Shiva – Full Episode 76 – The Trouble In The Plane

September 15, 2019

We are going to Venus city for
the first time by flight. It feels so great! But, the plane is standing in
the same place. See, we are not even moving. Yudi, it feels so peaceful in
the plane. It’s moving at a very high speed. Please, pay attention! The plane is shaking due
to turbulence. Please, fasten your seat belts. The weather is fine. But, Nana is not fine. Hello, are you listening? Nana, wake up! Rewa, there’s something fishy in
here. It seems, something bad
is going to happen. They seem suspicious. What should we do, now? Hello, ma’am! The man who
just went to the wash room… …he seems suspicious. He has some partners, also. They were making
signals to each other. I don’t think,
they are up to anything good. It’s nothing, son. You can go. Go to your seat.
Everything is fine here. You are completely safe. Don’t worry.
And please take your seat. We are here for you. Don’t you dare move, any of you. I am Shera. I create darkness in the light. This plane will be
under our control… …until the police… …releases our partners who
are locked up in jail. Oh! You were right. They are terrorists. Keep flying the plane, quietly. We have hijacked this plane. Wake up!
The plane has been hijacked. Wake up!
– What? How did the plane get hijacked? Hey, listen carefully! Inspector Laddu Singh
is a close friend of ours. You won’t be spared,
if you do anything wrong. Oh! Sorry! You are
Inspector Laddu Singh’s friend! You may go home. Come on, kids. Let’s go home. See? My threat worked. Oh, God! We are in a plane. And the plane is in the sky. We can’t go home. Sit quietly. Could you call someone? Yes, I have a satellite device. We could call the airport and
the police station with that. Hello, police! Our plane, flight
number, 00032 has been hijacked. Please, help us. Hey! What are you doing? Nobody is allowed to
make any calls. Uncle, let it be. Kid, what are you doing here? Uncle, I am standing here to
wish on your birthday. Look, I have a cake. Birthday?
It’s not my birthday, today. So, it must be my birthday. Have the cake on my birthday. Uncle, I need to go to
the bathroom. Hey! Sit quietly! Uncle, please! Please, let me go. Uncle, please! Uncle, please, let me go. Quiet! Sit quietly!
Or else, I’ll slap you. What did the police say? They are sending commandos. Okay. We need to
handle them, till then. Kid, where did
my other partner go? He is eating a birthday cake
back there. Oh! He is eating a cake? Which flavour is that? I like cake very much! Uncle, it’s
a chocolate flavoured cake. Chocolate flavoured? That’s my favourite. Who did that?
– I did. Hey! You! How could you do this? Like this. Uncle, this is chocolate flavour. This is vanilla flavour. This is caramel flavour. This is banana and
this is strawberry. Enough! Now, I’ll never eat cake again. The way you fight! They will throw us down from
the plane, if they sees us. Keep everything normal. As if nothing happened.
– Okay. I’ll serve everyone water. Hey, what are you doing? Nothing, I am just serving water. Bring it. A boy is thrashing… …all our members in the pantry. Go and do something fast. Is there any way… …to avoid them and
reach the cockpit? There is a way from above. From above? What? From
the roof of the plane? No, no! There’s a gap in the outer roof
and this one to let wires through. You can go from there,
if you wish. Where did that boy go?
Find him! I’m in extreme pain! That kid beat me up, so badly! Me, too! He beat me,
while he fed me cake. Uncle Shera! All your sidekicks
have been caught. Have they been caught? Who caught them?
Have the commandos arrived? A kid is beating up everyone. A kid? How can a kid beat up… …such tall and sturdy men? Like this. Shiva! Uncle, you also come. Why are you sending
the others to get beaten up? Aren’t you both able to
fight with a kid? Go! Uncle, come here now, at least. Well done, Shiva! Do tell me, if you need my help. Leave me! You’re badly injured.
– Yes! Sit here and fasten the belt. People will consider you to
be a passenger. Thank you! Uncle! Aunt! One of them
is over here! He can’t get up, now! I’ve fastened the belt. You traitor! You cheater! Hands up!
Everyone put your hands up! Or else, I’ll shoot all of you. No, sir! Give this gun to me. This means that you too
are involved with him. You never called up anyone. No commando is on his way. Yes! They are all my companions. I brought them here. What’s the need of commandos? You’re here in the form of
a one man army, right? But, it’s game over for
you now, kid. Don’t call Shiva a kid, aunt. How dare you? Ouch! We’re Shiva’s friends. Every single friend of
Shiva is brave. Beware! No one will move from
their places. I never miss my aim. Once upon a time, in my village… …there was a shooting contest
going on. Adi, talk about
your village afterwards. Please carry on. The village
tales are very enchanting. This revolver is loaded. Place it in my hand and
talk about your village. Once upon a time… …a goon came into my village. He pointed his gun at you
like this! Now, I’ll tell you
the rest of the story. Carry on with your drama. Uncle! Sorry! Sorry for biting you! Sorry! Where did you bite me?
– On your hand. So, you’re the one who brought
these hijackers here. Don’t you feel ashamed of
committing such acts? Take this! Take that! Grandma, give her one more! As you sow, so shall you reap. Did you enjoy getting beaten up? Look! He’s running away!
Catch him. You land the plane, safely. I’ll catch him. Shiva! Passengers, please pay attention. Due to an emergency situation… …we’re forced to land
the plane at Vedas airport. Gosh! Is this a kid or a nuisance? Come here with a jeep, quickly. We’ll have to use plan B for
freeing our companions. Faster! Driver faster! That kid is chasing me! Come on, boss!
Are you scared of a kid? He’s not a kid! He’s as good as a storm! Run! Laddu Singh, I’m chasing
the plane hijackers. You come to Vedas airport quickly.
– Okay, Shiva. Drive the jeep! Keep driving! Don’t stop! Kill him! He has beaten me up badly! Uncle, I won’t let
you escape, today. It’s enough now, kid. Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva! My name is Shiva! My name is Shera. I create darkness in the light. But, you created
darkness in my life! Attention! My name is Laddu Singh and
I’m famous for a good reason. In order to arrest criminals,
Laddu Singh… …always reaches the right… …place, at the right time. Thank you, Shiva!
Thank you very much. Three cheers for Shiva! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!

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