Search and Rescue offers tips for ‘heavy pack’ season
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Search and Rescue offers tips for ‘heavy pack’ season

August 23, 2019

in 2018 Gallatin County search and rescue crews responded to 101 calls MTN’s Emma Hamilton adds more on how to be prepared while you’re out enjoying the great outdoors in the spring and summer search and rescue calls this time of year the heavy pack season and with this backpack here I wouldn’t get too far you need your dry layer your warm layer along with your normal essential necessities items to make a fire food water and a cellphone to be able to communicate out this time of year is truly pretty tricky when you leave the trailhead it could be bare and dry but you’re not gonna be very long before your postholing up to your knees and snow this time of year so you have to be ready for that Jarett says nature can always get in the way no matter how in shape or experienced you may be during the winter it’s snowmobiles and skiers imagine that during the summer it’s water and hikers and it is not very spectacular in that the hikers are out doing really good stuff there the message is getting out and people are being prepared it is typically slip trip and fall and if you blow out your knee or break an ankle and you’re in town you can kind of hobble over to Urgent Care and get it taken care of but when you’re at 11,000 feet and 10 miles back sometimes you need a little hand and we’re glad to come get you Jarrett says the best way you can be prepared is to always know your terrain and never travel alone reporting in Bozeman emma hamilton MTN news

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