RSQ Squonk Mod & Aircraft RDA l by Hotcig & Rig Mod WW l ENG SUBS l + РОЗЫГРЫШ l  🚭🔞
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RSQ Squonk Mod & Aircraft RDA l by Hotcig & Rig Mod WW l ENG SUBS l + РОЗЫГРЫШ l 🚭🔞

August 22, 2019

It’s the moment when American company start collaboration with Chinese company And some thoughts start crawling in mind but lets not dig in and start the review Let’s roll. Intro… Hello everyone! Alex from VapersMD is here And im glad to welcome you on my channel Our guests for today – HotCig products Aircraft RDA and RSQ mod to be exact Which HotCig released in collaboration with Rig Mod WW WW stands for World Wide i guess We will talk about this RDA after close up And about this squonk box we will talk right now I guess it’s one of the best regulated squonk boxes to date This squonk box is powered by 1*18650 Holds 7ml of e-liquid and he is pretty small Lets waste time no more We have lot of things to do in this video We should talk about RDA, this squonk box and do the firmware update And start a giveaway for this whole setup Let’s go to the close up Okay folks, let’s unbox this packages We’ll start with RDA Here is the package with name of RDA on it And company logo of course Also it says that this product contains nicotine blin Certificates, link to official site This side we have what’s included, scratch-code and manufacturer adress Where they live, basically Inside the package lays RDA and bag of spares It includes 2 coils, spare o-rings, bf pin and 2 spare post screws At the bottom we have user manual It includes Chinese and English versions Pack of cotton and enlarged LEGENDARY blue chinese flat screwdriver We’re done with the RDA, let’s take a look at the mod This package also have important information What’s included, characteristics, scratch-code, social links And device itself on the front Under the cover we have branded envelope which says Design by Rig Mod WW and Hotcig But inside this envelope we have a massive user manual It have several languages %#^#$*&^#@. No Russian though Here we have the mod in this plastic cradle On the bottom of this package we have MicroUSB-USB cable for charging And firmware upgrade But that’s not all Under this door we have spare plastic bottle It is made of plastic And it’s harder than installed one Because preinstalled made of silicone It’s time to talk characteristics and we start with RDA RDA is made of aluminum and SS Available in 6 colors – Black, Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Violet It utilizes 810 drip tips, Adjustable side airflow, but only for dual coils Gold-plated dual-posts deck Designed for counter installation of coils This RDA support both BF and non-BF The diameter of this RDA is 24mm Speaking of box mod – it’s made of zinc alloy and available in 4 colors of main frame Blue, SS, Red and Black Heart of this box is water-proof chip HM, 80 Watts Supports VW mode and TC mode for Ni, Ti, SS303, SS304 and SS316 Also this chip have TCR mode for manual adjustment of TC and Bypass mode This mod is powered by 1*18650 It can be charged via MicroUSB with 1A current Manufacturer claims that minimal resistance is 0.1 Ohm Though through the tests it’s manage to work with 0.08-0.09 ohm Besides with help of a software you can lower this limit Another feature of this mod is LED RGB backlight of a bottle Which can be turn off. Thanks. As i showed you during unboxing we have 2 bottles 1 silicone 1 plastic Both have 7ml capacity Another great thing – this chip support firmware upgrade and have manual settings with software on PC Size of this mod is 79*48*25mm Weight with battery inside is approx. 200 grams Great. It’s time for more detailed overview As always we start from the top and in order It means RDA and the top of RDA On the top we have Ultem 810 drip tip with no o-rings Of course you can use any other 810 drip tips you like Next top cap. It have cuts for more comfort usage Of airflow adjustment When you twist this cap you adjusting your airflow It opens, it closes, you can block it Adjustment is happening on both sides at once This cap is held by single o-ring and have spherical shape inside The sleeve have a logo on it’s side and two slots of airflow And that’s it I’m satisfied with quality and anodizing Remember – this piece is made of aluminum Here’s the deck – fully gold-plated SS 2 post 2 holes, pretty big holes And massive screws which will tighten the leads of your coils Deep 6mm juice well And 2 o-rings which will hold the sleeve At the bottom we have engraving of name of this RDA, manufacturer, serial number Certificates, screws, that holding posts The pin is interchangable with BF BTW this pin is protrudes far enough for a hybrid connection I dont see a point to put a builds in this