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Shockwave (Transformers)

August 16, 2019

Shockwave is the name of several transformers
in the Transformers franchise. Throughout his incarnations, he is usually distinguished
by a laser cannon instead of one of his hands and his distinctive face, which is featureless
save for a single robotic eye. He is also commonly portrayed as a cold, emotionless
Decepticon. Due to issues with Hasbro’s trademark of the name Shockwave, some products were
also released under the name Shockblast or “Shockblast the Great”. Transformers: Generation 1
As the Decepticons’ military operations commander, Shockwave’s power is second only to Megatron,
and even that is disputed. His actions are carried out with the cold, brutal clarity
and perfection one would expect of a purely mechanical being—his way is not that of
blood lust, like so many other Decepticons, but rather that of a scientist attempting
to solve a problem. And that problem is: how can he use his abilities to most effectively
eliminate the greatest number of enemies? Unfortunately for the Autobots, it is rare
that Shockwave does not find an answer. Unlike most early Transformers Shockwave was
not modified into an Earthly form, and retains his Cybertron alternate mode—a 35-foot-long
ray gun. He possesses the power of flight in both modes, and commands the totality of
the electromagnetic spectrum allowing him to emit beams of energy in a wide variety
of forms. His high energy output makes him particularly fuel inefficient, but radioactive
fuel sources stored in the reactor in his chest can help Shockwave to overcome this
problem. Although his logical brain center is usually an advantage, human adversaries
often pose more of a difficulty to Shockwave, as more intuitive and emotional thought processes
often confound him. While the animated series established Shockwave
as fanatically loyal to Megatron, Shockwave’s original bio and most fiction since have described
him as coldly and patiently looking for ways to overthrow Megatron, not for personal power
but simply because it was logical for him to do so. Shockwave concluded that he should
rule so that no emotion should prevent the Decepticons from conquering the universe.
This was retained in most comic books, where Shockwave became leader of the Decepticons.
Unusually for a 1985 toy, Shockwave was part of Transformers fiction from the first year,
appearing in both the original cartoon pilot and 4-issue comic book miniseries.
Development According to writer Bob Budiansky the character
of Shockwave was inspired by Spock from the Star Trek series.
Reception .
Wired Magazine once nominated him as one of the 12 most ridiculous Transformers of all
time. Marvel Comics Shockwave’s characterization in the animated
series is based on an early profile written for the character which presented him to be
the guardian of Cybertron, with no desires beyond that station. His toy’s tech spec and
Transformers Universe profile, however, wrote of a character who sought to overthrow Megatron
and rule the Decepticons because he views it as the logical thing to do. This was the
version of the character who impressed fans with his appearance in Marvel’s Transformers
comic book series. Also, unlike his cartoon incarnation, in which he was depicted as an
easily beatable foe, his comic incarnation was very powerful.
Here, Shockwave was part of the Decepticon unit that pursued the Ark, but he held back
from actually attacking the craft, remaining on the Decepticons’ own space cruiser and
following the Ark down to prehistoric Earth when it crashed. His guiding systems disrupted
by his travel through Earth’s atmosphere, Shockwave touched down in Antarctica, specifically,
in the Savage Land, whose dinosaur inhabitants the Ark used as a basis to reconstruct five
Autobots to battle Shockwave. These “Dinobots” engaged Shockwave, but he slyly outmaneuvered
them, and managed to trap them in a tar pit one by one by picking them off from a safe
distance with his superior firepower. A stalemate was reached when the last strike by the Dinobots
before sinking into the pit saw them bury Shockwave under a landslide, where he remained
for four million years. In 1984, Shockwave was reawakened by an Autobot
probe dispatched from the Ark. He quickly struck the weakened Autobots, who had just
defeated Megatron’s forces. Deactivating them all and stringing them up in the Ark, which
he took for his own base, Shockwave brought the Decepticons back online to serve him,
and was soon challenged for leadership by a wounded Megatron, whom he soundly defeated
and brought under his heel. As Decepticon commander, Shockwave commandeered the Blackrock
Aerospace Plant, using its resources to construct new Transformers, which he then gave life
using the Creation Matrix, siphoned from Optimus Prime. However, Prime was able to transfer
the Matrix into Buster Witwicky’s mind, preventing Shockwave from giving life to his newest creation,
Jetfire. Shockwave instead programmed Jetfire to acquire Buster, but Buster was able to
reprogram and give life to Jetfire and took Shockwave out of the game long enough to recover
Optimus Prime’s severed head. Prime then battled Shockwave and hurled him into a swamp.
Shockwave was able to extricate himself in short order, and attempted a series of failed
plans, such as draining sonic energy from a rock concert and attempting to control Bumblebee.
