの仲はそんなに良くない?💦他グルと比べて申し訳ないけど、これだけ見るとなんかお互いが仕事だけの関係感ある…気のせいだといいけど…

  14. Yungkyoung-shii 빠른 회복을 기원합니다. 첫 번째는 건강, 휴식입니다!!! ROCKET PUNCH FIGHTING!!! YUNGKYOUNG FIGHTING!!!!! KETCHY FIGHTING!!!!!!
    love you I will always support you~~~~~

  15. 연희만 첫 감상인 게 아니고 쥬리도 처음 보는 걸까. 쥬리 아무 말도 없이 엄청 집중해서 보네요.

  16. 로켓펀치 예뻐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ다해라ㅠㅠㅠㅠ더더 흥하자 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️2020년에는 로켓펀치의 해가 되기를 쥬리 연희 수윤 윤경 소희 다현 사랑해😍

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