Secret Life of the Long Haul Flight

August 21, 2019

each year over 300 million passengers fly over 6 billion miles on long-haul flights epic daily journeys made by some of the world’s biggest plays like flying hotels they transport people across the world in comfort and style but what does it take to keep these Giants in the sky well LT was running to action toward us as we hit to ride on one of the longest journeys in the world London to Sydney Australia as with exclusive behind-the-scenes access we can reveal the confessions of the cabin crew sometimes we go below stairs to their secret crew rest we meet the back office staff who monitor every second of each flight the IC is the nerve center to the airline without doesn’t that literally would be flying blind and follow the stories of passengers both animal and human who have their own reason to board flight double-o – from London today from starting a new life down under it’s a big move for both of us we have got a clue what to expect to meet in a long-lost family for the very first time they’ve been looking for me for 20 years filmed 40,000 feet this is the ultimate insider’s guide to life in the skies so make sure your seat is in the upright position and your seat belt is fastened as we prepare to uncover the secret life of the long-haul flight it’s just before dawn at London’s Heathrow the world’s largest passenger plane the Airbus a380s towed on to stand costing over 282 million pounds it’s 73 meters long 25 metres high and has a tip to tip wingspan of 80 meters in just two hours telling it will depart least daily long-haul flight to Sydney Australia loaded with up to four Janita for passengers the 11 thousand mile journey will take 24 hours but long before the passengers can board a whole army of service personnel must get her ready to fly in the world of long-haul flying there is not a second to lose we don’t want to give our planes handy around the ground the best place for our aircraft is operating within the year so it’s all hands on deck and everyone’s onto the aircraft straight away to get their jobs done and we can make that turnaround with the net two hour time frame now a well-rehearsed ballet swings into action as the refuelers baggage handlers engineers cleaners and catering teams all set to work this certain jobs that have to be done the wheels have to be inspected the engines have to be checked oiled you have to do a walk-around to make sure there’s nothing hanging off of the hull of the outside same for the inside it’s a very very structured process and it’s broken down minute by minute each department and each team have a job to do within a certain amount of time frame it literally does go to the minute so we need to have the aircraft closed up by ten minutes before departure [Music] with our plane not suffering any serious faults the engineers can crack on with more cosmetic jobs like a sticky TV screen tiny screw someone’s just overtired well below the wings the action is in full swing 90 minutes before departure the 21 cabin crew clock in for their preflight briefing we all have individual roles like there are business and first-class flight attendants onboard and economy flight attendants Sara Kelly has been flying for five years for her aviation is in the blood my father is a cornice captain so you have just grown up with him traveling around and going to different exotic destinations and yeah just the whole thrill of just flying there’s somebody amongst the crew who you’ve not met yet please spend some time a little chat with him and get to know each other Aleut are my second office that Adam Thompson carries out his visual inspection make sure that those ground service vehicles report any damage there’s nothing leaking many parts are meant to be amenda me any scratches or dents on the bad way any indication that something’s got through the end of the tube had a feather a bird strike Manhattan fuck like that on the fader sector on the tire to look and see that there’s no gases or any any pompadour with the fire on every long-haul flight each passenger has a story and we’re following four of them we’ve just a long-haul flight away from please in three sisters Malcolm and Adelaide are about to board their first long-haul flight to meet the family they never knew they had just can’t where I never seen them in real life don’t believe it and young parents Daniel and Bethany are heading down under to see if they want to make Sydney their new home got a lot planned we’ve got a list written up of all the places we want to go and visit and different neighborhoods you’ll kind of want to see and exciting really isn’t it back on the tarmac second officer Adam Thompson checks the a380s huge wings which are so large you could park 70 cars of them just be ready don’t know they do only just figure it’s quite common on such a large aircraft to have a ground service vehicle follow us to detect the wing tips to make sure the little thing they’re not gonna get looks very good this guy back in terminal 3 28 year old Australian Sean checks in going home to surprise my mom for a 60th she has no idea I’m coming while father was the Belinda is leaving fiancee Alice behind to return home after almost four years getting married although for her the 24 hour flight time is a little overwhelming I’ve done a lot of long-haul flights so it’s not like I’m new to the game hmm but I just find them rather