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August 23, 2019

Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 for more superhero action. We are right back where
we left off in the Greenwich district and where I’m gonna start off by collecting
up these three backpacks here before heading over to this mission where we
have to investigate shocker the well-known villain shocker. It’s one of
my favourite villains actually so I’m quite excited about this but first if
you haven’t already done so make sure you hit that subscribe button and the
notification bell down below the video so you get a notification to your device
every time I upload and as always guys thank you all for your going support. Oh
you know rave they just like not fazed about spider-man being here at flower you look so far always be the optimist
come on man I do love these I’ve got to say the collectibles are great I love
how they’re not just sort of the same old thing oh yeah just collect the
backpacks but you actually get a relevant spider-man related item with
backstory – I think that’s fantastic really well thought through and so as I
said we’re going to cut these three just because they’re on the way and also I
love collecting the backpack so a knife like I said I’m gonna try to
be as involved as a cam with some of the collectables and things just to really
immerse myself in the world when we do this playthrough it’s not just gonna be
a blaze through the story as quickly as possible playthrough that I cannot of
youtubers do you know as I said spider-man’s my favorite superhero I
always wanted to be spider-man when I was a kid so I’m going to enjoy it surfy and also we got the tokens which
we can use for suits didn’t go away when I got my powers come to the top of the
Empire State to get over that that’s one way if you use an immersion therapy I
guess I mean it’s not what I would choose to do per you know each to his
own and all that or hurry however you want to be each to their own is probably
a better way of saying isn’t it anyway let’s head over here and get this third
one I think I will collect all the backpacks on this game actually I don’t
know if I do all of the collectables bill it would be quite cool if they’d
put people in these flats I mean just good that they’ve animated it in any way
but it’d be nice if you could actually see people maybe one day we’ll get there
video games I was caught the pass I didn’t press triangle one time if this
gets you the backpacks will read up about the house the court visitor badge
from when I interviewed there would have paid well but dr. Octavius offered the
chance to really make a difference yeah that’s true
I feel like we’re doing some good work with dr. Octavius okay let’s head over
there then we’re gonna do here come on we’re gonna see the Shocker mission as I
said I love shocker I think it’s a great enemy I used to watch these spider-man
the animated series when I was really young and shaka was on that and he was a
great villain was me not the way they drew him as well is sort of a yellow
suit it was a yellow and brown suit wasn’t it they always had like squares
on it what’s like netting it was really cool it’s similar to how they did in the
comics actually but don’t know how they will do that in this we shall see I like
the mask Jason making grounding you pretty
quickly though if you stop wrecking teams please pea soup so I speed yourself focus bar we can I have to catch him up cuz I’m
not really confident in my abilities to do that oh crap he’s getting away no he’s not
with I’m just taking a little detour that was all good day we’re back with
him I think we’ve actually got catching yes really on it
come on deed less fight for watching your every move I mean we
all know you’re kind of dumb but you’re this dumb you must be desperate which
means you’re not just stealing for yourself you must be working with
someone I draw off a punch out um if possible
punch now of him sounds fun you know he’s got some sort of shooting thing
from not fair now this super is kind of hard to control actually at times oh crap because I wasn’t expecting that okay
I’ve got a watch out for that when it does that powerup unities I’ve got budge
I know guys I’m sorry I’m still learning all everybody going stay down come on that’s like zero personality but your
suit is awesome can we talk design details this is
pretty cool well that wasn’t too bad was it it took me a little while but it’s
mainly gotten good work spider-man did you learn anything about his motive
I tried he’s not very talkative plus I think he hates me you have that effect
on a lot of people okay Yuri I tolerate you Wow
that might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me oh there we go
a shocking comeback complete new site Michigan knows a good time to look into
that mask MJ yeah he was unusually combated anyway
thanks again for dinner what do I owe you
that mask from the gallery yeah I’m actually on my way to the feast center
now to ask Martin Lee about it why he has a degree in art history if anyone
knows about the origins of that mask he will just keep me in the loop like I
said I think there’s a bigger story here and I plan to be the one to break it
sure so I can call you like whenever yeah well yes we’re talking again cool cool
maybe cool so we’ve got that to do I’m gonna
activate this tower here as soon as we’re right next to it it was a
relatively short mission I mean I guess it introduced the whole chasing dynamic
I guess that’s gonna be a thing but to be honest I would rather have had a bit
of a fight with him there that would have been quite cool to at least fight
him rather than just arrest him that quickly but never mind I’m sure we’ll
get our opportunity does it it moves RC okay
one out of three towers in this district I like characters like the zoom out kind
of like Assassin’s Creed style when um unlock the viewpoints in Assassin’s
Creed it zooms out and shows you the area you’ve unlocked
quite like that I think it’s cool there’s a couple of backpacks here let’s
get those we’ll see what other goodies we can find in these backpacks and then
we’ll head over to feast or speak to mine Lee about this mask go work-life
balance idiots balance work in a personal life I ever find time to read
it simple steps to the balanced work life you deserve stressed exhausted burn
the candle at both ends and still feel like you’re neglecting your job your
personal life or both at least this helped fantastic the number one
bestseller oh yeah we’re level 7 now aren’t we and
we get a skill maybe we can only got one point
available I might start with really interested in that
what’s that rifle shield no ji-yong yeah I might get that I might save and get
that I mean I might get that as well I think I’ll get this first and then I
think I’ll get that next because being able to yank machine guns out of the bad
guy’s hands is going to be pretty useful I think so let’s head over to this it’s
been a weird place to have been nice little podcast science trophy science