RDA in close up That’s why i made it in advance I installed two kit coils and put a cotton It’s easy and comfortable, that’s why i dont want to waste any of your time on it It’s time to take a detailed look this mod As always we start from the top and in order Here we have metal 510 connector and spring-loaded steel pin As you can see the connector is hold by 2 screws it sits flush on the top part, there is a bit of a gap but nothing criminal Next the door which hides the bottle and 1*18650 The door itself have carbon sticker This sticker will be here no matter what color you have. Red color for example Also this door have deep engraving HotCig And window for squonking the bottle Bottle is branded too On the rear side we have Rig Mod WW logo World Wide. I guess. Maybe. This two big W letters means It seems to be deep engraving painted with white I cant tell for sure, the only thing im certain – it’s engraving Next side have MicroUSB port And the name of this mod – RSQ On front side we have fire button, display and + – buttons On the bottom we have serial number and certificates It is time to look inside, this door is hold by 2 big magnets On internal of the door we have
inscription on the designers of this mod Interntals made of plastic and holds by screws, one of them have warranty-safety sticker I doubt it though 🙂 Spring-loaded and gold-plated battery negative contact on the top And the silicone bottle I think you notice – inside we dont have any ribbon for battery removal That’s why you going to hit your mod or try to catch the battery with your finger As well as the bottle Lets test this bottle. Pinch this part. Pressing Nothing happens, it’s vacuum Let’s press and then pinch As you can see bottle isnt getting any air inside Top part of this bottle made of metal and it’s good As i said in kit we have another spare plastic bottle It’s harder but let’s test it too Press, pinch. As you can see it’s vacuum too I will be using this silicone bottle. Im more satisfied pressing on it compared to plastic Let’s fill it up Installing top cap with silicone tube Try to hold this metal part and not press the sides of a bottle It’s very soft and delivers juice almost instantly After all things done let’s install bottle inside the mod It’s time to insert the battery Another important thing – i suggest you to use batteries with custom black wraps Because if you insert green wrapped battery for example. Negative side up of course After the door closure you will see green through the door. It looks awkward As i said you can catch the battery from the bottom with your finger But it isnt easy task to do. Easier to shake this mod. Let’s use black wrapped battery Which will look in here way better and will not ruin appearance I think you noticed – once we instert battery LED backlight is turning on It can be turned off This way it’s gonna be flashing with different colors But let’s continue, shall we? It’s time to talk about this mod, chip and it’s possibilities It’s the standart display with battery life indicator, resistance of atomizer, voltage, amperage And power, which is adjustable with 0.1 Watts increments You can adjust it with + and – buttons As you can see brightness of the display increased after pressing buttons If you press and hold adjustments will go faster and it switch to 1 watt increments There is no round robin So what can you do with this box mod? What features it have? First – simulatiously pressing + and – will key lock Fire button not blocking though In key-lock mode if you press Fire button and Down button simultaniously and hold it It will change orientation of the display To change it back hold simultaniously pressed Fire button and Down button again Flip the screen back If you press + button and Fire button simultaniously like this It will get us into LED settings Here we can choose Only Blue or Only Green Or Red Or RGB which will randomly change colors And one of the cool features – you can turn LED off completely Moving forward. Let’s unlock it with pressing + and – simultaniously. Hold. Now its unlocked and fully functional Also you can turn off this box mod completely By pressing Fire button 5 times System Off means its Off Turning back on with 5 clicks on Fire Button Settings of the screen Moving forward, folks Besides the option to flip the screen and change backlight this mod also have menu Lets see what it’s look like To get in there we need to press Fire Button 3 times Resistance is start to flash. It means we can start adjusting If we press Up button we lock the resistance Press Up again we unlock it Pressing Fire button allow us to browse further Here we can change what will be displayed – Amperage, battery life percentage and puff counter Next menu option will change modes TC, Bypass