Scary: Daredevil feeds crocodile from his mouth
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Scary: Daredevil feeds crocodile from his mouth

August 15, 2019

This incredible video shows the moment a man
fed a crocodile with bait in his mouth. The video was taken in Costa Rica back in
2011, but only uploaded to YouTube recently. The man who filmed it said that the pair went
out on a boat to look at the local wildlife when this man in the orange shorts hopped
out and coaxed the crocodile to the shore with some bait.

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  1. Oh dear. I have little doubt that it would be technically possible to train a crocodile but this man hadn't done that. The fact he was able to get away with  this idiocy, given that he was frequently within striking range, is testimony to the patience and intelligence of these most ancient of creatures.

  2. Big balls but very silly in that thick mud,if he wudda just slipped backwards he wudda bin dinner a?., screeming like a banchee and begging for help off everyone behind the camera laughing at him 🙂

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