Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles and the Weird Dad
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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles and the Weird Dad

August 16, 2019

Did you ever… like date a girl that you had… like the stereotypical “most horrifying father” interaction Look at me, no father was afraid of me *laughter* “Are you pranking that nice boy out there?” I dated a girl in high school I’m still not a hundred percent sure.. his exact profession But… apparently he worked for the government and, as she would always say, “Has done some things” And… uh… this dude, whenever I came home, it was just booze and the television and like he never talked He’s got like the “thousand yard stare” like the T.V. is on, but he’s not even really watching it. That is exactly what this guy was And then one day, I got there, she was still getting ready to go, and he GOT UP from the chair And I was like, chillin in the kitchen, he just like walked over and was like, “Have you seen a gun before?” I was like, “What?” And at that point he just kind of like gestured over to one part of the kitchen that I wasn’t paying particular attention to… …and there’s just like a f*cking hand gun just chillin there, I was like, “Yeah, I’ve seen them…” He’s like, “Have you ever shot one?” I was like, “No, not really.” “Hope you never have to.” And I was like, “I-I hope so, too.” And then he just kinda like nodded, grabbed a glass, filled it up, and then went back to the T.V. I’ve never been more afraid of another person. Gun is still sitting there? Yeah, no, it’s chillin on the counter next to the f*cking cookie jar. it was… Like he might need it for a recipe. *laughter* There we got flour.. it’s next to the.. gun and the sugar If I ever have a daughter I’m gonna be an asshole to anybody that tries to date her. What kind of character are you going to go with? Oh, I’ll probably go like, the really nice route. I’ll be like… “Chet, hey! So good to finally meet you, ya know what, come on in. come on in.” And then like right when there are about to leave, I’ll be like… “Ah man, you kids have a great night.” “If you touch one f*cking hair on my daughter I will end you.” “Anyways, uh… yeah have a great one. Enjoy Shrek 14.” And then that’ll be it.If you liked this animated adventure, subscribe to watch a new one every week. Check out our merch. And watch our other videos. You want to stare at my cleavage, oh I’m not girl Gus… f*ck!

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  1. why do some guys want to terrify their daughters dates ? i never got that.
    my girlfriends dad was cool all the time (and all other ex's parents i met) , never had that " don't you touch my daughter" vibe, is this just an american thing?

  2. Pfft. Guns…
    The real scare is a combat knife with their name written in Crimson marker!

    I don't have a daughter but I do something similar when some douche tries to hit on my mom!

    My mom once said "you know I can fight my own battles right?"
    And I know she can!
    But I responded with "yes but why sully your hands with something so beneath you! I got this!"
    And she burst out laughing… But I was relatively serious…

  3. If i ever have a daughter, I'm going to be kind of like miles but i'd go "look, I know what it's like to be a young man, and i understand, just know, if you hurt her, if you try to push what you want on her and she says no, and you don't listen, You will learn what i keep in m y attic, and you won't like it."

  4. I'll be like Rodney Atkins if I ever have a daughter. Guy comes on by to take my daughter on a date and I'll just be sitting there cleaning my gun and give him the speech.

  5. Miles fantasizing about being a father 30 years from now. I guess he forgot that he's already an adult.

  6. My Grandmother's father used to have a display case full of guns in his living room and whenever she got a new boyfriend her dad would sit both himself and her boyfriend in front of the case and have a long talk with him.

  7. As a Russian heritage individual, I would sit at the table when my daughter's boyfriend would come in with a greasy undershirt while I field stripped my AK, whilst giving him a stare. Then upon him leaving just saying Hey, getting him to look, and pulling the bolt 😉

  8. With Miles's luck, his daughter will bring home a boy, and the first words he'll say in front of Miles will be "Hey! I didn't know your dad was Miles Luna from RT!"

  9. so do people in the animated world have like 2 elbows or something? because at 1:44 he waves his arms in the air but his sleeves dont move, even though they should because the shoulder is way up higher.

  10. My dad just intimates you by asking you about yourself that will make you feel either, super dumb and insignificant or like you're in an unprepared interview.
    The scary part is, you don't know if it's intentional…

  11. Fun story: The very first date I ever went on, my boyfriend and I went back to my house afterwards and my dad was sitting in the dining room cleaning his gun. He cocked it and stared my boyfriend in the eyes and said, "how was the movie?".
    At the time it was super embarrassing, but thinking about it today, it's hilarious 😂

  12. I'm going to probably be that one dad that polishes an anti-tank rifle when my daughter's boyfriend comes over

  13. I know a guy who married a girl whose dad was a Salvadoran Communist guerrilla fighter who tortured and executed government soldiers for a living. After hearing all of the horror stories from his wife, that guy was lucky that her dad had found Jesus and joined a Spanish-speaking alcoholics anonymous group (he drank very heavily for years to cope with the atrocities he had committed) and had become a pacifist.

  14. Always wanted kids but Im almost 20 now and I realize I mightve just assumed that I was supposed to have them–I dont have any. Closest thing was my sister's husband. I heard they were getting married so I was super chill about it: first time we were alone just turned and sounded like I was half heartedly asking a question when I said, "dont hurt 'er" he nods "I got guns" he nods "and Ive got 70 acres, a hacksaw, and a shovel." He just nodded after each one and gave me a thunbs up and we laughed.

  15. The sad reality in this is that the dad was in Vietnam and saw his entire platoon killed and then could only find work for the goverment

  16. I was at my freind house spending the night and when he had to go out to feed the dogs his dad made me follow him to his room and pulled out a machete from under his bed and said wanna hold it.
    I ended up calling my dad to go home

  17. Id go for a hand shake and pull him in close whisper in his ear " i want to lick your face so bad right now" he's never coming back

  18. Was him stirring whatever was in the pot with the gun a reference to Assassination Classroom? (I can’t remember the characters name though)

  19. I'm an American currently dating a French Canadian. The first words my dad said to him were "Ha ha! You have a really funny accent!" Most embarrassing moment of my life…

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