Russian Building “Shtorm” Biggest Aircraft Carrier
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Russian Building “Shtorm” Biggest Aircraft Carrier

September 11, 2019

Russian Plans to Build Biggest Aircraft Carrier
in the World. A Russian state-run media website recently
reported that Moscow plans to build the “biggest aircraft carrier in the world” to compete
with the US’s full-sized Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.
The new Russian carrier concept, called the “Shtorm,” would match the size of the US’s
current carriers, displacing about 100,000 tons and carrying a similar number of aircraft,
despite the the site’s claim that it would be the biggest carrier in the world.
Russia currently has only one aircraft carrier, the Soviet-built Admiral Kuznetsov, which
after decades in service just completed its first combat deployment to Syria, where it
struggled to remain operational and lost at least two planes.
The new Shtorm aircraft carrier has a displacement of 100,000 tons, is 330 meters in length,
40 meters in width and has a draft of 11 meters. The ship has a top speed of 30 kt and a sea-keeping
performance of up to grade 7. “Storm” can carry 90 deck-based aircraft for various combat
missions. The carrier has two ramps and two electromagnetic catapults to launch aircraft
from its deck. To defend itself from aerial, the aircraft carrier has air-defense missile
and anti-torpedo defense systems. Like every Soviet aircraft carrier before
it, Kuznetsov was constructed in the Nikolayev 444 shipyards, located in Ukraine. Russia
does not have shipbuilding capacity for a vessel larger than 60,000 tons. “One of their
biggest initial problems is that Russia doesn’t have any history in building aircraft carriers
because the carriers the Soviet Union built were all built in Ukraine,” Dmitry Gorenburg,
an expert in the Russian navy at the Virginia-based CNA Corporation told The Moscow Times.
“On the Russian ship’s deck there were about 30 planes, while an American aircraft carrier
can carry up to 90,” a Russian defense official told the site, Russia Beyond The Headlines,
comparing the Kuznetsov to US carriers. “Also, the take-off speed on the Admiral Kuznetsov
was a few minutes, while on an American aircraft carrier three planes can take off in one minute.
Moreover, there are many tasks that the Russian ship cannot perform today. Therefore, Russia
needs a new modern aircraft carrier.” While Russia does field a “global navy” of
an impressive number of ships with potent and long-range offensive capabilities, it
sorely lacks the power projection provided by aircraft carriers. The Kuznetsov was built
mainly for coastal defense, and without a nuclear power plant, needs considerable support
to travel between theaters. Under sanctions for Russia’s 2014 annexation
of Crimea and hounded by the low cost of oil, the site admits that Moscow would struggle
to fund the carrier project, and even beyond the ship, it would need to build 90 or so
planes. While they do have carrier-based planes, like
the MiG-29K, the Shtorm concept calls for T-50 planes, Russia’s proposed entry into
the fifth generation of combat aircraft. The T-50’s production, like the Shtorm’s, has
been plagued with underperforming results while promising big increases to Russia’s
combat capability. Russia previously Displayed the Shtorm concept
to India , which is looking for a new, larger aircraft carrier as the older Soviet carriers.
But New Delhi building its second Carrier in India.
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  1. Location, location, location. Russia has a lot of ground troops were US needs a navy. Europa and Asia.

  2. …where it struggled to remain operational… what a pile of shit this video. all other info is wrong too. btw sssr built 2 of these. one ended up in chinese navy

  3. Russia simply doesn't have the economic strength to build a Navy that can challenge the United States. Russia doesn't even have the Economic Strength of Canada, a country with only 36 million people. If Russia tried to build an aircraft carrier of the size mentioned it would crush what's left of their economy.

  4. biggest my ass..its the same size as nimitz, hope this thing doesnt have smoke you can see all the way from south atlantic

  5. People go on about the mainstream media but the bullshit i see on these videos is on another level.The title says "Russia building storm biggest aircraft carrier" .Total lie it's NOT being built in fact it's only a design proposal by a private company that the Russian navy let alone government has shown zero interest in.Thumbs down.

  6. Please. Russia has mocked us Chinese for decades about our military, but now we are exponentially expanding and can take this carrier out at will. Get ready for change bitches. China is coming!

  7. I wish I knew what this obsession with Russia was about. They are forever building Giant carriers, super tanks, hyper speed jet fighters, etc etc. Yet all we ever see are models and concepts.
    Russia is a small to middling economy with an oversized army and a lot of nukes it can barely afford and is impoverishing the Russian people.
    What they actually have is a right wing nationalist loud mouth leader who appears to be Trumps best friend. Another right wing nationalist loud mouth leader. But at least America can actually point to the various big military hardware they have and not just a bunch of models and pictures of stuff that will never be built while Putin has a hole in his arse.

  8. Like all Russian rust buckets I guess they're going to have to have deep water tow boats.. They have yet to make one decent carrier in their life that is reliable and efficient..

  9. Nice model and lots of talk. I plan to build the world's tallest building in my back garden. Wanna see the model?

  10. The problem with building something as complex as an ACC is you need experiance doing it.  Only USA and England have built numerous ACC, with Britain WAY behind. So some country builds their 1st or 6th carrier and says. This is better then a USA ACC, whose  built a thousand ACC. Get real people. Getting ACC tech from Russia is like getting your Cable Guy to Cater your Wedding.

  11. coming from a neutral country perspective, this obsession russia has to make everything bigger than the americans (and not usually better) sound really childish

  12. Hahahahaha, they don't have the cash to build it. They don't have the cash to operate it. And they don't have the technology to build the tugboat needed to pull it. Russia is a fucking joke.