horrendous to be honest like long I think anyone enjoys a long-haul flight I know I didn’t know I just read it but I think that’s a part of that stopped me from going back all these ease but Belinda’s him for a surprise she’s been upgraded it’s actually business cars and actually I’m saying this is cars it’s crazy because I’ve never flown any kind of class before except accommodate it can’t many say economy yeah and I oh I feel like I’m a little bit emotional actually off to the gate here we go where babies doing really well baby on it’s Santa [Music] every wave and it’s not just our human passengers that are about to go long-haul every day Qantas alone make four thousand freight shipments the two huge holes can carry up to 20 tons of freight [Music] although anything bigger than a suitcase is handled by the specialists I would say a big check in for five [Music] just a female’s from you throw is Donatas bonded warehouse a high-security 24-7 cargo facility where they handle up to 450 tons a day will open all the time every day of the year and is it’s very fast-paced he comes in it goes out anything from clothing to cars live animals absolutely we’re an armored vehicle come in customized and at all leather seats in fridges so that was quite unusual the a380 can even carry those spare engines although at ten cents apiece it’s a bit of a tight fit they’ll go out this afternoon on a special vehicle they direct load onto the aircraft just squeezes in and out but yeah that’s quite high [Music] today it’s not just jet engines and luxury cars that are going long-haul as two very important passengers arrive MIT Sanofi are being relocated back to Australia and a few days ago it was time to say goodbye to mom and dad come on I’m gonna go quick quick we won’t see them for about twelve thirteen days which is a long time for us and Mitzie here suffers from a little bit of separation anxiety so hopefully the flights not too bad for them she probably thinks we’re doing right but we got to get a surprise we’re all gonna go on a car ride that’s right yeah so she’s all up for the ride let’s just when she works out go knit Sanofi are traveling with a specialized pet transport service and they’ve just realized they’re going alone I think they are hungry see you soon but they’re in safe hands at the Khalil’s welfare is top priority of all the airlines even before they fly they get a thorough checkup it’s really especially our super paranoid about importing infectious diseases so that’s parasites and other signs of contagious disease so I just work from head to talk go through these guys and make sure they’re all well everything’s healthy lovely clean ears super go foods court to make sure there’s no other signs of ticks fleas anything like that hang around excuse cardiovascular systems up to the trip you are good we’ll have a look at your sister but Sam any happy with how things with him you worried to happen on the table as well you are pretty laid back customer nice steady heart rate nice clear chest good good and it’s not just domestic pets the travel box every day the year you could be sitting there on a plane and below you don’t realize they’re all literally half dozen animals going from one place to another around the world then it’s not just cats and dogs there’s exotics as well or international breeding programs from Azusa zoo the largest animal I’ve moved by air is a Asian one orange greater rhinoceros in a big box today the dogs are accompanied by a few feline friends so Mick has to be careful about who sits where we try and surprise everyone this we’ve got some cats on the corner we obviously face them away from the dogs so don’t upset each other but they all look quite happy this morning although the holds on the aircraft are pressurized they are not usually heated but with outside temperatures at 40,000 feet of – 50 degrees centigrade today these guys will be well looked after they’ll actually rule the compartment so it’s comfortable for the animals main concern is their welfare Mitzie no fee such as two of the 65,000 domestic pets carried by Qantas each year a tiny fraction of the 100 million animals flown worldwide back at the airport with just 60 minutes before departure the catering trucks arrived [Music] specially built to reach the plains two decks the service team now has to replace 40,000 items including 70 mill carts two and a half thousand glasses and five thousand pieces of coke or a 45 minutes to go boarding begins but delays on the roads around he throw I mean getting the flight away on time could be a challenge as a consequence we have laid passengers and a crew so we everything that we did this morning was a little bit behind as the crew rushed to prep the plane now even some of the checks in passengers have gone walkabout Qantas good morning where do they go but Ynez is undeterred for her getting the flight away on time is a matter of pride the flight on time is when I watch those reels move right on the dot if that doesn’t happen then we fail everyone that has worked very hard to get all the passengers all the crew you know the aircraft at its destination so yes it would be they would be disappointed in me if I didn’t deliver with boarding about to close most of the passengers have been found but there’s always one one premiere kana me we’re just trying to get a phone number okay thank you thank you think about so we are 20 minutes to departure