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September 5, 2019

Talk to em Yo….. with vlog… this is 005? #005 About to just……. you wanna tell them? Issa suprise…. Issa surprise. Whats happening people.. out here in the city. Yo we about to head to Arcola, Tx to hop on a helipcopter. we gonna get some dope shots, yall are going to get o see them all. im with my boy Jenard, yall are going to see him in a litte. Hes gettin dressed, because hes always late. yeah How was your day? You got on them sweats with the hole in them? You couldve at least put on the new ones I dont care… you dont go out the house with holes in your pants yeah follow me
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talk to you all about natural hair all of that anything, yea and im going to start them vlogs too This is my pilot, so if anything happens its on him. would you ride in that huh Everybody’s first time This is when the bitch, started to come out of me a little bit. know what we sit down we should we
should probably go get back in the car well I’m out man. yall trippin how’s my hair? not gonna lie, im a little nervous Its, okay. I already prayed. When you forget to pray. ooohhhh land! SuperDuper Lit I’m super-happy its lit, aye. bye baby. ill miss you… until next time. Alright, this is the conclusion of vlog #005 Just finished the helipcoter ride, it was super lit. Shoutouts to Apex Helicopters Thats the only place you need to go to fly a helicopter. Thanks for tuning in. Like, COmment, Subscribe. Have a great day.

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  1. If you were a 'G,' you'd own your own helicopter. Instead of wanting to be a 'G,' why not expand yourself to be something greater like a doctor or lawyer, or hell, even be a pilot yourself. But listening to some of that music you were playing during this video, I don't have many hopes. Some of the worst, bullshit lyrics I've ever heard. Just spitting out words that rhyme instead of meaning something.

  2. That was nice bro that you decided to take that ride with whom I assume is your lady looks like she enjoyed it also. Never mind the haters they most likely people that is scared to fly and they probably don't know how to even have fun just hanging out in the hood or hole in the wall clubs judging people that looks better than them. Glad y'all enjoyed yourselves as I enjoyed flying copters during my military career very much. P.S. you don't need to own a copter to be a G, you just have to be open minded enough to try different things in life so you can say yes I did that.

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