  13. The US is too far ahead of anyone. No Country will ever "catch up". Not as long as the US can print money out of thin air.

  14. Russia is not building an Aircraft carrier, no need they invested heavily in rocketry which has made WWII carrier concepts obsolete.

  15. Seems the past (Germany reich defeat) and recente (ISIS defeat in Syria) history shows that Russians can due better than Americans!….

  16. Since we are confronting Russia on every possible issue an armed race, that is going to cost the American Taxpayer in the long run, should be expected. Take care of your senior citizens America. We are going to eat cat food to feed the mighty war machine.

  17. Russia is using asymmetrical warfare tactics like it is at war with the west. It seeks to destroy the US technological advantages by not doing as much as doing. Rather than find union Russia continues to seek conflict. Why? It creates new technologies that defeats our advantages but refuses to deploy such technologies wholesale for advantage of not investing its limited funds. Defeat us, defeat technologies by making a one off that defeats our deployments. Making us spend more money. An asymmetrical viscous game.

  18. Russia dont need aircarriers…for other side in case of war vs USA the 2 Kirov class cruise+ yasen class submarine with hipersonic Zirkon missile wipe out all US air carriers.

  19. HA HA HA HA HA HA building shitstorm is more like it ….. old aircraft carrier is obsolete need new aircraft carrier to punish the misbehaving sailors

  20. Too bad all the "Super Powers" are bankrupting themselves with this foolish 19th century mentality. Lets face it: any war between super powers will be that last war this planet sees for a few thousand years. The only winners are the shareholders of the respective military industrial complexes and the politicians and military that go to work for them when they retire from "public service". OK it does provide jobs for certain sectors of industry.

  21. Why don't they just go and build a DEATH STAR already? They could afford that right? It's about as realistic.

  22. Ah Ha what is it they said to the UK's new carrier it's nothing but a big target yet they want to build the biggest??

  23. Why for God sake?
    For show?
    This is agression tool for masacring, invading and bulying small difencles nations so Russia an China never needed or built them in serious numbers..

  24. RUSSIA is not actually a big fan of AIRCRAFT CARRIERS, they can decimate all US aircraft carriers fleet in a few days, at cheap price.

  25. One carrier against 16? bet that's got the yanks quaking in their boots
    And as usual copy cat designs Two islands, ski jump, angled fight deck? wonder who thought those up.

  26. just a thought … This would mean that who ever targets and sinks this "flat top" would me merited of destroying an additional 70 to 95 air flying combat units.

  27. I call bullshit, and this certainly fits.  Model of their fantasy project is so good.  But no money, so sad!

  28. Russians can't afford aircraft carrier. They offer this to India and begging money from India for its development.

  29. It has no struggles, it had two arrester wire failures, resulting in the loss of two MiG-29K's. The pilots were recovered.
    This is far lower losses during flight operations than US.
    This carrieris half guided missile cruiser, and it's not it's construction that's the problem, it's neglect, disuse by its former country.
    This mission was carried out for the purpose of keeping the pilots carrier certifications up to date. As these were expiring, and the carrier was scheduled to be dry docked for an extended period of time.
    Now, you British accented bot, Russia most certainly has does have ship building capacity to build the 100,000 ton carrier. The ship yards at Sevastopol Crimea are prepared to go to work, afterhaving been closed up long ago by Ukraine. A part of Ukraine's destroy Crimea thing, as directed by Rothschild. The same thing is being attempted in the Donbass region. These two countries are Russian, not Ukrainian. USSR sent these two with Ukraine so it had a way to generate revenue. Leasing the big military base land from Ukraine.
    This got dicey when CIA overthrew Ukraine's legitimate Government. Russia needs the base, it's Russia's only warm water port, and it's location is strategic.
    If Crimea hadn't left Ukraine by Referendum, on Russia may have "annexed" it. Or, gone to Kiev with the means to do so. Russia wouldn't lose that base in any event. The bases existence, speaks to who Crimea is to the Federation that new bridge does, too. I'll just be here getting this channel out of my feed,.

  30. I love it when Russia builds something way over their head. This will never get built though. It takes money which Russia just does not have.

  31. I'm old enough to remember Khrushchev boasting how his factories were turning out bombers like 'sausage links'. LOL! Russia will never match the West in both quantity and quality of modern weapon systems.

  32. History quiz: Who once said, "Aircraft carriers, of course are the second most effective weapon in a modern navy after submarines. I’ll admit I felt a nagging desire to have some in our own navy but we couldn’t afford to build them. They were simply beyond our means."?

  33. Finally, mine is bigger than yours, naahhhhhh. (Now we finally can take sufficient amounts of vodka with us :0))) Russians will cheer, but all that alpha male stuff comes at a high price: somebody's got to pay for all these new toys for the military, and is it a surprise the Russians also recently have heard they will have to work more years for lesser pension ? New Russian "assertiveness" certainly has a flip side. And I'm sure that when the Russians will have finished theirs, the Chinese will build one that is 1,5 meters longer, just to irritate the Russians or to be the numero uno, at least when it comes to size… But we all know, size isn't everything, don't we ?

  34. Feels like the Russians are waaaay to late on the carrier building. The Americans has like numerous nimitz class carriers. But at the same time they dont need em. They just help the Americans elect the president they want so they indirect controll the us instead 😉

  35. Another pipe dream they can't afford and can never build.
    Besides Russia doesn't need a aircraft carrier?
    That's what I keep hearing from the sour grapes Russian's I've been arguing with on this very subject.

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