Save battery by using WiFi in aeroplane mode on Android (Jacob L)
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Save battery by using WiFi in aeroplane mode on Android (Jacob L)

September 6, 2019

Hello and today I want to show you how
to use Wi-Fi when airplane mode is enabled and i’m currently doing so so i
just need to revert the settings before we go any further. Now I will show you. Go to settings, go to
more and tick the airplane mode. See in the top right corner near the
battery, I’ve got the Wi-Fi logo lighting up at the minute. As soon as I tick airplane mode that will go off and be replaced
with an aeroplane. There will be no network connectivity at the minute. No bluetooth,
no mobile data and no Wi-Fi. Just simply turn the Wi-Fi back on and
then give it a second doing its business I’ll just prove you can still use the internet and what I will say is that you know if it’s a phone you can’t
receive calls because it turns off off cellular and also it turns off
mobile data so you won’t be able to use your mobile minutes which is quite
good I suppose and so if you’re not using your mobile data probably
you’ll save your megabytes which is what you really need to do so that’s quite
good so that’s how to use Wi-Fi with airplane mode enabled thanks for
watching hope this helped any of you see you later you

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