RVing to Alaska: Broken Down in the Middle of Nowhere πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦- Part 2
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RVing to Alaska: Broken Down in the Middle of Nowhere πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦- Part 2

August 10, 2019

Previously on Pau Hana Travels we run
into our first roadblock of the trip day Well this adds to the adventure, doesn’t it? It definitely does. Oh my goodness. Day 3 and the adventure really just turned
up a notch. I was wondering how long it was going to be before this happened. Click the video link in the top right-hand corner if you missed this episode. well that was totally interesting and we beat it What is that? Well good morning it’s Thursday and
yesterday it just came to a point we needed to turn off the camera and focus
on our problems. Yes we broke down in the middle of nowhere trying to get to a
campsite that we found out we wouldn’t fit in. So we spent the night last night
on the side of a forest road . Let’s go check on Gary So Gary ended up having to drive two
hours to Prince George to get the parts that we needed to fix the motorhome it
turns out we a rock or something must have come up and hit the DEF elbow yeah called the DEF elbow. Part of the Well the, theres coolant that runs thru the DEF system. that’s what broke. It broke off right here. Theres coolant that runs thru the DEF system to help keep it cool. and that’s what broke good morning hi guys, how are we? Gary’s getting intimate with the Disco. ya whoa. Up in here Your looking straight up from the ground and this little guy right here I’ve been
I’ve been tearing apart it this is a broken piece right here there’s a hose
it goes up to it the hose is right here it’s leaking it’s full of uh you can see
there’s coolant dripping down it the other end of that sorry the other end of
that connection is inside that hose so we’ve got the replacement parts I
couldn’t figure out how to get this thing off I have destroyed it and we’ll
continue to destroy it until I get it off the guy at the shop said that’s just
probably kind of what happens when they come off. You destroy them. There’s a
simple way to do it when you know how to do it and I didn’t know how to do it I
do now so anyway it’s replacing this guy and then adding
11 gallons of coolant to this beast. Thats a lot of coolant oh my gosh. So I’m
getting into it now we’ll see what happens later on down the road So are you having luck? Yup I’ve got the new piece on new hose clamp theres still
quite a bit of antifreeze or coolant in there I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of that. We’ll probably pour it back into one of the old containers. I don’t want to reuse it
because it’s been it’s been it’s come out of the system already so I dont want
to reuse that. That pan may have had contaminants in it I don’t wanna
introduce any kind of contaminants into the system. But let me show you so there’s a
new new hose clamp and a new elbow right here for this for this coolant line it
goes into our def system I guess there’s coolant they need to go through
there to help keep things cool in that system too. So that’s on there now the
challenging part is going to be filling up this radiator with 11 gallons of
coolant so that will be fun. Here we go. So as you can see we are on the same road maybe only I don’t know a couple hundred yards up from the tree that we had to chop down to continue
down we stayed the night here we only had one car pass us the entire night
they’re camping down at the campground we were gonna go to but (where not goin there now.) ya no we both
I went down first and made the judgment call that it wasn’t gonna work yeah it’s
not Motorhome ago and then Gary went down and met our neighbors Chris and his
wife having a good time yeah and so we just slept here on the road I think this
is our first first time we’ve slept on a road Sleeping on a road well but we
put out our orange cones Those are safety triangles not cones okay
safety triangles yes you’d be correct. We had our porch light on so if anybody happened to come through we were very well marked yep peaceful sleep very quiet I mean what
I’m surprised is we haven’t heard hardly any wildlife either no moose no bear deer elk caribou nothing. There’s moose pellets in the road right we got a mom and dad’s rigs yeah I think
you’re gonna wrap this up and we’re gonna try to get off this mountain
well I’m there’s no quick there’s no quick wrap-up there’s no the 11
gallons I got to deal with still lordy is it in the back in the backseat
how much was it for the coolant well I’ll show you in just a second this uh this is a little magic gem that we broke I got two cuz well you know they never just buy
one of these kind of things you always You always buy two and then we had to buy four containers containing 3.78 liters of
coolant. Well it also says right there one gallon. yeah it was funny he thought well I can always sell you it into 3.78
liters I go well that’s fine that’s a gallon all right he goes oh yeah so yeah
actually but we got 12 gallons of antifreeze coolant and gotta figure out
a way to put that in there but I got something come here
so our radiators right here how the heck this is the fill cap this is a power
steering fluid so I don’t wanna can’t put anything in there power steering
fluid engine oil check engine oil fill transmission oil that’s this is this is
where radiator fluid goes that’s a little reservoir how the heck
am I gonna get anything in there so but hey all you guys that have Diesel’s and
are especially are traveling up here you’ve been introduced to the little two
and a half gallon def containers well that little spigot right here is from
the def containers it fits perfectly onto these bottles
that you have carrying and it extends out and you happen to be carrying extra def containers
and I’ve got two extra deaf containers so I have that guy I can use this one as
a spare because once I use this one as a coolant line I’m not going to put no