prize trophy and check I couldn’t turn it down without arousing suspicion but
no way was I gonna take his money even though yeah we don’t want his money
did accept the lifetime supply it backpacks though how many backpacks he’s
got it’s a good point well that’s a shame interrupted the podcast we need to
landmark we need some landmark tokens don’t we how do we use the camera again
remember how to do it how do we use the camera again of the gun camera oh there we go l1 there we go nice composition if I do
say so myself okay so that got one out of seven
landmarks here so I think we need some of those for the suits don’t we can we
oh we can buy gadgets as well all we need to be level eight to the spider
drone anyway Electric web web bomb tripmine concussive blast suspension
matrix these are cool right suits can we can put suit mods on ah cool
so we can spend these things are mods as well interest in oh so we can make it
stealthy at defense oh this is cool this is really cool isn’t it secret war suit
that’s pretty cool I like that but we need to continue the story tour not
research tokens okay we can make this the Scarlet Spider I might make that at
some point and then of course we’ve got all these ones we don’t know about can
we I think we can use those can’t we maybe we’ll do that at some point I
don’t get why we sort of need to buy our old repaired suit that’s kind of weird yeah I’m gonna do this at some point get
some new suits give us some options on the suit up front but what should we do
should we head over to here or there’s the side mission as well
what are these things was this Octavius industries okay let’s head up here
because I’d quite like to do a side mission actually spider-man P I let’s go
and do that we’ll collect that backpack on the way just because it is on the way
let’s do that spider-man P I it seems pretty cool one sounds like a nice
little mission actually I’m hoping the side missions on this gamer as good as
the story missions quite often with these type of games the side missions
can be a bit of a letdown so I’m hoping this game is going to have some pretty
cool side missions in it but really shall see will also deal with some of
these Street crimes as well I know that in LA noire but we actually will see any
so like real-time events well maybe we won’t who knows we’ll see sometimes they get a little it’s
sidetracked if the main stuff to do we shall have to wait and see there’s a
crime going on right down there actually funny enough oops um whips OSE on your arm webs
thought they might help me glide short distances but they never really worked
looked cool though they kind of did in the comics though I might go down there
and stop fat strip that cream down there by the way see is this happening right
where we are guess what guys we’re doing one of the
street crimes stop the car without taking damage what do we see today I mean how many of
these guys all okay I think we did it nothing like a high-speed chase to keep
a guy on his tail oh we didn’t take damage we did take them in Shapira knee
oh there we go nicely done spider-man
let’s go over to here then spider-man pee I no problem tell Jameson what I did
as soon as he’s so convinced that I’m a menace let me know that stopped a
high-speed chase save lots of people who armed suspects let’s get down here ways
this hello hello how can I help
are you okay ma’am Carmen and I’m fine if my husband Rodrigo he’s been acting
weird and I just found out he’s meeting this woman well listen I’m not the best
person to help with relationship problems like that
I think she’s involved with bad people Rodrigo might be in real trouble he’s
scared but he won’t tell me anything I can check it out any idea when he’s
meeting her next tonight by the detox center in Greenwich okay don’t worry
Carmen I’ll find out what’s going on yeah calm and don’t worry I’m gonna go
and figure this out for you are Carmen just sent me Rodrigo’s pictures let’s
see if I can find it is it gonna display or is it just gonna
show him when he’s there the little y con thing this is cool though they have
a change of pace now they’re spying hopefully it doesn’t involve stealth
because you know we’ve already established that me and stealth don’t go
hand-in-hand that’s Rodrigo he’s really nervous woman
doesn’t seem like a girlfriend I’ll get a photo with you why would if that picture gets out my
life’s over give me that angle need to get it
straight on okay rafi ankle now okay I’ve gotta get a picture of her
straight on I see which is too far away now god this is
actually really awkward okay smooth-eeee does it you know what fire what fire is
she leaking if we gotta follow her plans the blackmailer find out how big Carmen
I’m uploading a photo to you does this woman look familiar meeting his needs
she’s got needs she’s got needs in it she’s gonna leak him all right I’m
taking the plans I’ll be in touch another high-speed chase I mean this
taxi drivers breaking all sorts of laws of his driving know what’s this another
victim or an accomplice I need a photo he looks like an accomplice angle on
this new guy looks like it’s the underside of the High Line okay these people are really like blind on me gotcha that’s why I’m talking about man deshaun
I ready how many people are in on this I’ve got a following so is it gonna be
some sort of heist guess it’s gonna be a heist and the plans are obviously for
some sort of like building or something he’s gone down there oh I see we can’t
go down there got a tail it from above cool casino plans and a criminal record
it’s not a great combination I need to find out who else is in on it Cena sounds like it I’ll let you know
what I find out it’s the hit machine on
hmm pretty cool I’m liking this side mission so far any fears I had to have
been laid a little bit so far because this is a long train journey isn’t it okay we’ll do that
there we go how it comes tell Deshawn I think he is well I think we’ll leave
it there guys because we’re out of time and we’ll continue this little side
mission in the next one this is pretty cool so far this little side mission
it’s promising signs but yeah that it’s going to do it for this one so as always
thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that like
button really that’s our channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit
that subscribe button and the notification belief in you or just
haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time

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  1. Indeed, there's no better way to be Spidey than in this game. 10:09 You're right! AC games do the same thing when you get a sync point. I think the crime calls are more an extra thing than a side mission. Yeah, the benefits of the different suits become really useful, especially if you're having a hard time beating a mission. It's also fun to play with the various looks. This mission is awesome so far.

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