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August 28, 2019

We are here on the Joyride course Today we will have the first practice and it’s already rainig, so everything is good so, there is Jonny here, who called the rain because is a really bad person it’s raining look at his face it’s raining more you get closer the more he gets rounded another Crankworx day is just begin, like this f**k wake up foolish I have everything here give me everything I come over too dude! There is my lagguge with… Drones, there is the 7up under you!! you make it flat! What sorry!? What you want to do?! You want to fight?! I cut your head with the cocoa butter C’mon Huppy move so I can put my bike in the rack Go inside! We here at the jumps, having a look. Soon we will start to ride And with this sticker, I’m officially in the team Here we go Second lap, I think I will try the dirt jump They told me to go in full speed So there’s not much to do, land the boner and go This one should be eay I’m here on the drop, I want to see someone doing it Some guys are coming I tell you guys, in my life I tried so many jumps… and the guys here said this is the best jump they have ever built but no, is not like that. Is kicking your life! I made it to… first first spotted made it to the hip Now it’s time to go to the bottom, let’s see if I can make it Are you ready? Full gas here!! I’m good… ahh no! I wanna do it all!! It’s 11.05 and I’m here since 1hour And still didn’t it all the way down I tell you, if I pass over the hip I’m down! I declare it Let’s do a train To the bottom, let’s try And this one? and this was a straight lap!! Save me Jonny!! What it thatt!! Second practice session let’s try something more 360 off drop Different location, I start from here and I go to the big turn I drop!! I pedaled too much Holy fuck is big! Sun straight in the eyes, than you case So we drop from up there no brakes into this wall at 6000km/h and we are still slow Did you took a good photo? Oh nice! Not bad eh Such a good boy I do 360 drop and than 360 whip So annoying Don’t know it turned out weird Nice, I just had a little crash Brett is here with his new bike It’s all good. He is trying crazy stuff What’s up Paul? The pussy? No dude, is not time for that now C’mon, I do another lap Ok it’s time to do a cashroll Welcome to this super windy friday of Crankworx This morning they extended the practice I just did couple laps and on few jump the wind moved me couple meters So I prefered to quit the practice Now I’m back here Maybe we can ride untill here, so I can try few tricks on the big jump ok, let’s get this flip bar Show me that because I shitted in my pants Lukas! Frontflip boner now! I declare it, now I must do it 360, brake and pam! OKOKOK c’mon Now I show you a bit how to ride bikes Today practice are down Now quick party here, than hot tub and tomorrow is final day guys It’s Saturday, we still have other 4 hour of practice in total and than the final Look how nice I’m in the helmet colors Let’s go I brake too much for the boner, than I was slow for the next jump Overshoot the drop, downwhip here is really big and frontflip bar I just pull frontflip too hard I think I will start from mid line Because the shuttle is too slow The boys are getting ready Jonny, I feel good for the moment, what do you think? How I’m riding? Well is okay… Regular? A bit of madness during the run maybe, would be necessary Could you ride instead of me? I can try But I will ride with downhill bike Do whatever you want, but you should finish in the top 10 no better, top 7 I’m excited! Would you ride instead of me? Yes, all straight air Or maybe one hand It’s almost time to go! Yes, I can feel the pressure here We gonna smash everything Here we go, final is just started. Max and Huppi already had their runs Now it’s Paul’s turn and than me I wanna make to the bottom, I wanna make to the bottom! I want to do everything perfect I made it!!! yeee I brake my back wheel I have to fix it immidiately and be ready for the second run I’m running since the end of my run to find a pump and a new wheel Luckly I found the guys from Industry 9 I go up, I change everything and second run! all good, the second run will happend What should I do? So let’s make a plan I would do…. A cashroll? I would do a cashroll, what you think? Let’s raise the level So cashi, than no hand the shark, fronty double bar, Truck up and flipwhip down Here we are in the boring moment, the break between the two runs I want to land this run Man we are done. I tried but unfortunately didn’t work You was slow as fuck, but killed it Wait a moment, I’m coming to ruin everything Now I jump into Torquato’s vlog to make some noise Vlog vs vlog How did you end? 7th because Brett bumped me down So we finished 6th and 7th Whatever, everything went good, we are all fine and that’s it! Crankworx is finished , we are happy and we will meet in the next video! Metalllll

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  1. Bella Diè!!! Sei migliorato tantissimo dai tuoi primi video…2 ita nei primi 10 in uno sport in cui non abbiamo mai eccelso è oro…ora alziamo ancora l’asticella!!!! Spacchiamo i culi Dieeeeee!!!

  2. porxxx madxxx vacxxx ma come reggi la tensione? mi son cagato addosso solo a guardarla la run,fiato spezzato. Bella Bro sei un grande.

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