def through it so one trick I’m going to do though to make it more flow a
little bit easier is poke a hole what made you think of that the Def tube – I’m
just looking at the how the cap size and just kind of thinking of what that’s about
the right size just wheel spins yeah. That was pure luck. What can I do to make this easier. could well I had you see I got a butane
torch this was straight I had i heated up this and benefits you know it fits in
there just great but again how am I gonna get without the nozzle how am I
gonna get cooler into that I’ll probably use it I probably is use this yeah so
now I’ve got a bent funnel. Isn’t it nice Its got a story behind it. and I had I cut it off a little bit – it was like 2 inches longer. Or about an inch longer well one heck of a story but you
know what 33,000 miles and this is our first breakdown but hardly a breakdown
well yeah I guess its a breakdown but it’s just one of those things and he just
it’s happens he’s especially traveled 20 miles on these dirt roads like this
these motor homes aren’t made to do this kind of travel so we’re kind of paying the price a little bit but you know sometimes s happens well stuff happens
right stuff happens and here’s bottle number one yeah I might use the other
the other funnel. Cuz you need more um elevation You know when you go to uh you know
Freightliner and Cummins and all that for service
they pump all this stuff in with their hydraulic you know fluid pumps so they don’t have to deal with this gravity fill stuff so you
know we had an opportunity to call roadside assistance because you know we
have a couple of plans for roadside assistance and we could have called out
a service tech and you know I’ve had him come out the nearest freightliner
service tech was up in Prince George which is for a service truck like that
would be two hours away one way he’d come out here he assessed
the problem he’d say oh I don’t have those parts right now I’ll see you in a
couple days after I get those parts and then another 2 I so we’d be camping here
for a couple days I’m just you know assuming that would help that’s how long
it would take to get parts well it’s a holiday weekend holiday weekend and then
uh you know another two-hour service charge once he has the parts to come out
and do it yeah that’s all fine and dandy if you got roadside assistance and
you’re not able to do this kind of stuff that that that would work but we’re
still able to do a lot of work on our own rigs and and this kind of stuff
isn’t that difficult do I just kind of have to figure out what to do and once
you do it goes pretty easy once I figure out how to get that little nipple thing
off it would pretty easy you get to intimately know your RV and that’s another
part of it is yeah you get to learn every aspect of your RV and why wouldn’t
you want to know all about your RV you know it’s your home so you should know
everything about it and yeah this only cost us two hundred under two hundred
dollars Canadian so take off sixty bucks from that so you know one hundred and
fifty dollars for this repair yeah sure cost us an overnight we’re gonna be here
for four nights anyway so we’re not down on time at all you know it actually kind
of bummed we’re not gonna stay here I think its pretty dam nice I think the next challenge ahead of us scouting
scouting a turnaround point because the road does go that way and end up end up
back in town but it’s a longer route from what I understand so we got
to scout a route to turn around to go back down this beast all righty well we got a bunch of
antifreeze added to it the reservoir is full but I need to run the engine a bit
for the thermostat to open up so it can fill other cavities within the engine
and other systems so were letting the engine run for a little bit hopefully the
thermostat will open up and I can put some more coolant in there right now the reservoir still shows full so its a waiting game now I don’t really don’t want to drive it when I know
I need to put more antifreeze in it because that will just need to heat up into too much
so I guess its a game now. Our next situation is we have to get turned around on this forest service road with
two big rigs. Mom and I went up the road scouted a spot that I believe we can
turn around at safely and then we’ll head back down the mountain and from
here it’s about 22 miles to pavement and back to the highway so what an adventure Progress! Well Sofi you ready for
another adventure? yeah let’s go. Well we’ve went about a mile and a
half down the road to a nice turnaround spot. Been watching the temps on
the thermostat things are staying nice below the first cool line right where
they need to be however I do know that the coolant has circulated through the
engine a little bit and its a little bit low in the reservoir and I’ll check
that when we stop next and if I need to fill up we will fill up. Actually probably
do it later tonight after it cools down onto the engine cools down taking the
radiator cap off on a warm engine not a good idea well it’s too bad this campsite didn’t
work out well it worked on the road first time in camp on the road Forest
Service rule generally dictate your suppose to be 150 feet off of a road well when an
emergency arises you do what you do yeah Whats this up here? That looks familiar. I’ve been there cut that Still same height right? It hasn’t fallen at all? No were still good alright. well we’ve got about 24 miles of this
dirt road left then we hit 97 north up to Prince George and beyond. No then we
turn on the highway 16. Well in Prince George’s turn onto Highway 16 and go
beyond yep and work our way towards Prince Rupert. But are we going to Prince
Rupert? No, well I wouldn’t mind I wouldn’t mind going to the coast, that would be kind of cool. We’ll see. Maybe Prince Rupert. As always if you liked this video please
give us a thumbs up down below leave us a comment and subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t done so already we thank you for watching until next time
Pau Hana.

