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Sam site vs helicopter rust

December 7, 2019

Hello friends here I bring you a new video
in this case for the reason that since they took out here
the missile silo to take down the balloons in their time and now the helicopters that we found in the streets and so ehhh many of my users, all users in general have wondered well this should also serve at some point to throw the helicopter, it would be great take down a helicopter with this So I found that 2 months ago they published 2 plugins, a plugin called SAMSiteAuht this plugin works so that when you go in a helicopter, your own SAM Site turrets don’t knock you down,
you just have to enable it, and once you have buildin privilege they don’t shoot you anymore
and I also found another plugin called HeliSams, this plugins is used to shoot the helicopter patrol that comes out by default in the game
I have done a little test here, I have created on a map in a high area, a very comfortable area, I have put nine missile launchers with a thousand bullets each and I am going to take here a helicopter with ten thousand life that normally I with a m2 I have enough, if I throw it well in the propellers I have more than a hundred bullets to knock it
We are going to test here with nine SAM launchers that it takes time to take down or at least damage the helicopter a little, let’s see if this plugin is finally useful for something because I tried it recently and for me it is not the big deal, let’s see what you think you
well now I’m going to respawn a helicopter patrol and here is the helicopter receiving the impact of nine sam launchers simultaneously we will see what damage they do and the time it takes to take it down if they can take it down and I’m going to be in the middle of them to make it easier for you to have impacts r on the helicopte Well as this looks like it lasts for hours, let’s see, approach the helicopter to see what damage has been done to it and end this because I really don’t want to make a half-hour video for something so simple
they have already thrown him with everything and have just taken a little more than a thousand life, practically the helicopter is whole I’m going to take down the damn helicopter because otherwise I never finish the video well as I told you with less than a hundred bullets I have taken it down something very simple, ten thousand of life with a m2 about 100 bullets throwing it in the right place falls at the moment
I have practically wasted my time with nine SAM launchers to a thousand bullets each loaded and I do not see that they do practically no harm, it is simply wasting resources, wasting time and besides that the missile launcher’s damage is really terrible a single practicing heli destroys them in nothing
and I have put them at this distance because if you put them closer together they hurt each other they do a lot of damage and break you very easily
well tell me what you think and if you have any configuration to be a little more effective because with nine SAM launchers a helicopter should fall but to nothing on a roof with such a configuration it should be great, I don’t know.
I particularly think that they should develop an anti-aircraft ammunition but that would be remote control, it would be ideal for this case I also remind you that when you see this amount of missiles look at how the server the server gets very slow
that is, the machine is broken, it loads a lot, the server loads a lot, keep in mind that a rust server with 120 players for example here in Cuba as we do 120 or 200 players with about 20 clans that have something similar in your home we would need an extremely powerful machine to be able to support it So…tell me what you think Thank you very much for watching the video and leave your comments

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