we’re missing one passenger and at minus 15 minutes we start looking for their bags next we’ll Ynez avoid costly delays and get flight double-o to away on time I sometimes say that waiting for the door to close [Music] – racing at London’s Heathrow boarding a flight double o2 to Sydney is almost complete as the last passenger is rounded up we’ve located him and yes and yes so we should be all good to go in Eze can now make sure the doors are all sealed we’re just waiting for engineers to get off I sometimes say that way to refer to door to close ages me that is a very happy moment I know it’s a bit sort of obvious because I work here with the door sealed the aerobridges retract and flight do below – is pushed back for takeoff on time [Music] there she goes and she slides away from us [Music] they come to have enlightenment to do and empiricism and confirm takeoff is one of the most critical phases of the flight captain rod Duncan and his crew now accelerate the plane 238 miles per hour we always only use as much thrust as we need that just stays where until I mean so it never seems to accelerate really quickly as the speed increases the air pressure around the massive winds changes now air flowing over the wing as a lower pressure than the air flowing under it with enough speed the pressure difference begins to lift the aircraft into the air once you get to that speed if you have an engine failure or a major problem prior to that speed you’ll stop on the runway and if you have a engine failure or a problem after that speed you know sort of out in the air as the giant aircraft head southeast its following the kangaroo route a 70 year old Ireland between Australia and the mother-country the 11,000 mile trip crosses Europe the Middle East in the Indian Ocean before arriving in Australia in just over a day’s time one epic journey that’s a tiny fraction of the six point two eight billion long-haul miles through each year I life is pretty good right now [Music] unfortunately baby is with the greatest thanks she’s not fast asleep in seat 70 see 65 year-old Malcolm has hardly ever flown before this is the first time I’ve ever flown a long long haul to Australia well it wasn’t one one Friday night I thought live life watching television got a phone call this woman on the phone again she told me all me details and all that she says I’m your sister oh there’s another two of us all brilliant Oh Malcolm’s parents split up when he was just three months old until his sister Allison tracked him down in October 2016 he had no idea he had another family in Australia she said they’ve been looking for me for 20 years my dad’s been looking for me for 40 years well I just went then I just completely went tears were rolling down my face she’s both of us at either end and we just with five five minutes before we started talking and I just couldn’t believe it Malcolm’s father David and join the thousands of 10-pound poms who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s starting a new life he had remarried and had three daughters we’re on the form four at least and now we’re in a half that night it was just the nicest thing I found that was he’s been looking for me for all these years you know how that makes me feel and obviously the first thing is we’ve got to meet we’ve got to meet I don’t know what’s gonna I don’t want to see him at the other end this plan might take that’s it Malcolm’s dad passed away in 1996 having never been reunited with his son and now Malcolm’s got a lifetime of catching up to do with his new family I’m never gonna meet me down in real life but the next best thing it’s me three sisters of yours oh okay Suns everywhere I’m actually seems like it’s so beautiful that reminds me why this is my dream job as flight double o2 begins its track across mainland Europe 11,000 miles away in Sydney it’s just one of a hundred Qantas flights that has been tracked second-by-second in the integrated operation centre all IOC the IC essentially is the nerve center to the airline we provide information to all the aircraft that we have flying anywhere anytime around the world this system gives us a timeline of all the aircraft that we have at any given moment through their phase of flight that information is updated as soon as an aircraft releases brakes takes off lands or comes back to the terminal yeah that’s right we might be diverting to Sydney Qantas 94 a lot can vary in approximately 24 hours be that weather information engineering medical assistants security assistance so we’re always providing updates to those aircraft throughout the course of their journey okay let me go on chequered maintenance watch and I’ll come back and this communication isn’t just one way as each a380 is equipped with hundreds of sensors which been real-time data about the health of the plane and its engines across the globe telemetry from the airplane at this stage we will see if it’s carrying any defects which may voices me although flight do blow – isn’t reporting anything serious it does have one or two minor niggles all the aircraft carries some minor defects it’s like it cars yesterday may be full or the window may not win down properly or something like that if it’s a serious fault there’s other alerting from the engine manufacturers they’ve been monitoring of course though Airbus themselves are modern aircraft and they believe was a serious issue they can also send us if the