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October 17, 2019

RUSSIA DEVELOPS TWO NEW AIRCRAFT CARRIER According to representative of the research
center, Russia may start building the new aircraft carrier as soon as the customer approves
the project and all questions related to finance are resolved. “The multi-purpose aircraft carrier will have
a total displacement of about 95,000 tons. Its length, width and draft will make up 330
meters. The width of the flight deck will be 85 meters,” Pepelyaev told Interfax. He also added that full and endurance speeds
of the aircraft carrier will make up 26-30 and 14 knots. “The project stipulates for the autonomy of
90 days. The vessel will be able to carry a stock of jet fuel of up to 6,000 tons and
the crew of up to 4,000 people. Storm Project aircraft carrier will be able to carry up
to 90 aircraft and helicopters. The main power plant of the ship will operate on organic
fuel.” The Krylov research center also develops a
project of a light aircraft carrier, the combat capabilities of which will be a little inferior
to those of the Storm vessel. Most likely, the new aircraft carrier will
be built at Sevmash ship-building enterprise. According to Vladimir Pepelyaev, key parameters
of the new ship (displacement, length, width, draft), as well as the composition of the
air group, armament, power plant and technical means of the ship may vary. ” the construction of an aircraft carrier
is not necessary for the near future. It should be understood that the level of costs will
be enormous. A gigantic ship like this does not exist by itself, so the matter does not
relate to her construction only. One also needs to form the aircraft carrier strike
group. This involves the creation of aviation units that will be based on the vessel. Russia
does not have certain kind of aircraft for the purpose, such as long-range radiation
detection aircraft or deck-based radio-electronic warfare aircraft. “In addition, one should create a group of
ships that will take part in joint operations with the aircraft carrier. Judging from the
American experience, a group like that should consist of two or three cruisers and 6-7 smaller
displacement vessel, plus one or two submarines. To crown it all, one will need to set up special
ground-based infrastructure for the aircraft carrier and accompanying ships, as well as
ship crews and aviation crews. Therefore, the cost of the construction of the aircraft
carrier can thus increase seven or eight times. ” On the down side, Russia has never built a
nuclear-powered aircraft carrier whereas the US operates 11 such vessels currently. (It’s
not that Russia could not build nuclear powered carriers.) A nuclear-powered carrier can remain
at sea for up to a year or more and only needs to return to port for crew rotation. It also
requires less down time during maintenance as compared with a conventional powered ship.
In terms of gas mileage, aircraft carriers are the biggest guzzlers of fuel. Regarding Russia’s ability to undertake
a project of such scale, Dmitry Gorenburg, a research analyst at the Center for Naval
Analyses in Washington, says the long-running of the Indian navy INS Vikramaditya rebuild
shows the problems Russia may face as it starts to build larger and more complex ships. “Russian
experts have noted that Russian shipyards could build a 60,000-70,000 ton carrier in
4-5 years, but could have difficulties if the military decides to build a larger super-carrier,” “Is there any sense to compete with the USA
at this point?” “no reason to compete. A competition like
this leads to a senseless arms race. I think that Russia will spend this money much more
efficiently if we look for asymmetric answers and develop systems that will give us a possibility
to curtail strike groups of American aircraft carriers.
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  1. So, why Russia was buy the 2 French war ships "Mistral" (a carrier for helicopters) ?
    If they had forced to buy to a foreign country this "Mistral" how they could build something more complicate ?

  2. The thing is russia can build an aircraft carrier, they have built nuclear submarines, nuclear battlecruises and nuclear ice breakers. If they remove the ski jump and introduce cats and traps, they could reduce the size of the carrier to the same size as the prince of wales carrier…. It can be built in the current ship yards in Russia.

  3. My name is Stephen hawking, and i am here to tell the sheeple… military is a scam, Putin is false opposition, what does russia need these 2 ships for??? they are only for remote operations, but Russia leadership hypocritically says it only want to defend its border, so where is the border ending, Antartica???? these boats are sitting ducks waiting for a big nuke and pooof….


