Scenic Helicopter Flight over Cape Town, South Africa

October 9, 2019

(light drumming) (string music) – I’m in Cape Town. I’m about to go on a
private helicopter tour. You wanna get a great
overview of the city, this is the way to do it. Let’s fly. This is a 25 minute flight
and the views are spectacular. When we’re looking down, there are so many
different types of terrain. Beaches, hills, cliffs, you can see all of Cape Town including the
2010 World Cup Stadium. Being on a tour like this
makes you realize, wow, I am on the southern tip of Africa and it is absolutely breathtaking. – The people love flying
helicopters from Cape Town. First, it’s so cool but secondly, it’s just an
amazing way to see the city. Anything from whales to
sharks to the mountains. Just beautiful scenery,
that’s what we focus on. – It was amazing to get
an overview from above. To see all of the sights. It was our engagement
present from our parents and it was really great. – The pilot was excellent. The tour was excellent. We’ve seen some
– Do it. – Beautiful coastlines. Recommend it highly. – 100%. – This was absolutely amazing. We’re soaring above the clouds. We’re surrounded by mountains. Looking down at the city
you really get a good sense of the geography of this area. It was an absolute
highlight of my time here. (string music)

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