and VW In TC mode we can manually adjust resistance and power Here we can choose material. I dont think you can see – here i have XX – it’s TCR It’s TC mode with fine tuning with software which we will look later Also we have StainlessSteel(SS) mode, Titanium TC and Nichrome TC In here you can adjust your Temp Limit or change the mode Let’s get back to Power Mode After some time this will stop flashing and settings apply I think that’s all i can tell about the chip If i press the Fire Button it will ask New Coil or no If we press Up it will refresh previous resistance For a start we need to do some squonking Pressing the bottle make e-liquid flow into the deck and excess suck back in I will help this box mod a bit to make all cotton wet As you can see on display we have 0.09 ohm and it means that this box mod handles resistance down to 0.08 At least on firmware which i got him with Because from the start manufacturer himself claims of support resistance up from 0.1 ohm But at the same time manufacturer gave us an option to lower this limit with software Okay folks, lets take a look at this software with no more hesitation Let’s go to my PC and i will show you how to update the firmware and i will tell you about this software Which you can install on your PC Close up is done, lets go to the firmware First thing you need to do is check the description and find 2 links which will lead us to a HotCig official site First link will lead to the software download, second link is for downloading the firmware Let’s download both After downloading you should get 2 files – .rar archive and .dfu firmware file Extract the .rar to some folder Now we have a folder with installed software Moving forward, let’s open the software with doubleclick It’s the main window with settings All the settings right now is made for another device That’s why it’s time to plug in this box mod Plug in MicroUSB On the display pop up Charge or Upgrade options Choose Upgrade and press Fire button You will get sound notification , which means your box mod is connected to your PC As you can see information on this page has changed But before making any changes i will guide you through this settings Open button is for opening file with firmware on your PC Refresh button is for refreshing your box mod Reboot button is for rebooting box mod This box doesnt give any options This button will upload changed settings to your box mod Clicking File button will open context menu with with Open, Save Config, Import config and Exit Tools menu. Calculator will open Windows Calculator, Paint will open Windows Paint Help menu. Device select – self-explanatory Language settings – 2 options Chinese and English Pixel Size and About. Nothing important here. Let’s see at this menu First tab is for fine tuning of your box mod If you check this box you will be able to change your resistance limit Initially it’s 0.1 ohm. We can change it to, let’s say, 0.08 ohm And puff time limit Next we have TC fine tuning Here you can set your wire temperature coefficient Next tab is for changing Themes In here you can change appearance of notifications on your display Initially we have HotCig logo. We can choose any picture .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png I prepared my logo. Click open. I want to change this one too Now this logos will appear for 1 second Next tab. Here we have battery settings. If you know for sure your battery mAh capacity you can change this setting. Shutting off box mod, shutting off display, alarm time Orientation of display Initially it’s Left. I suggest to set it Right Last tab is for Factory reset Now let’s do the firmware upgrade. Click open Browse your firmware file Open it Now click Refresh button to refresh the device And upload new firmware on this box mod As you can see it start to Erase previous firmware and then it updating the box mod Click Reboot Box mod has rebooted. My logo appeared and menu with Charge or Update pop up again Press Update Now click upload settings which upload all the settings that we’ve changed in this software A little bit of information for those who didnt get, why we should update the firmware For example – this update fixes bug with LED backlight After you turn off or remove battery and on you box mod you backlight will be off if you turn if off In previous version when you changed your battery this LED backlight is turned on And you had to turn it off again New firmware fixes this bug and if you turn off you LED backlight it stays off after changing battery or turn off/on process That’s it for the update and tune of this box mod with this software I think it’s time to talk about this box mod, it’s pros and cons. Thanks for your attention Let’s roll Opachki Okay folks. What i have