  5. as with their other ones, they're POS. if you're a sailor in the Russian navy, it's punishment to be sent to the one they have now. nothing works. food is horrible. they have numerous suicides on it.

  6. Quel blague 🙂 La Russie n'est même pas capable de develloper des porte-hélicoptères comme les Mistral sans aide étrangère.

  7. No need for Russia to built aircraft – carrier. They dont have the bases allover the world like USA! The Americans have need for the carriers becouse they evry 5 years going to attack and bombing some countrys.

  8. Russian GDP is 40% that of Germany. Russian Elites are stealing money from the Russian people as if its going out of fashion. So expect a revolution or bankrupt Russia very soon.

  9. Just building a carrier is not enough. It takes a huge support group of ships that go along with it. Russian economy just can not pay for it.
    Nice to dream though.

  10. rusi bradr usa nato fuck of is destroed alah bakar is kroeisen zagreb of atentat na pipll of deushland is usa kolinda grabar president rusia ok pipll usa nato is of war atack na global distroed planet

  11. At least 10 to 20 years away from being built. As the video notes, they do not have the infrastructure to support such a ship. USA has 80 years of carrier experience, so, yeah, go for it Russia.

  12. Aircraft Carrier is obsolete. One lousy 200 dollars cruise missile will sink the tin can like a stone to the bottom of the sea in 3minutes. Russia is smart and not going to waste time and resources for this bullshit.

  13. Poor russians. Putin invests 40% of budget to military just like last days of CCCCCCCP.
    Bankruptcy will save the world again.

  14. An error in the title (two aircraft carriers) and a computer voice. Does the author expect anyone to watch this?

  15. The russian navy is third world navy, russia has never built true aircraft carrier they have no shipyards to produce aircraft carriers or engineers able to design one. One Nimitz aircraft carrier is more powerful then the entire russian navy.

  16. LMAO. Total BS on this crap. They have no experience building real aircraft Carriers, No Customer for them No port to Build a ship over 65,000 Tons. No money to create a port and Drydock to build anything close to a real Carrier. And even if they tried, They couldn't finish it just like last time thet tried, More were Sold as Scrap than Completed. And they can't even keep one in service now! They can't even keep up on the mainteinces Cost for a Baby Cruiser Carrier!.
    The Last time they tried to use it, it failed constantly and lost their newest Fighters Built for it,. 2 in < one month! They had to completely leave the deployment and move all aircraft ashore in Syria! And it's engines can't finish a mission without breaking down. IT can't even leave port with out Tow Tugs to drag it back and Can't go in foreign ports because it's Plumbing constantly Fails the they have to issue Thunderpots to the crew and dump them off the Leeward side around the Clock!
    There are 37 Carriers in the Ocean today, It is one of the Smallest and oldest actually in use! And it is the weakest in capabilities. And they did this Video to try to get business from India that actually build their own Carriers now and they are At least twice as big as Russians and actually work better!
    Russia trying to Build a Fleet Carrier of any kind is a total Joke!. Even if they could, they would not have proper ships to ever use it in battle. Russia has no ships that can escort a carrier and nothing in development as a Cruiser. All of their Cruisers are Scrapped or awaiting scrapping. They have no experience in building full sized carriers at all, and The Cruiser Carriers they did, more were sold as Scrap than they ever put into service.
    They can't invade Ukraine and then get them to build carriers for them again.
    IF Russia wants a carrier, they need to pay India to build them ! They have more experience now.

  17. This new aircraft carrier is 30 years in the making lol. Russia has some cool stuff but this looks pretty corny and inferior to other nations' carriers.

  18. No wonder there are more than 60 million US citizens on welfare programs like food-stamps and millions living homeless in the streets of US cities in utter poverty.

  19. Lets be realistic. Russia needs to make sn economy first, they have to pull themselvs togheder. They need at lesdt to ne on par with a german economy, theyr economy right now is comparablE to Australia, msinly based on natural resources export. Russis need to improove on quality of life, high ways, education etc.. Electronic conductors, optic, integreted circuits witch they are far behind japan, sk, germany, france, us, china, israel, finland

  20. Interesting stuff, I must say.

    The ultra-new Russian design, with PAK-50 style fighters in its deck park, was contrasted with a classic USN design having A4 Skyhawks on its deck . . . almost fifty years out of date. Show a Nimitz class next time for a more accurate contrast.

