Rolls-Royce aeroplanes (Amy Aviation’s UK Tour)
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Rolls-Royce aeroplanes (Amy Aviation’s UK Tour)

September 14, 2019

There are loads of places around the UK which
are associated with Britain’s aerospace industry. Some of them might be near to where you live! Let’s spin the propeller and see where we’re
headed today! It’s Derby! Get ready for take-off! Derby is in the Midlands so we’re heading
north today – just past Birmingham. Right a bit… Nearly there! Derby is home to Rolls Royce. Now you might be thinking that Rolls-Royce
is just a luxury car… Actually, there are two Rolls-Royce companies
– one makes cars, the other… No prizes for guessing it’s something to
do with planes! The Rolls Royce here in Derby is famous for
making some of the most powerful engines in the world. The engineers here are constantly working
to use the latest technology to build better, faster and safer engines. You’ll find Rolls Royce engines in all types
of planes – from military jets like the F35 Lightening to commercial airliners such
as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 – those are planes which take us on holiday. And there’s exciting developments underway
right now. The latest Trent engine – the Trent 7000
– is the result of ten years of development. It’s already undergone extensive field testing
in different climate across the world to make sure it can handle a variety of conditions
– hot or cold, sticky or wet – you name it! Exciting to think such cool technology is
made right here in Derby! Over 13,500 people work for Rolls-Royce at
Derby, which is home to the Rolls Royce Academy which recruits over 200 apprentices every
year, teaching them many areas of engineering – from electrical to mechatronics. It’s time for me to take to the air. See you next time! AMY AVIATION’S BRITISH AERONAUTICS – WITH

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