engineer’s do spot a worrying problem they can pick up the Sat phone and talk directly to the pilots we have to be very mindful that we don’t bother them during a critical phase of flight so if they’re just starting their flight we might call and if they’re just towards the end of the floor definitely won’t be calling engineers like David are just one of the many unsung heroes of the long-haul flight one 5-month of Sydney could have anywhere from approximately 10 350 people involved so there’s a lot of people behind the scenes that make you know aircraft get to where it’s going without the by I see the airline wouldn’t function you know they’re cuffed in the air that wouldn’t be able to get real-time information be that mechanical be that for weather be that security or medical related situations and as a result that literally would be flying blind which is exactly what used to happen when the pioneers of long-haul took to the skies nearly 80 years ago 1938 and QE a Qantas Empire Airways operates the short c-class flying boats in modern luxury and comfort and what’s more the trip only takes nine days which includes 70 hours of flying and 36 tops essentially long-haul was a series of short hops none of them longer than 200 maximum 300 miles between each hop you would come down the plane would be refueled you had to be adventurous there was a lot of forced landings you had to be prepared more or less for anything [Music] there is even a demand for fishing lines at refueling stops where both passengers and crew members can enjoy the relaxation of dropping a line over the side back on board our passengers won’t need to be fishing for their dinner as just thirty minutes into the flight it’s time to eat [Music] meal service is the busiest time for the 21 crew and each one have their own specific role depending on where we’re cities for takeoff and landing depends on what we’re doing either in the cabin or in the galley so basically I’m taking the opportunity to get things ready for the dessert service now while all the other cabin crew are out doing our service today Aaron is one of the tank room looking after the 64 passengers in business class the passengers and I’ve got the wine with their mail a small side salad where they get a choice of dressings and then we start delivering entrees and main course with food and drink playing a crucial part of the long-haul experience each year over 1 billion meals are dished up at 40,000 feet Qantas alone serve 7.5 million on their long-haul flights 400,000 in first-class two million in business and five million anaconda me everywhere in the world that any minute of the day there’s a quaint up there and we’re serving a meal to somebody Neil Perry is one of Australia’s best known chefs for 20 years he’s been putting the food he serves in his rock pool restaurants into the sky it can be a massive risk putting your name on something you have no control over my own foods always had a bad rap so when we got involved the most important thing is we created sort of a number of cornerstones so we said what are the airline’s always done well they’ve flown really bad bread so we have to have great bread they farm pretty poor cheese let’s have beautiful ripe cheeses that are ready salad not great list of great salads and then we’d roll dishes around that [Music] today all the food is prepared in huge catering centers the 105 chefs are alpha LSG in London produce 31 thousand meals per day in the premium cabins each of the dishes must be dressed and plate is the same way across every flight collectors step-by-step no it’s all good there is pressure but hey you countless a nurse gets you serving restaurant quality food is an idea that harks back to the pioneering days of aviation anyone care for the crostata Moselle you’d have had a seven-course meal you’ll be served by a steward who’ll be wearing a white jacket and a white cap like a waiter in a fine restaurant and really this was served the 14th of September 1952 they started with lobster bisque roast fileted beef fresh sliced peaches with Kirsch a fresh double cream martini cocktails Graham von de Bourgogne and bisque we do Bouchet I’m sorry about my French accent but you get the idea creating the tricky dishes is one thing but serving them is quite another as in the air both equipment and space are severely limited this is a real ballet it is just a bit of a juggling act here like yeah bit of a circus trick this yeah it’s like a waltz like a dance one phase one way and we made it in and back was in ports you are all jammed in a small area you have to be very comfortable on the aircraft with people in your personal space you do learn very quickly how to maneuver around like we almost have eyes behind our heads because we sort of just like move away and we all just get out be tillers way we can just sort of you know we’re never really collide anymore we’re used to it if we come to work knowing that it’s going to be full and we’re trying to work when it’s full and another day at the office [Music] next we’ll take a sneaky peek at life below stairs as we inspect the crews secret waters flight due below to out of Heathrow is on its way to Sydney Australia as the world’s only fully double-decker passenger plane the a380s upper deck is mostly business class while the lower deck is the main economy cabin in row 81 Daniel and Bethany are enjoying a rare moment of calm I think this is the