  21. havent history teached nothing? bismark and old 2 wing plane sealed its future, yamato 300 planes sunk it in couple hours. Navy is just showing off,drones,missiles, subs, is the future, and much cheaper to make and maintain.

  22. In previous video, you said that Russia was developping one giant aircraft carrier… And with this video, you say "two"… next video will inform us that they are three new aircraft carriers to be built…

  23. Seriously – how many crap robo-voiced YT channels are devoted to fantasy Russian weapons with no basis in economic reality? I've lived through a good chunk of the cold war to know that most Soviet/Russian weapons boasted far more capabilities and effectiveness than reality. They always concentrated on cheap quantity to compensate for quality. This CONCEPT still has a ski-jump, which limits aircraft fuel and payload. Even China's newly built carrier still doesn't have catapults and they've got far more money to spend.The thing about all these Putin fantasy weapons is they only have to excite the fanboys and paid trolls.

  24. For those who know how much money Russia has or doesn't have, please enlighten the rest of us who have no idea how much money they have!

  25. The Air craft carrier must build with nuk power otherwise useless ship for future or may will be usd as Minsk and Kiev like caffe in China..

  26. It looks like it's bullshit. What is the purpose of Russia to build aircraft carriers? It's just an unnecessary waste of money for floating scrap metal – easy prey, easy target! There are more modern technologies where need to invest money, than in the last century.

  27. hahahaha 14 knots that shit is slow as hell hahahaha. Nimitz is 25 to 30 knots hahahaha and it's not even nuclear power hahahahaha. Russia never had any expirence of make carriers the last one was crap.

  28. Supercarriers do not make sense for Russian defensive geopolitical strategy. It would be just a huge waste of valuable resources. It's just Russian propaganda meant to cause adversaries to spend more of their own money.

  29. Russia may find that not having a fleet of carriers will limit their capability to fight a war abroad. The United States and Great Britain have had them for a very long time and know that they are important to carrying the battle to the enemies regardless of the region. Their money have been put into them since WW-I and got better over time.

  30. the problems are not enough potatoes for the vodka distiller and no potatoes for the crew because they used it on vodka and not enough vodka because they drunk it all looking for potatoes.

  31. All the retarded people saying that russia's economy is weaker than australia and germany are mad, because germany even hadnt aircraft carrier and the economy to make a real army, the comparison hasnt any fucking sense, davman, and australia is a weak colony today, russia doesnt. Russia has the best economy in the world over U.S even puts a president for U.S russia is the #1 in the fucking world, germany? Is an insect.

  32. Very sandy vaginas from the west part of the world saying bullshits of russia, comparing with midgets countries like germany thay even hadnt a fucking serious navy because its powerful economy is just regional not global,lol, germany even in its fucking history has had the political and economic influence to make aircraft carriers and a big navy envolving world war II. Idiots

  33. Russia has the GDP of Italy, let that sink in. It does not have the financial capability to build or operate a full scale nuclear aircraft carrier.

  34. The construction of a single aircraft carrier only costs 4-5 billion us dollars. In that regard therefore I have a strong feeling that Russia can afford to build 2 -3 more in addition to already existing one.

  35. Except they're not. No funding and going nowhere fast. Even if they did build one, it's one… and they're record for carrier deployments beyond their blue water fleet is abysmal. The US is the undisputed leader in carrier aviation. 10-12 carriers depending on how you count them, with another 10 or so VTOL carriers. No rubles, no supercarrier..

  36. It's already been declined by the Russian defence dept, they can barely afford maintenance for its crap carrier it has now . Deliberately misleading title.

  37. Russia’s definitely richer than poor British colony by the name of ustan. They’ll built what they need, when they need and as many as they need. If they need it. Feel sorry for the typically dumb, brain washed yanks !