When Megatron resurfaced, he and Shockwave clashed again, but settled into a brief period
of shared leadership until Shockwave fell victim to an Autobot trap, and saw the logic
in Megatron’s accusations of failure, ceding command to him. However, in the UK comic Shockwave
did not stand for this for long, and he soon sent the Predacons in to assassinate both
Optimus and Megatron, failing after Megatron teleported himself and Prime to Cybertron
and only just managing to cover his tracks without Megatron knowing it was him. When
Megatron began to descend into paranoid insanity after the death of Optimus Prime, Shockwave
attempted to take advantage of the situation by arranging a staged attack by the Predacons.
Megatron defeated them even in their combined mode of Predaking, but when Shockwave revealed
that he had duplicated his mind to disc to guide the Predacons during their hunt, Megatron’s
deranged mind began to believe that this was how Optimus Prime had survived. Desperate
and insane, Megatron apparently killed himself by blowing up the spacebridge while he was
on it, once again allowing Shockwave to take leadership. However, he soon faced various
objections courtesy of Ratbat, the local Decepticon commander on Cybertron, who criticized his
operations for being too fuel-inefficient. Arriving on Earth to oversee Shockwave’s work,
Ratbat encountered Buster Witwicky, whom he captured and brought to the Decepticons’ mobile
island base. With the Autobot Headmasters in pursuit, Shockwave transformed the island
into its rocket mode and blasted off, but in a space-bound battle with Fortress Maximus,
Shockwave was defeated and sent hurtling into Earth’s atmosphere, where he seemingly burned
up. Although this would be all that the U.S. comics
would see of Shockwave for some time, this was not the case for its sister title, the
U.K.-based Transformers comic, which reprinted the American stories with their own original
material intertwined. In previous UK stories, Shockwave had run afoul of the future Decepticon
leader, Galvatron, who was attempting to disrupt his leadership in the present to ensure the
loyalty of his army in the future. After his battle with Fortress Maximus, Shockwave was
revealed to have survived his fall back to Earth and returned to the Decepticons’ original
castle base, where he had the Seacons acquire the body of what was apparently Megatron,
which he brainwashed into doing his bidding in order to pit him against Galvatron. When
he was visited by the other future Decepticons, Cyclonus and Scourge and learned that in their
future, they would kill him, he unleashed Megatron upon them, who killed Cyclonus. Shockwave
then turned Megatron upon Galvatron, but rather than destroy him, he saw a potential partner
in Galvatron, and they teamed up to battle Autobots and Decepticons from both the present
and future in the “Time Wars”, as a rift in the space-time continuum bore down on them.
Shockwave, however, had become a prisoner of his own logic – to seal the rift it was
necessary to return Cyclonus’s body to it, thereby saving everyone, including himself.
A logical action. However, to do so would be to condemn himself to death in the future
by Cyclonus and Scourge’s hands. Illogical. Unable to cope with the paradox, Shockwave
went insane, but was saved by Ravage, who pointed out that, equipped with knowledge
of his death, he could prevent it. His mind restored, Shockwave returned Cyclonus’s body
to the rift, after Galvatron and Scourge were consumed by it, and sealed it shut with an
X-ray blast. The day had been saved, but Optimus Prime promised him that the next time they
met, it would be as enemies. A short time later, Shockwave went on to make
his return to the pages of the U.S. comic, as he established a small splinter cell of
Decepticons, consisting of himself, Starscream, Mindwipe, Triggerhappy, Ravage, Runabout and
Runamuck. Declaring civil war against the current Decepticon Earth commander, Scorponok,
Shockwave battled him in New Jersey, only for the conflict to be interrupted when all
the Transformers were transported back to Cybertron by their deity, Primus to battle
Unicron. Awestruck by the chaos-bringer, even Shockwave’s vast data-grid could not compute
a logical course of action, and he and Starscream hijacked the Ark and fled the planet shortly
after Unicron’s defeat. However, the Dinobots had previously treated the Transformers stored
in the Ark’s stasis pods with the life-restoring fuel, Nucleon – and among those Transformers
was the true Megatron, who battled with Galvatron, who had also stowed away on board the craft.
Galvatron came to his senses in time, realizing that if Megatron was killed, he could cease
to exist, and hid as Shockwave arrived to kill a weakened and disorientated Megatron.
Galvatron intervened, but in an attempt to break the cycle of violence that seemingly
bound him and Megatron, Autobot medic Ratchet crashed the Ark into Earth. Shockwave was
last seen in pain as Megatron and Galvatron advanced on him just before the ship crashed.