first meal mummies handle without baby eyeless crying saying feed me first there so it’s actually quite nice to to do that isn’t it the routine is whatever she wants so when she’s hungry she’ll cry and she will ask for food when she’s tired she will sleep the young parents are preparing to move away from their families to start a new life in Sydney we’ve just kind of going to go out there kind of research the areas look at the neighborhoods and houses and just kind of look at what we potentially letting ourselves in for in the future we haven’t got a clue what to expect we could go there and we could hate it we haven’t got anyone nearby to help out it’s a big move for both of us but I’m not scared because I know we’re a good team [Music] three hours into the flight and would service over for some of the crew it’s a chance to sneak a quick break big rod we just went to check my messages Beatrice has been flying for nine years for her keeping the passengers happy is one of the things that keeps her in the air thank you I’m a people pleaser to a certain degree and that’s what I really like meeting the people and make them believe happy I think I could be standard office 95 look into it all day and you know obviously there are some if I stop thinking or I can’t wait to get to the end of this flight but then my reward is that meant to buy for 24 hours or an Australian for three days so I don’t really know more you can wish for really but all that excitement does come with surprise cleaning the toilet oh stop it so we just cover do this like every half an hour just to check on everything’s really good in the toilet and look at some paper and I could know a life sentence whether it’s a paper it’s beautiful we have like a friendly family sub atmosphere on board go to beach today the kangaroo root as a single stop of 90 minutes in the world’s busiest airport Dubai welcome to you by recruit refueled and we catered the plane is ready for the longest leg of the flight 14 hours to Sydney on the plane not much longer [Music] back in the air the crew are preparing for another meal service we have a little trick that we like to call you know about Tom Cruise don’t you when we talk about Tom Cruise in the aircraft we serve we are talking about tea and coffee how’d you hook up on the trolley teammate company Jews Tom Cruise there you go – thanks of the day on the upper deck in business class Belinda settles in for lunch joining us thank you thank you so much this is her first experience for the premium cabin and she’s not yet used to the restaurant like service so I’m serving a side salad with your meal and a virtuous and dressings for you I have an H well silent I have a virtue what serve is you it’s not just the food jargon she needs some help with Aaron she’s protecting her lifestyle but attendant flight attendant planet Australian Melinda left home to pursue her dreams and actresses Inga I think I underestimated how hard it would be setting up in London it’s not easy to come over with like two suitcases and that’s what you have but she might have to get used to that life as things are on the up so we’re getting married legally married which is a little bit different for if we were in Australia but in the UK we can get married which is incredible yeah that’s very exciting so keep your eyes at the point that you’re looking at but just drop your nose down a little bit and she’s also landed the role of Judy Garland in a new West End show I can’t wait for my mum to see this I don’t think she’ll quite believe it but I think should be really proud of everything that I’m achieving over here Jamie’s going to our she’s coming back two aunts yes absolutely and Judy’s travelling in style the Qantas a380 has 64 business class seats but up to eight times the cost of an economy seat this premium cabin is vital to the success of the airline what they’re selling is exclusivity it’s that great sort of social cachet and you turn left at the top of the stacks and tell you’re turning right for the airline is the question of economics if you’re a standard economy class traveler they’re not making much profit on you in fact that hardly making anything at all so in a sense those business travelers who are paying a great deal ball are paying for the orderid passengers like you me we often see this cabin full and every flight lots of business travelers or people that have saved up for a little while to take that trip of a lifetime it’s very exclusive with the sky beds that go fully flat you can have privacy there’s these mid set dividers it’s all about service tailor to the customer Oh business classes is the business really it’s not just the business class passengers who travel in comfort in the Ford Hall directly below first class are the animals like Mitzi and Alfie well it’s not possible for owners to visit their pets in flight if they’re in the serenity of first class they occasionally might hear them sometimes you can actually hear the dogs chatting to each other and barking which can be a little bit distracting it’s really interesting hearing hearing those noise and thinking that you’re either playing tricks on you cruising at almost 40,000 feet the a380 is one of the most comfortable planes in the sky quiet and stable it travels at more than 500 miles an hour almost effortlessly through the same rigid atmosphere but it wasn’t always this way the early long-haul passengers had to enjoy