  38. Why would they do this for God sake?
    For show?
    This is agression tool for masacring, invading and bulying small difencles nations so Russia an China never needed or built them in serious numbers.

  39. RUSSIA doesn't need these… They said it many times. It cost 10 billion to build an aircraft carrier, it cost RUSSIA half a million to 1 million $ to build a small nuclear headed missile, they would fire 50 such missiles and sink any US aircraft carrier in no time. Why would they bother?

  40. A moment of your time.
    With trade sanctions so heavy, the cost of oil so low, I believe it's possible for planners in Rossiyah to feel that the operation of gas–guzzlers is not as bad as some alternatives. When gas is cheap the national economy suffers, but the fraction of fuel the navy can afford on its budget increases. It seems to me that supporting a blue water navy has never been so cheap in terms of fuel, whether biofuels created by starving citizens (i.e.: growing kudzu or other plant material for conversion into into ethanol, rather than growing wheat for sale, for example), or fossil fuels, of which Rossiyah has a whopping great load. Careful that our economic war against Rossiyah doesn't come back to bite us on the ass in the form of an unlimited naval fuel allotment.

  41. Project 23000E looks good on drawing board and wooden model but it very difficult to integrate various systems into one and function harmoniously.

  42. Bahahaha. Complete bullshit. This is how the Russian defense companies work. Outlandish proposals to try to entice the Russian govt to bite.

  43. Russian not need aircraft carrier..Russia are connecting land border from far east to the west and furthermore Russia strategic weapon ICBM can reach any target in the world. US need the aircraft carrier because US is separated from the Europe and Asia ..US is isolated continent so they need aircraft carrier to support and protect Israel and US work for Israel.

  44. One thing mentioned here that is completely wrong.
    The narrator said nuclear powered carriers require less downtime compared to conventional carriers. Actually, it's the exact opposite. Nuke carriers could take years to complete maintenance while conventional carriers can return to sea in a few months.
    Stupid mistake.

  45. All talk. In 2005 the Russian Navy announced they were planning a class of 2 to 4 new aircraft carriers, the production of which could start in 2013–14 for initial service entry in 2017. This came to nothing.

    In mid-2007, the new Russian Navy chief announced plans to create 6 aircraft carrier strike groups in the next 20 years. Over 11 years later – Nothing.

    Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev stated in 2008 that Russia intended to build nuclear aircraft carriers in the next decade. However Russia currently does not have a yard capable of building aircraft carriers and 10 years later – Nothing.

    In June 2011 Russia announced a goal of beginning construction a new aircraft carrier in 2018 and having the carrier achieve initial operational capability by 2023. By end of 2018 – Nothing.

    In February 2015, Russia announced a new super-carrier project code-named Project 23000E or "Shtorm". The program appears suspended or slowed down and other than models, so far nothing has come of this.

    On 30 October 2018, Russia's only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was damaged when Russia’s biggest floating dry dock, the PD-50, sank and one of its 70-ton cranes crashed onto the deck leaving behind a 5-meter gash right across the middle of the flight deck.

    Meanwhile, in the last decade, the UK has 'actually' completed two 72,000 ton Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers with the first of class in service, having just completed F-35B flight trials.

    The US has also completed the first of its new 100,000 ton Ford class aircraft carriers (to start replacing their 10 Nimitz class), USS Gerald R. Ford which is now in active service, with the second, USS John F. Kennedy under construction (planned to be commissioned in 2020) and the third of class, USS Enterprise also under construction (planned to be commissioned in 2027).

    China has completed their first domestically built carrier, the 70,000 ton Type 001A, due to be commissioned in 2019. They also have the 85,000 ton Type 002 aircraft carrier under construction, which is expected to be launched in 2020 and enter active service in 2023.

    While India is expected to complete and commission their first domestically built carrier, the 44,000 ton INS Vikrant, in 2020.

  46. Its a catamaran class super carrier, with twin nuclear reactors.. The ship were also 2 in 1 hull. That can separate with multi command module. 2030 is not far away.

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