His fate remains unknown. He did not appear again in either the remainder of the US Generation
1 comics or the subsequent Generation 2 comics. In the Earthforce sequence of UK comic stories,
both Shockwave and Megatron were running separate Decepticon cells on Earth, fighting both Autobot
and each other. It was clear that unless they were united, the Decepticons could not ever
defeat the Autobots, and so Soundwave & Starscream organized a coup of both cells and reunified
them as a single army. Shockwave and Megatron were forced to team up to retake control.
The second wave of Decepticon Headmasters would appear in the U.K. Marvel comic issue
#234, “Prime’s Rib!” This story is set in the near future, 1995, where Optimus Prime,
Jazz and Hot Rod introduce the latest Autobot, Arcee, to the human feminists. She was met
with displeasure by the humans, being called a token female and disliked for her pink color.
They were then attacked by Shockwave, Fangry, Horri-Bull and Squeezeplay, who thought the
Autobot would be unveiling a new weapon. The Autobots fought off the Decepticons, who escaped,
but nothing seemed to please the human feminists. In the U.K. comic stories set after the Transformers
movie, it is revealed Shockwave survived the attack from Unicron and took command of the
Decepticons in 2006 and, as Rodimus Prime was focused on finding Galvatron, was able
to conquer half of Cybertron from under the Autobots. Part of his rule involved keeping
Cyclonus & Scourge from ever being in a position to usurp him, even arranging for them to botch
Death’s Head’s hit on Prime so he would kill them – this failed when Unicron sent them,
backed up by a mind-controlled Death’s Head, to assassinate him and take control of the
Decepticons. Death’s Head eventually killed Shockwave after a grueling battle, promising
to avenge him even as he blew him apart. Animated series
Though a major character in the Marvel comics, Shockwave was minor character in the cartoon,
only making rare appearances, and rather than being presented as a powerful Decepticon he
was depicted as a weak and easily beatable foe. When Megatron prepared to lead his troops
in pursuit of Optimus Prime and the Ark, Shockwave was instructed to stay behind and guard Cybertron
in Megatron’s absence. Swearing that Cybertron would remain as Megatron left it, Shockwave
performed his duty to the letter for four million years, after Megatron and the other
Transformers were entombed in stasis on Earth. So accurately did Shockwave carry out his
task, however, that no advances were achieved in the war, and the deadlock slowly caused
what little supplies of energy the planet had to dwindle. In the Earth year 1984, Shockwave
again attempted to make contact with the lost Megatron – only this time, he received a reply.
The Transformers on Earth had been awakened, and immediately, Shockwave and Megatron co-created
the Space Bridge, an inter-galactic transport system, with which to send energon cubes made
from Earth’s energy to the depleted planet. In the first tests of the spacebridge, Megatron
was transported to Cybertron himself, but Shockwave soon returned him so that further
transport runs could be conducted. Spacebridge technology was taken to its ultimate
extreme in “The Ultimate Doom” when Shockwave and Megatron co-ordinated the transportation
of Cybertron itself into the Solar System via the use of a colossal spacebridge.
In “Countdown to Extinction”, when Starscream arrives on Cybertron and proclaims himself
the new leader of the Decepticons instead of the “late” Megatron, Shockwave does not
believe him and tries to call up Megatron again and again. Starscream forbids him to
do this and even fires at his computer terminal, but then he becomes too busy with preparing
to receive the energy of the Earth’s annihilation. Meanwhile Shockwave succeeds in getting through
to Megatron at last and in warning him of the explosive device installed by Starscream
in the Arkeville’s laboratory, so that Megatron and Optimus Prime have time to prevent the
explosion and to save the Earth. Shockwave briefly came to Earth and joined
Megatron’s troops in episode #23 “The Autobot Run”, but returned to Cybertron shortly thereafter.
In 1985, Shockwave contended with the power of the Dinobots when they splintered off from
the Autobots and came to Cybertron in “Desertion of the Dinobots”, episodes #37-38. With the
aid of his guards, Shockwave was able to overpower them and put them to work in the Cybertronian
pits, but failed to prevent the escape of Spike Witwicky and his girlfriend, Carly,
when they pursued the Dinobots to the planet and were able to effect their release.
Soon after in episode #53 “The Search for Alpha Trion”, Shockwave discovered that a
guerrilla team of Female Autobots had been raiding his Energon stores for years, and
successfully tracked them back to their hidden base, arranging the capture of Elita One.
