Saaho – Jetpack  (Part-1) || Complete Info
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Saaho – Jetpack (Part-1) || Complete Info

August 10, 2019

Hello friends, You may saw this jetpack in saaho movie Similarly, you may watched in many movies in which superheros are flying But is is really possible in real life…? and Who designed this Jetpack…? To know these ,watch the video completely Jetpack is designed by YVES ROSSY from swiss Its shape looks like an aeroplane and its wings extends upto 2.4m long which nearly equals to 8 feets These wings are prepared by using Carbon fiber Four jetengines are arranged underneath the wings It depends on burning capicity of kerosene When kerosene burns ,then it releases heat to prevent the pilot from heat they wear Heat Resistant Suit Its looks similar to the fire fighter suit Since 1919 many researches are happened on this jetpack But no one is able to reach the predetermined height and no one able to balance the jetpack But Rossy achieved this with his jetpack Ok friends, utill now we learned about jetpack and who invented this jetpack but how to fly using this jetpack . Lets find out By using this jetpack we can’t fly like a superhero showed in science fiction movies There is a huge difference between superhero and rossy’s jetpack Since human body doesn’t support for flying due to our body weight By facing this difficulty ,rossy designed this jetpack By using rossy’s jetpack we can’t fly directly from earth to the sky first, we have to reach certain height using plane From there we can jump by wearing the jetpack and by swithing on the jetpack’s engine Now wings opens and kerosene starts burning now we can fly for some minutes we have to control this jetpack by using our body here head,arm and leg movements plays a crucial role If anything wrong with these , we lose the control on jetpack and it may leads to danger So, handling a jetpack is not an easy task it requires a special training to get down parachute is necessary june 24,2004 at geneva in switerland Rossy successfully launched the jetpack From 2007 , rossy’s experiments on jetpack is sponsered by SKYDIVE EMPURIABRAVE May 14,2008 at bex near Lake geneva Rossy successfully completed his aviation for 6 minutes using jetpack It is the first time , A man flying infront the media similarly ,in September 26,2008 Rossy successfully crosed the lake from Calais in France to Dover in England in 9 minutes 7 seconds with 300 kmph October 13,2015 in Dubai Rossy and Vince performed with their jetpacks by flying in Dubai Once, military officers asked rossy for preparing jetpacks to them But, rossy refused it “This jet pack is designed for citizens ,who are enthusiastic to fly it is available to them” Replied Rossy Rossy worked hard to design this jetpack similarly many experiments are also conducted Ok friends untill now we learned about rossy’s jetpack but researches on jetpack are started in1919 Now we are in 2019 from 100 years researches are going on ,but untill now we are unable to use this jetpack We know how the technology is updating day by day 2G,3G,4G now its time to 5G But why this jetpacks are not improving and who are the scientists worked like rossy to improve the jetpack To know these answers, wait for the next video thanks to saaho team for introducing this technology to us through a movie if you like the video .Please LIKE,SHARE,COMMENT For more videos SUBSCRIBE to Praveen Studio But stay tuned to PS .Thank you

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