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  1. Gary you're a very resourceful man. Stacey I love you're positive attitude. Hopefully this will be the end of troubles on this trip.

  2. I just had to add coolant to mine recently and have the same setup. I got one of those multi-use transfer pumps from Harbor freight for $7 and it worked great. I have added that to my RV tools and will buy another one for home! I dont know what they were thinking when they put the fill way up there! Great job on the road! Love the funnel.

  3. the trip in to Stuart is nice saner and that hay way their was a fire back on the hiway to years ago but the mountains ar great Stewart has a rv park jist over the bridge on the left side

  4. not muck for animals on that hay was more animal's no 97 north
    but great lakes and motions fuel is cheaper in Watson lack and thay have a nonthin light theatre a crust from the sin forest
    have fun and safe travels

  5. Just for your information 3.87 liters is a US gallon when Canada was on the imperial system it was 4.55 liters to an imperial gallon.

    Keep having fun

  6. Great video!! Glad you were able to get the parts and radiator fluid to fix your problem. Safe and wonderful travels ahead. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  7. I wonder if you actually dumped 11 gal of antifreeze. It's unlikely unless you had driven with it leaking for a while. The advantage of our newer DP is we have a side mounted radiator and the reservoir is easier to access. I have a hand pump designed for winterizing a RV that would have worked well for you. I carry 2 gal of antifreeze with us at all times.

  8. Great video, I use a pump for stuff like that.

  9. 1,573 views, ZERO thumbs down. Cameos by the two stars, I'm just saying, LOL. Also, a big "Way to go Gary" great job. Also love it when you two
    correct each other, cracks me up. "It's not a cone; it's a triangle", lol. Reminds me of me and the Mrs. πŸ™‚

  10. That's the wrong clamp needs to be a pressure clamp the one u got will leak and come loose. Napa auto parts have the clamps or a dealer..good luck.

  11. I was just thinking that a beer bong would have been great to fill that radiator….Glad you all got thru this safely! πŸ™‚

  12. Wow! What an adventure indeed. It always amazes me how things have a way of working out. It’s pretty apparent that you guys are so smart and knowledgeable. I know that most of all this is new and different for you but I appreciate that you access the situation and jump right on in and fix it. Gary is so mechanically minded and if you ask me, that’s a awesome gift! I’m praying for you all to continue on with safe and happy travels. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Going offroad in Alaska, which is infamous for badly maintained roads, is asking for trouble. At least you travelled in a group.

  14. since I don't know the exact location of your break-down, I took Kitwanga as a starting point. Now, Prince George is about 300 miles east and you try to tell us it's a 2 hour drive !I live in BC and I know how big it is. I used to drive to Alaska on the Cassiar with a tour bus several times.

  15. The holy grain for filler liquids. TERA PUMP Portable Power Water/Fuel Transfer Battery Pump with AutoStop – 2.5GPM https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WZX9W86/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_lpteDb4A06X7Z

  16. Care just enough tools to "bush fix" all the simple and moderate issues that come up…I have a box called my 'crash box", just a whole bunch of tubing, brackets, wiring, chains…..

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