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  1. Shane lives a charmed life – performing huge jumps and brutal bumps, plus this set-down on water – and is still alive and well. I'm very glad he and the others are all okay.

  2. Pilot: Something's wrong with the helicopter. We have to land in the ocean.

    Shane: Say no more. (jumps off helicopter and elbow drops the ocean)

  3. All those years of jumping off of anything and everything in WWE paid off. And you say it's fake 😛 lol. Glad he's ok

  4. They've trained that Zombie quite well, she looks like shit and still trips over her words but not bad really.

  5. I wished it was Vince mcmahon in that helicopter instead and it totally crashes and sends him down to hell for good 👍

  6. The life of Shane….
    Wake up
    Eat Breakfast
    Go to work
    Climb something that is really high
    Jump off it
    Elbow drop the floor
    Get up
    Walk off
    Go home
    Eat Dinner

  7. If I were Shane, that pilot would he on my payroll. To land a helicopter in an emergency situation takes some doing. You don't often hear choppers beinv that high up and managing to land in tact

  8. If that helicopter had been anything bigger than a R44 it would have most likely over turned in the water so they're really lucky on that front too, but also, the fact the pilot managed to land an auto-rotation onto choppy seas and keep the helicopter in one piece and the right way up is insanely impressive!

  9. This has got to be a hoax. Did anybody actually see McMahon in the water? you can see the pilot and someone else who clearly isn't McMahon (McMahon has silver/grey/white hair and the man in the water next to the raft had dark colored hair). I don't believe this. This world is a hoax, don't believe what the television is telling you.

  10. It's been confirmed that Shane mcmahon says fuck death I'm the undertaker motherfucker as he is ok with every single high risk fall he had
    EDIT:I came up with it so don't quote on it

  11. This woman is something else, trying to make something out of nothing. It didn't crash, the pilot autorotated down to a safe water landing. The helo isn't waterlogged because the pilot inflated the pontoons prior to landing. The way this woman is throwing her head around while she's yapping reminds me of a horse shaking its head to get rid of flies. She is a very poor choice for a reporter. I really feel sorry for her, she's old and she's trying her best to look young and it isn't working.


  13. If chris jericho was on the helicopter…he would put the pilot and helicopter on the list 😂😂😂

  14. Survives German suplexes through glass landing straight on your head…. check
    survive a jump from the top of a titan-tron…. check
    survive a jump from on top of an hell of a cell…. check
    survive a helicopter crash… check.

  15. The standard of this reporting is absolutely terrible I feel sorry for Americans having to watch this quality of news.

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