Sesame Street: Super Grover Flies
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Sesame Street: Super Grover Flies

September 14, 2019

GROVER: Hello, everybody! It is I, your old pal
Super Grover. And that was me, too, only I
was very far away, which is very fortunate as today, I am
talking to you all about the letter F. Mm-hm. Yes. That is why I have the letter
F on my chest here, see? Yes. Usually, I have a G right there
for Grover, but today, for my super F demonstration,
I am sporting the fantastic letter F. Do you know what sound
the letter F makes? It makes the fff,
fff, fff sound. Come on. Make the F sound with me. Fff. Fff. Very good. In fact, I would even say
that is fabulous. [LAUGHS] Now, in honor of the letter F,
I will do something that begins with the letter
F. Yes, I will fly. Yes. OK, here we go. Fly! Whoa! [CRASH] OK, let me try that again. Time to– fly! Whoa! [CRASH] OK, OK, OK. Slight change of plan. I will do something else
that starts with the letter F. I will fall. Whoa! [CRASH] The letter F. [CRASH]

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  1. Grover should be brought back. My kids just LOVE HIM in these vintage clips.. Can you imagine if they saw him in great quality and much longer videos.. He could probably be next year's sensation of the tickle me Grover.. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It's A BIRD IT'S A PLANE IT'S SUPER GROVER!!!!! man this bring me back memories I miss the early 90's and late 80's as a kid. they don't make Sesame Street like this anymore n they actually TEACH U TO LEARN ALSO

  3. @genestarwindjf80 And yet, apparently not well enough to teach you how to spell, capitalize or punctuate properly.

  4. Story reader should say:
    And so he said: "One day, i fly"
    And then… he flew, *with crying voice* xD

  5. @PhineasFerb2011 That because they are voiced by the same Person…. Frank Oz!
    He was Henson's main man and he voiced a bunch of puppets from Muppet Show and Sesame Street. He even does yoda in the first Star Wars movies. I know he was the puppeteer for Yoda. Not sure if he voiced him as well……
    Check it
    Good journey

  6. see, this is what was great about this kind of tv, the kids learned something while the parents laughed themselves to pieces in the background- i often wonder how many takes the crew needed to get this done without laughing.

  7. lol i will ffffffff fffffffff fly BOOM ok let me try again ffffffffffff fffffffffffff fly BOOM ok slight change of plans i will do something else that begins with f fffffffffffff fffffffffffffff….. fall. AAH BOOM lol

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