flowing much lower in primitive and pressurized planes okay the good news about flying low but 89,000 maximum 10,000 feet is you get a good view of what’s down below the pyramids Orbital’s Mahal or the Sydney Harbour Bridge the bad news is because you’re going through the weather your stomach is being thrown all over the place and up to 50 percent of people in pre-war flights were nauseas they were crazy and a great many of those were actually vomiting on the floor and it’s interesting that when the first stewardesses were introduced they had to be qualified nurses no such problems today as 10 hours into the flight the lights dim for the passengers to get some rest although a few of them realized that there was another secret compartment in the belly of the plane one big slumber party in here this is where the cabin crew go on their downtime Naomi and Sarah have agreed to share was around crew rest is the best thing on the aircraft we might get three hours off and then we’ll switch and then the next bus will get three hours off yeah do a demonstration of how we get into the top bunk okay Casey and you know we have a hot water bottle down normally cuz it’s freezing down here it can get quite cold no no forget cozy pillows blankets hot water bottles you know you’re lucky you don’t see us on dramas but I would say that for down there you know it’s just like a little cozy compartment underground and where’s the Harry Potter bunk the Harry Potter bunk yeah we do have one bunk which we call the Harry Porter bunk which is just under the stairs alright I actually don’t mind it’s it’s like someone’s actually giving you a hug under there cuz it’s like you’ve got a wall that’s halfway through and you kind of just all you know cozy up in there and it’s quite warm cozy [Music] it’s not just the cabin crew gets in some rest even pilots get a moment or two to enjoy the scenery there’s a lot to see and you got your map so you know where you are and see some great sunrises sunsets mountains [Music] in the economy cabin is 28 year old Australian Shan living in the UK he’s been plotting with that to be this price guest is my 60th birthday party my mom’s very emotional I think when she sees me she’s probably gonna scream run and hug me possibly even cry I think she’ll be very entertaining she’s not the only one with secrets sometimes I guess we do get a few weird requests such as marriage proposals after they’ve had a few wives you just make sure that they know that we’re just there for their safety and the service we’re not you know there for anything else you next with just a thousand miles to run in Sydney a whole army prepare to welcome flight double-o to [Music] with flight delay – now just powers from Sydney the International Airport prepares to open after its overnight curfew are you doing the – arrival as well not sure okay on board the pilots make contact with the air traffic control policy super hello – you want us to turn right heading with zero – during their economy air traffic control is pretty much the policemen of the skies we make sure that the rules and procedures are followed and that separation standards aren’t breached keeping the planes apart takes a special kind of skill we need to be able to think fast on your feet you need that spatial awareness a lot of people thinking in two-dimensional but we’re thinking in three-dimensional but we’re also thinking four-dimensional at times course we’ve got speed involved as well meanwhile in the daily briefing at the IOC it’s the weather that’s the worry Sydney we are looking at storm potential staying quite likely within the next two hours at the airport those storm cells hugging the coast whether or not there’s going to be a tropical cyclone over the flight path of several flights becomes increasingly important to high passenger volume flight such as those that go to China or those that go to London we are looking at storm cells to the northwest of port and they are likely to move over there quite fast moving we have some stuff to the southwest at the moment but that should stay offshore I’m just concerned that those things that are developing to the northwest while the worst of the storms are not the atoll the Sydney the pilots prepared to London some typically British weather [Music] Frances in the cabin as the dawn breaks the crew prepare breakfast I’m just a three it’s just a my boy cannot just say forget the money drinking school or anything like that the last service was hours ago sir I guess they’re ready for the bed breaking before they lens showing me water and cheeky Jamesburg that’s lighting up the oven Breda [Music] down in the crew quarters the early morning alarm call is less welcome I just come downstairs to do the worst job which is waking everyone from brain it can give you a heart attack apostatize but and then when that hand does come off you’re like okay and then you come up and you feel sorry for any passengers that do come across to you in that first half the train going from the crystal to the toilet [Music] in the first-class galley Marissa is tackling a tricky dish fresh scrambled eggs cooked in a steam oven if I take my eye off them I either burn them all they go a bit dry which we don’t want [Music] [Applause] 270 tiny just flying out of camera [Music] yeah we tiny we touch down at like 36 minutes Shawn too is excited having traveled 11,000 miles just to be as mother’s very special