Selle Anatomica Saddle Packaging and Marketing Review

August 16, 2019

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong I got a Selle and Anatomica Saddle I am so excited to try out but the reason I’m
doing this quick review before I’ve actually reviewed the saddle is because I thought their packaging was
way way cool one thing I love is when
people get you involved in their community and do really cool stuff like this so
they actually have on here Sept 27 2013 that’s the birthday my Saddle is that the coolest
thing ever and they also have their pattern number on here they tell you that its handmade they give you all this cool
things about the product right here in this little sheet to be able to go register your saddle and all that kinda
stuff I thought that was awesome very nice touch so the other thing I
really loved is they actually send you this book and this
book walks you through how to make sure you get the best
results out of your Saddle which I thought was awesome thank you for your business they
welcome you to their stuff and then they walk you through each little thing you need to consider
looking at to have the best experience with their saddle anyway nice job, you hit a
homerun with the marketing end of this product love
that and I can’t wait to actually get out
there ride this saddle and just absolutely find out why it’s
the best saddle for everybody in the world so stay tuned, I
can’t give you a full review of the Selle Anatomica Saddle

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