here. One of the box mods have a Phobia RDA Looks sexy with that red chuff cap Zashibis Let’s talk about this devices and start with cons We start with box mod cons, after we will talk about RDA First con of this box mod goes for door play It plays in all directions Tho i read some comments – someone have this issue, someone dont This is chinese lottery Next con i will mention is issue battery removal If we had a ribbon here it would be much more easier But since it isnt you need to shake out or catch the battery with your finger that’s why its a con Next con is gonna be subjective and it’s more of nitpicking This box mod inaccurately reading resistance It’s adding 0.01 ohm Let’s say i have 0.09 ohm it reads it as 0.1 ohm If i put 0.08 it reads it as 0.09 If i put 0.1 it reads it as 0.11 I compared this box mod with DNA chips. There is an issue of HM chip. Next con goes from current users of this mod Yes, i browse the comments, read some peoples reviews So let’s discuss the cons from users One of the cons for someone is lack of Preheat Yes, for someone it could be con It’s not a con for me. Im fine with perfomance of this chip. But if guys will add this option in future updates it will be awesome Another mention goes for coating wearing off I will say this – through the testing i didnt get any scratches or scuffs Even if i will scratch it like this, with metal With passion, for a long time Take a look – not a single scratch Next thing that someone do like and someone doesnt It’s the carbon sticker which is on all of this box mods It’s subjective. You can try to peel this off and put something you like instead Last thing that i want to discuss Some users dont like white engraving on the body of this box mod Regardless of the color Red, black. Both have white engraving Some users dont like it it’s time to talk about the pros First pro i’ll give for compact size and appearance If we compare it with Pulse it’s about the same in height Yes, this box mod is a little bit taller, but it’s less in width compared to Pulse So compact size and a pro for that Next pro goes for comfort of use and nice fit Edges not the smoothest You can feel them but it doesnt affect using this box mod I like how it fit in hand Next pro goes for chip. It’s great and water-proof with low resistance limit With fine tuning options And firmware update And easy controls. So it’s a pro. Next pro i’ll give for fitting atomizers up to 25mm in diameter Mainstream diameter will fit in here perfectly, no edges no nothing And last pro – 7ml of e-liquid bottle capacity and spare bottle Of course you can use your google-fu and search for different bottles With more comfortable refilling, softer, harder The bottle in here is standart sized and majority of custom bottles will fit in here It’s time to talk about RDA First con i’ll give for thin aluminum cap If you will use heavy builds this cap will rapidly heat up and you will feel it Besides from that – drip tip is uncomfortable Just some piece of Ultem Now the pros – good quality, easy coil and wick installation, Deep juice well Compact size, decent flavor and perfomance All depends on your build and ability to install it correctly Now it’s time to discuss the price both RDA and box mod Cost of this box mod vary from 50$ to 60$ around the web I will add few links in description where you can buy it in chinese stores RDA costs 40$ I think it’s expensive. I should cost like under 30$ 30$ is upper limit for it 40$ is too much Okay folk, it’s time to summarize We’ll talk about box mod Not gonna talk much about RDA I will say this, folks For me it’s one of the best regulated box mods and squonk option Well it is squonk box mod with chip And i think it’s one of the best mods in terms of quality and cost Box mod goes into the “I do recommend for sure” category If you dont like mechanical squonk boxes Or regulated squonk mods with no options and settings Here you have all you need TC, VW, Bypass, Firmware update, fine tuning And it’s compact It’s compact even compared to mechanical box mods This squonk gets into my personal top. Well done. Okay folks, we’re done with this review, it’s time for giveaway. The giveaway is for CIS only BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH Stay good, folks. Dont forget to subscribe and push that bell. Also vote here if you like this device or if you didnt Okay guys, it’s time to say goodbyes I want to say big thanks to HotCig for sending me this devices for this review I wanna thank you for your attention I wish you a delicious vape Let the vaping come into your life and stays there for long Take care of yourself and your mods Alex from VapersMD was with you and
and we’ll see you soon. Poka Poka(bye bye)

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