birthday present literally my plan is to get a box that’s big enough to fit me wrap it up in paper and maybe put a bow on it I think we’re not late out of the box I think my mom’s on a screen panic a little bit and they’re watching realizes it is probably to be a big hog probably start crying I’m thinking be very insolent keeping the emotions in check is also going to be a challenge for Malcolm who after 65 years is now just minutes away from meeting his long-lost family first time meeting him forward in the flash all his nerves are we going now they’re emotional [Music] and it’s not just Malcolm feeling the nerves as a Sydney Airport his welcoming party has arrived chattering all the way down here yes really excited can’t wait to see call us to ten right setting one to five to join final once it’s right and if you are cleared the pilot theorem approach right any one to five joy final a big drive we are confident with the runway in sight the plane enters its most critical phase London and the a380 must see sighs creates a huge amount of weight turbulence or jet watch white turbans is the unstable air that is produced from the wings and the body of the aircraft as it flies through the air the white turbans hangs behind the aircraft for a period of time and we put like an envelope around the aircraft so we’ve got 1,000 feet below and for a super it’s six nautical miles behind it so we don’t want anything in that envelope otherwise that get buffeted around a lot if you’re quite close to the the white turbans coming up the back of a super or a heavy and you’re in a light aircraft like a Cessna it could flip the aircraft to win one three zero degrees one zero knots runway one-six right people in while the a380 calendar automatically usually this part is handled by the human pan official set up status check [Music] 1,000 in tough conditions they can be challenging crosswinds make it harder usually happens just in the last little bit and at that stage we really are always flying it manually [Music] it’s probably the most satisfying part and you try and fly the airplane as efficiently as you can and do a good landing it’s possible if you do you basically feel satisfied there was good job save in a minute how exciting how exciting Malcolm is just moments away from coming face-to-face with his past [Music] flight double-o – from London has just landed into Sydney International Airport where a small army of service personnel are ready to welcome the plane or more to go you’re gonna use these ones here run mummy chest Sam Shannon oversees the offloading starts we’ve got engineering stuff that overdoing the aircraft’s are looking for any damage they might have occurred in flight we’ve got our ground service team that are offloading all the bag to cargo also have catering comes of the aircraft and start offloading all the rubbish from the inbound flood refuelers are also coming around to refuel the aircraft with the flight burning through over 300 thousand litres of fuel the plane has lost half its takeoff weight although a little extra has been added after such a long flight with over four hundred and eighty passengers there’s a lot of toilet waste so this gentleman deal is just taking it out of the aircraft and also flushing all the tanks from the aircraft to make sure they’re all clean for the mix why we don’t dump it in the air I can assure you of that Sam’s team need to get all the passengers reunited with their 600 bags in less than 45 minutes and for three special ladies that can’t happen soon enough [Music] with all the passengers disembarked the crew can finally clock off but while its goodbyes for the crew Malcolm’s three sisters are desperate to say hello [Music] finally after what has literally been a lifetime Malcolm arrives [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh Justin stop believe it [Music] I can’t wait to tell him just about what he was like growing up it’s a little bit bittersweet so that we don’t want to tell him to my channel to think he’s missed out on everything but he just wants to hear about everything that we shared with dad [Music] get your fandom behind 65 the only one four months ago now I’ve got three sisters with the plane G to be back in the air in just seven hours there is just enough time for some regular maintenance the tug has now grabbed it closed its jaws and we’re elevating the aircraft up so it’s pivoting on its landing gear the dead wagons aircraft at the moment possibly about 300 Achtung we’re going to follow the 8380 line out just to keep these wing tips clear from all around in aircrafts all around us it’s that big you can have an accident you could hit a wing on something so you must concentrate in handing it onto the center of those lines with the engineering hanger on the opposite side of the airport Louie was tow the 73 meter long aircraft across a live runway and quickly about the guy that we’ve been cleared by the lights illuminated coming in and it’s fun it’s fun all the fights so we have to move that aircrafts pretty close what’s coming in man here we go this seven story hangar was specially converted to accommodate the giant a380 and even then it only just fits the aircraft is very high and was a great challenge for us a lot of the equipment that we need to do a job at normal human level has to be elevated to those Heights it’s not just getting the people there it’s getting some of the specialized