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SEGA Mega-Drive / Genesis action games

August 12, 2019

apart from a wide selection of
shoot-’em-ups 2d arcade style action games were also well represented on
Sega’s 16-bit console with games like Contra, Shinobi and Gun Star heroes but there are plenty more titles worth checking out Ranger X can be described as a
run-and-gun 2d action game with some interesting mechanics. The player
controls a giant mech to fight off the hostile invaders the levels vary from free-roaming to horizontal and even vertical scrolling stages in every stage you have to locate and destroy a number of stationary enemy targets the controls may take a short while to get used to as you switch your firing direction with a
tap of a button instead of using the d-pad you can use your jetpack to fly or
hover for a limited time there are also special weapons to obtain like flamethrowers and heat-seeking missiles they have their own power gauge that can only be refilled on specific power docks or by sunlight and if that wasn’t
enough you’re also accompanied by a support vehicle depending on level it
could be a cyber cycle or a floating weapon platform which Ranger X can board to switch his special weapon or drive the cyber cycle through the stage to give you an extra life bar as well as the ability to shoot homing missiles.
It’s a unique kind of gameplay that really makes Ranger X stand out from the
crowd Ranger X was developed by GOU
entertainment which soon after became NextTech creators of the excellent Mega
Drive adventure Crusader of Centi Atomic Runner is a side-scrolling shooter by data East released in 1992 with his dying breath Chelnovs father tells him of his secret research an atomic suit that grants its users superhuman powers allowing him to thwart an alien invasion and save his sister. You can level up your firepower fire rate and range with power-ups and choose between a number of weapons from lasers to morning stars to homing missiles the game features some beautifully designed background artwork including a level inspired by Gaudi which oddly enough is called Siberian
snow land in the game The boss designs are also quite a marvel
to behold. There are seven stages in total with wave after wave of bizarre
creatures making for an excellent but challenging run and gun shooter. Atomic
runner originated in the arcades in 1998 but was titled Chelnov
the storyline was linked to the accident in Chernobyl which led to some negative
feedback shortly after its release In the Megadrive version all references
were removed and the levels were redesigned Alisia Dragoon was a joint effort between the Japanese animation studio and the small developer called Game Arts who went on to develop the RPG series Lunar and Grandia as far as the storyline is concerned the player must control Alisia and guide her to Baldor
his palace to avenge the death of her father she can use thunder magic to attack enemies which automatically locks onto the closest target but after extensive use Alisia needs to recharge her powers leaving her momentarily vulnerable. When the Thunder magic is fully recharged she can unleash a powerful attack. Alisia may call upon the help of friendly monsters that can aid her in battle. You can select one at a time each with their own attack and
life bar but when one of them dies you’ll lose them to the rest of the game
so be careful the game can be pretty challenging at first especially since you start out with only one life The trick is to find all the hidden Thunder
power-ups to make your attack as strong as possible and use your charge attack
at close range for massive damage against the level Guardians. For the
Western release the boxart went through a drastic change portraying Alisia as an
Amazonian warrior instead of a young sorcerer Alesia Dragoon is quite a unique classic but requires a little practice to truly get the hang of luckily like so many mega drive games these three titles are still quite affordable and a great addition to any mega drive collection and if you’re still looking for more action here are a couple more suggestions the tough as nails Alien Soldier the more relaxed paced
action of Rolling Thunder 2 the Robocop inspired E-Swat or the
outstanding hidden gem Twinkle Tale

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  1. Mang action games have not been the same. Remember when you could easily find like twenty games in each sub-genre of action (including some sub-genres you wouldn't even think of — what the fuck is Flicky?) Now if you don't like shooters or sloppy 3D hack n' slash games you're shit outta luck.

    At any rate, a pleasure as always strafe.

  2. 2:40 1998? Chelnov was released in 1988 though. Otherwise great video! Keep up the good work! (also i hope my comment didn't come off as rude, and if it was i sincerely apologize.)

