Shiva – Full Episode 20 – The Jet Pack Gang
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Shiva – Full Episode 20 – The Jet Pack Gang

August 8, 2019

We are the birds of the sky. Who will dare to face us? Those who face us, will
not exist anymore. Time for action. Hey, he snatched my stuff. He snatched my bag. Catch, catch him. He snatched, snatched my
wife’s necklace. – What? Run! Hey, anyone help. He is taking
my stuff. – Anybody, save us. Stop! Thief, catch him. Thief! Catch them. Run! Catch them, catch him. Let’s eat ice cream. Hey, look. My mom is there. Be right back! You eat
whatever you want. Run! All of you run
away from here. There is a jet pack gang
in the nearest market. They fly and snatch all of your
things and again fly away. Jet pack gang! Run! The thief is here. Run! Hey! Please, don’t mind. Sorry, aunt. My necklace! Stop, I said stop it. Reva! Stop, Reva. Reva! Shiva, help! What the hell is this? Shiva! Reva! Let me switch on the glue Tyre. Shiva! Reva! Reva, hold that wire. Thank you, Shiva.
– You’re welcome. Sultan, where did you
pick up that girl from? She held my leg. She was not leaving my leg.
What could I do? Leave that girl. A kid came flying on her
bicycle and saved her. It was hard for
me to believe it. This is the kid. Look, he came flying
on his bicycle. Don’t call me a kid, Uncle. Shiva, my name is Shiva. Return me all the
things that are stolen. I have informed Laddu Singh,
he might be on the way. We are the birds of the sky. Those who will face us… …will face us will
not exist anymore. It’s time for action. Take this! You also take this. Stop! Hands up! You are under arrest. Stop! Where are you all running? Nobody can escape
from Laddu Singh. Laddu Singh, here are
all the stolen items. Reva’s mom’s necklace
is also there. Return all the things to everyone. We have to set a bait to
trap all those thieves. Otherwise, we won’t be
able to catch them. But, how are we
going to trap them? I do have a plan, Shiva. This time, I will catch them
before you come to know. I will trap them. Trap! Okay, jump.
– Yes, sir. You’re looking nice, sir. Now you see! The gang will come to
snatch things from me. Laddu Singh will
not forgive them. Peda Ram, today they
will get to know… …why Laddu Singh’s
name is famous? Yes! All the best, sir. This man is looking very rich. I will snatch the stuff from him. Hey, leave. Leave me! Run, run! What kind of a
gold necklace is this? Even the man is hanging on this
necklace. Why is it not breaking? How this will break?
It’s made of iron only. It’s made of iron. You are under arrest. Put me down quickly. It’s
paining, put me down. Oh! So you are the
police inspector. Yes! I am Laddu Singh. The Police has surrounded
you from all sides. You’re surrounded. Okay! Am I under your arrest
or you are under my arrest? Should I leave you now if you say? No, don’t do this. Don’t do this. Otherwise
my bones will break. Hey! Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Shark! Shark! The shark is coming. Go up, up there. Go up there. Will you come again on our way? No, never! No! No! No, never! No! Go
up there, please. Up, up there. Thank you! You are
really a very nice man. Now, put me down. Go easy! Mister, go easy. Hey, how will I go down from here? Shiva! How did you come over here? Look, don’t stop me, Shiva. I will catch those
thieves, definitely. So what if they had
left me on a tree. I will definitely make a plan. I do have a plan, sir. I need your support. Speak up! My support
is always with you. Speak up! Everyday
Vedas Bank’s car… …goes to Venus
city with the money. I want to send
this news to them. They will come to
steal the bank’s money. We will catch them. Very good idea. Very good. But, Shiva… …this time I will handle
them from a little distance. I will not catch them. I cannot sit again on a tree. The situation of Vedas
city is getting worst. We got news from a
trust worthy person. Johnny, watch the news. Law and
order of the city is at its worst. Because of this, people fear
for the Vedas Bank’s Car… …which everyday goes to
Venus City with the money. Laddu Singh was requested specially
for the safety of this bank’s car. Laddu Singh cannot
keep himself safe. How he will keep this car safe? It’s time for action, boys. Now when the thieves will open the
door of the van to steal it… …I will fire smoke into their
eyes with the help of this gun. And I will arrest
all of them. Yes! Put a lock on the outside. My name Laddu Singh is famous not
only because of this. – Yes, sir. Hello, Vedas Television channel. Laddu Singh is speaking. I am going to catch the jet pack
gang on the crime site. Listen, if you want to shoot
a live coverage then… …I will tell you where
you need to come, okay! All the best, Shiva. Thanks! Shiva, look! What’s behind you? Our voice is not reaching him.
Call him! Shiva! What has just happened?
They took Shiva. Their plan was not to
rob the van. Their target was Shiva. Where is the thief? Mr. Laddu Singh,
where is thief? Today, I am going to be a hero. Oops! Sorry. It was my mistake. We are the birds of the sky. Who will dare to face us? Those who will face us
will not exist anymore. It’s time for action. Take me out of here.
Then I will see… …who will exist
and who will not. Why you are in a hurry?
I will take you out. But for some time
you have to wait. Reva, there are caves
near the Vedas Mountain. They trapped me here. Inform Laddu Singh. Okay, Shiva. Take care of
yourself. We are coming, okay. Okay, bye everybody. Bye! Hey, what’s this? I have to switch
on the gum boots. Oh! Shiva ran away.
That kid ran away. How did this happen? How can this happen? Look up, uncle. What? Hey, catch him. And take this. Mr. Johnny! This kid is very clever. It’s good for us if we
run away from here. Run! Laddu Singh, Hey! They
are running this way. Okay! It’s difficult go ahead with the
cycle or with the motor bike. Laddu Singh, you use
one jet pack and… …I am using the other one. Okay! Are you ready? Always ready, Shiva. Let’s go. Ready! What has happened? Why is
everything looking upside down? Hey, stop. Stop! Sir! Shiva! Do something, please. Shiva! You have reversed the
jet pack’s direction. Now, we don’t have time.
Let’s go. Shiva! Shiva, do something. Please! Why are you hiding and fighting?
Come out and fight. We are the birds of the sky. Who will face us? Those who face us,
will not exist anymore. Oh! Take this. Laddu Singh, here is
this jet pack gang. Thank you for helping. Shiva, thank you very
much for helping me. If you are not here then I
don’t know what will happen. Shiva! Shiva, how
did you catch them? What has happened?
Tell us in detail. I will tell you. Shoot
me in this camera. Yeah! So, this happened… Shiva! Do something, please.

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