Seth MacFarlane talks A Million Ways To Die In The West and Ted 2
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Seth MacFarlane talks A Million Ways To Die In The West and Ted 2

August 16, 2019

So, first of all, this film could not be accused
of having a dull moment. Well, that’s good. There’s a delicious lack of boundaries. Were
you just given free reign with it? Yeah. You know, Universal and MRC really allowed
me to do the movie that I wanted to do. There wasn’t a lot of meddling, there wasn’t a lot
of- Any studio involvement was constructive and helpful but, for the most part, they really
gave me the freedom to do the movie that I had designed the blueprint for. Were there any bits that you had to fight
for with them? Like, I want to stick a flower in Liam Neeson’s… Not really. Not really, no. The only thing
I had to fight for a little bit, this is so strange, was the opening title sequence. Because
I wanted to do an old fashioned, Hollywood, orchestral main title that drum rolls the
movie and I got a lot of blow back from that because, in this day and age… And I think
a lot of that is just knee-jerk, people’s attention spans but it’s not like somebody
has a remote in the theatre to switch over to, you know, Fox News. You’ve already paid
your ticket, they’re there to see a show. And, obviously this film sees you transition
into Seth MacFarlane, big movie star. – Does that feel a bit weird?
– We will see. Yeah, you know, when the film opens and, assuming
it opens well, then I will accept that. Are you a bit tentative now? Yeah. Yeah, nothing’s been proven yet. And obviously you do a lot in this. What was
your biggest challenge and the hardest part of doing all that acting? The biggest challenge was, well, I’m certainly
doing all three jobs at once. But, I was worried that the transition from voice acting on Family
Guy to live action film acting would be, um, a stretch, but it really wasn’t as much of a
leap as I feared and I was opposite Charlize Theron who is the most magnificent, most brilliant
actress I could have hired and she just- You play opposite someone that good and, even if you’re
kinda new at it, you’re probably gonna be okay. I really like that you guys had a quite modern
love story but in a different era. If Seth MacFarlane had to exist in another era, when
do you think you would fit in best? Let’s see, when was penicillin invented? Anytime
after the invention of antibiotics, great! That’s a good thing to think about. I’m very practical. Obviously, you’re shooting a lot of this in
the desert, did that get a bit like ‘Oh my good God!’ Yeah, the desert was almost as hot as this
room right now. Yeah, there was one day that was 108 degrees. That’s disgusting. It was, yeah. And, it’s funny, Liam was there
and he was in all these layers and the guy, this is a tough guy, he never complained once.
He said, ‘Oh, I’m actually alright. I’m actually alright.’ And I’m like, ‘My God, I’m sitting
here in shorts and a t-shirt, sweating, pouring water over my head and here’s Liam, tough
as nails.’ Everyone I speak to says he’s the nicest person
in the whole world. The nicest guy, the nicest guy. He just truly
is as nice as he is talented. So humble and soft spoken and just a guy you just- Everyone
was so excited to have him on the set too. Now that you’ve achieved this, it’s obviously
pretty big, what have you got your eye on next because you could kind of do anything,
I reckon. I’m taking three weeks and not leaving my
bed. I’m gonna sleep for three weeks straight. And next… I mean Ted 2 is next. That’s exciting. Yeah, I’m getting stressed just saying it. Will you get to hang out with Mila Kunis again? No, actually, believe it or not, Amanda Seyfried
is taking over our leading lady. You’re switching? We’re switching. It’s a new story. It’s a
new story, we’re not telling the same- we’re not doing a sequel that’s a rehash of the
first one because that would drive me nuts. I would go crazy having to make the same movie
twice, so it is a new story that explores a different facet of Ted’s life. And I don’t
want to spoil anything, but it required a… a reshuffling of characters and I had had such
a great time with Amanda. She was so talented so… such a selfless actress, just such a team
player, that you know, look no further than this movie. Very quickly, before I go, what is your favourite
line from this film? Yeah, there’s- Amanda has, I don’t know if
it’s my favourite line but it always makes me laugh because it’s Amanda being so good
with one line. Why Amanda saying ‘I have that skirt’ makes me laugh every time, I have no
idea, but it does. It’s like classic Mean Girls. Yes, it’s just very loaded, very loaded delivery. Well, it’s been a pleasure chatting to you,
Seth. Thank you very much.

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  1. I know I should take more away from this, but all I can think about now is him in bed for 3 weeks… yum.

  2. This was somewhat awkward. The interviewer is giving it her best to make this watchable and lively but Mr. MacFarlane looks spent.

  3. I really don't know how this movie got bad review. I have never laughed so hard at a movie- or anything for that matter- in my life. I went into the theater a clean slate, open to being entertained, and it turned out to be the funniest movie I have ever seen. I walked out and said "oh my god, how great was that? I am 100% satisfied". Flawless performances, unique story, blending of the west and the modern, great characters, brilliant writing. This movie is wildly quotable, and I will watch it again when it comes out on dvd

  4. A Million Ways to Die in the West shouldn't have gotten so many bad reviews. It was hilarious!!!!! Seth CAN act haters. I love him even more now since he took out a troll that goes by the name Shaun Shaffer on Twitter. He's now on tour at Broadway Proms with Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Santino Fontana. Accompanying them of course is the John Wilson Orchestra. Can't wait til Seth appears at the Hollywood Bowl in August when he does a tribute to Warner Bros. Musicals.  

  5. was a super funny movie and also a good quality film, nice music score and cinematography. and 2 actors from back to the future 3 I mean come the fuck on. and seth was a good actor in it and the movie had a nice story. I found the trailers did it no justice, they made the movie look overly stupid  and cheap but it wasn't, it was really good.

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