  3. One of the biggest mistakes Sega did with the Mega Drive was to focus more and more on Western games half way through it's life.   We missed out on some amazing games because of that idiocy.  and a lot of games moving development from Japan to the US also had them lose a lot of their initial charm.

    I still can't figure out why they did that.  Especially as the majority of them were just Amiga ports.

  4. Yea Alisia Dragoon hot diggity.
    I replayed that recently and I'm somehow better at it now than I was in the 90's.
    Still a relatively difficult game though.

  5. wait.. i just realize "Alien solider" is pretty much a 16 bit version of Street fighter 2010!

  6. I always found that you have very good tastes and in particular here with the choice of the last music, from Batman game, that I love so much since I was young ! 😉

  7. Zoals altijd een zeer informatieve video, kon de games niet echt dus maar even de ROMS gecheckt. Daarom helemaal eens met de video 🙂

    Ik wil geen zeikert zijn, maar het is SEGA met hoofdletters.

  8. You work 50x harder than all these noobie scrub youtube dorks and they get 50,000 hits on their shit videos. makes me sick.

  9. You dith it again, great video!!
    Mega Turrican is very good game.
    I played Rolling Thunder 1 back in the day on my Amiga 500.

  10. Every game mentioned here is a gem and most of them are criminally underrated. 

    Also I don't know if I'd call Rolling Thunder 2 relaxed, the later levels are manic. 😀

  11. Wow, you do some really splashy videos, and not to mention some very worthwhile information on games I never even heard of on the Sega Master Drive system.  Come to think about it, some of the games you mention I never would've found.

  12. Being the LUNAR fanboy/nerd that I am, I have to point out that it's actually pronounced lu-nar and not lu-ner, which is the way pretty much everyone assumes it's pronounced. You can hear it in the opening cut scene of Lunar 2 on any system.

  13. Played Ranger X as a kid. Probably was the only kid who ever did in at least a 250 mile radius. I never hear anyone bring it up when talking about great Genesis games. I love to hang out with new friends who talk about all the great Sega Genesis games they played as a kid then hand them Ranger X and see them look at me confused. Then seeing the look on their face when they play it. Love it.

    Yeah, I'm just awesome like that.

  14. High quality!  Let's see some longer videos with a little more depth.  To be fair, it's tough digging up dirt on these games unless you know Japanese and are willing to translate text.

  15. You've got that old feel and sound down pat! If I didn't know any better I would have guessed this was recorded in the mid 90's. And that's a good thing of course.

  16. Alisia Dragoon was for a long time a hidden gem on the Genesis. I have my copy, but nearly passed on it, till I got home and decided to try it in emulation. The next day I hurried to that retro game shop and snagged the copy before someone else could get their grubby mitts on it.

  17. This Guy need more views and subs !
    There are so many money greedy assholes out there, that just create a game channel and post stuff to make money, but strafefox is different.
    Thats why i disabled my adblocker, to support him. (he took waaaay more effort in his clips, as some money greedy game channel assholes out there, the proof of this are his excellent content and way more gaps between uploads <– that's not bad because quality goes over quantity)
    And what i see ? he dont use any ads 🙂
    dude activate ads, realy, your work is excellent, and deserve some support.

  18. Love these video series. Twinkle Tale is also the most amazing game. I recently got it and it's easily one of my favorite games ever now.

  19. That music at the end is from the Batman (1989 movie) game, right? 😀 Or was it also used in some other game?

  20. I was both a Sega and Nintendo fanboy as a child. I felt sorry for kids who couldn't see the greatness of both systems, they were missing out.

  21. Love this videos soooo much. I woke at 6 this morning. Started the vid and after a minute I felt like it was 1993 again. Me and my sister getting up early. Catching a glimps of some Sega ads while my Mom cooked us breakfeast.

  22. I love Sega genesis still I really wish they didn't stop making games for it cause people in the west still play it.😎

  23. I had Alisia Dragoon as a kid and loved it. It can feel a littke hard at first, but once you get used it it is a great game.

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