tooling there as well one of the regular jobs is to give the giant plane a good scrub you went the aircraft then you will apply the foam over the aircraft scrub it off rinse it off hopefully get everything flying in the air bugs Hoff’s the rubber coming off the tires hitting the back of the aircraft the exhaust fumes hydraulic leaks all sorts of various ways they can get dirty and all this effort is not just for show obviously for our customers to look at a bright and shiny airplane he’s very nice however there’s a hidden agenda there in filburn I’m a clean airplane their fuel burn is significantly reduced [Music] while our plane is being readied for its next trip Belinda’s finally made it home mr. a has a smell this sort of fresh grass kind of smell is just like I can’t explain it it so it’s quite comforting it’s very emotional coming back to an old life that I used to have you know but it’s also just so nice to be able to see mom Yvonne’s delighted that Belinda’s musical theater career is taking off at last very proud of her finally she’s gonna be considered a professional and getting paid second that so I’ve been fed before though them from yeah but not Western theatre there’s definitely a yes first for me definitely [Music] it’s not just Belinda that’s happy to be home next the rest of the passengers have their own emotional reunion you found a great spot for him anywhere [Music] so we’re in Sydney now we’re just off to our first destination Fuji the kangaroo rent is just one of the thousands of one wall flights that deliver passengers around the world as each day tens of thousands of travelers begin their own journeys got a beautiful view behind us of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House [Music] for Daniel and Bethany their journey is just getting started as they scope out a possible future in Sydney hello welcome shadow look around so we’ve got a lovely open plan kitchen lounge dining bedrooms just to your left here of a mirror soldier straightaway and waking up to that every morning Wow yes fell in love with the apartments be honest here it’s perfectly located that balcony in the mornings having a cup of coffee or having some breakfast just really settled our nerves yeah kind of coming out here and seeing how beautiful seven years we’re looking forward to it my nan summed it up she she said it’ll break my heart to see you go and at the same time it’s the best thing for you and if my grandpa he was still alive he’d be proud of us so moving out here because this is a big step but she knows that for our future this is the best move for us and this is where our future lies well Daniel and Bethany looked to the Future for mitzi and Alfie after 10 days in quarantine it’s a case of home at last I’ve just got off the phone with your parents they’re very excited to see you I’ve got them out at the airport and city just to stretch their legs chance to go to the toilet and both of their body languages were fantastic they handle the slide really well both happy and obviously glad to be on the ground [Music] while the dogs settle in home back at the airport the countdown is on to get the next long-haul flight out on time before passengers but the crew aren’t the only ones on the countdown it’s good to be back in Sydney as shown in his brother put the final touches to his mom’s ultimate birthday surprise my brother mark take me out be manly [Music] plan is its cover this box I’m going to put a couple of eyes on it and so I’ve got a couple of peat holes there’s already some cutouts on the side so actually goes to open the box I’m gonna pop my arms out [Music] it’s not gonna be neat bus it will do Sean takes up his position as mommies do at any moment all their coming years and yells any second now he’s not the only one undercover we’ve told mum that our camera crew are making a promotional film for the restaurant [Music] banging it’s just Shh I got snack time it’s a dream come true to make sure [Music] so tranquil in it absolutely supposed to be yeah we’re down a an hour north of Sydney Malcolm is having a very different family reunion you surely know where my dad we’re all here yeah 65 year ago here we go again thank you it’s been totally emotional since I’ve been there finding the a3 and me Doug’s grab on you can’t explain it fabulous turn me well right around oh yeah he’s probably shorted it out yeah shorted it out yeah [Music] in just a few months the first nonstop 19-hour flight from the UK to Australia will begin a technological leap forward that will further shrink our world yet while another long-haul milestone will be achieved the spirit and romance of long-distance travel remains as each year long-haul flights transport millions of people billions of miles to reconnect those who are half the world away even though we’ve been doing it now for half a century it’s sort of certain magic about long-haul which you can’t equal with a short or hop of 90 minutes and it’s a long haul is what aviation is really about [Music] this is dead on his journey over here I’ve never shown that wonder now that’s going on font bedroom beside all this [Music] tomorrow night at my Anna countdown of the most shocking moments of the nineties and there’s a load to choose from next tonight the story of an ordinary flight that turned into anything but in brand-new hijacked terror in the sky [Music] you

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