Optimus Prime and several of his warriors came to Cybertron to aid their female allies,
and Elita One herself blasted Shockwave out of the battle. Subsequently, Shockwave located
the key to Vector Sigma for Megatron. Spying on the Autobots, he then discovered the key’s
hidden power to transform organics into technomatter. When the Combaticons invaded Cybertron, Shockwave
attempted to fend them off, but was turned against his sentinel drones when Bruticus
seized him in gun mode and opened fire on them with him, before launching him off into
space, where he crashed into Starscream. Shockwave and Starscream returned to the planet, but
were captured and imprisoned. They both were discharged when Megatron and Optimus Prime’s
forces arrived to stop Bruticus’ rampage. Over the next twenty years, Megatron turned
his attention away from Earth, and succeeded in fully conquering Cybertron. In 2005, however,
the planet came under attack by Unicron, and Shockwave attempted to mobilize the Decepticons
against the threat. The script for The Transformers: The Movie explicitly details Shockwave’s death
as Unicron crushes his command tower with him in it, rips it off the planet, and tears
it to shreds, and although this was not shown in the finished film, Shockwave was not seen
again following the movie. The IDW Publishing adaptation of the movie has Shockwave lead
the Decepticons against Unicron, only to be blown in half by the Chaos-Bringer’s eye beams.
In Shockwave’s first appearance, in “More Than Meets the Eye”, Part One, he has two
hands. By his next appearance, in the first episode of the ongoing series, “Transport
to Oblivion”, his left hand has been replaced with a gun barrel, matching his toy appearance.
Dreamwave Productions Shockwave was a major character in the Dreamwave
Productions’ 21st century re-imagining of G1. As a major player in the Decepticon army
in Cybertron’s past, he led the main attack on the Autobots’ stronghold shortly after
the appointment of Optimus Prime, and personally destroyed two Omega Sentinels with one blast
in space gun mode. There was also tension between him and Starscream about who would
lead the Decepticons after Megatron’s supposed death, which eventually led to the creation
of multiple splinter factions within both the Autobots and Decepticons. While Starscream
created his own faction, the “Predacons”, Shockwave led the Decepticons through the
“Dark Ages” of Cybertron, during which his logic allowed him to put aside differences
with Jetfire and the Autobots in order to defeat the greater evil of The Fallen. As
the Dark Ages came to an end, Shockwave was ready to sign a peace treaty with Ratbat’s
Ultracons and the Autobots, but the return of Megatron derailed the plan, though the
Quintesson-created clones he brought back to the planet with him greatly intrigued Shockwave.
Shockwave was left behind on Cybertron while Megatron’s forces pursued Optimus Prime and
were subsequently lost on Earth for four million years, and became Decepticon leader on the
planet. He began experimenting with cloning, and through studies of Astrotrain and Blitzwing,
began to conceive the idea of a Transformer with multiple alternate modes. Eventually,
however, Shockwave and all the other Transformers on Cybertron succumbed to stasis lock as the
planet’s energy ran out, and it entered a hibernation phase known as the “Great Shutdown.”
During this period of inactivity, 3,000 years ago, Unicron’s herald Scourge located the
planet, and reactivated Shockwave for study purposes. However, when Shockwave was attacked
by a swarm of Sharkticons, Scourge intervened, and after saving him, was shot by Shockwave,
who then proceeded to study him, learning much of the function and purpose of Transformers
and Cybertron from the secrets within Scourge. Shockwave steadily worked to restore Cybertron,
reactivating its population and solving their energy needs, ending the war and unifying
the planet. He also continued his experiments into multiple transformations, yielding the
unstable Duocons, and then successfully mastering the process with Triple Changers. Capturing
Alpha Trion, Shockwave sought to unlock the full secrets of Vector Sigma, having already
learned of the mysterious significance of Earth to the Transformer race. In preparation
for the invasion of the planet, Shockwave subliminally influenced the population of
Cybertron to become more violent, and prevented the return of Optimus Prime and Megatron aboard
the Ark II by having a human agent blow it up.
In 2003, Shockwave made his move, heading to Earth with his Triple Changer troops and
capturing Megatron and Optimus’s forces, planning to try the two leaders as war criminals. Megatron
was jettisoned into space by Starscream, while Prime’s escape from his clutches led him to
fall in with a rebel group, and then to confront Shockwave himself, only to be defeated by
the Decepticon, who ripped the Matrix from him. Using the Matrix to activate Vector Sigma,
Shockwave downloaded the compressed contents of the mega-computer into his network, but
before he had an opportunity to view the data, he was pulled into a battle with Ultra Magnus.
In the course of the fight, the fuel line to his cannon was severed, and the resulting
explosion destroyed his citadel and knocked him into a chasm.
While the rest of Cybertron believed Shockwave to be deceased, he had actually survived the
explosion and gone underground in the wastelands of Cybertron with Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and
the Seekers Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet. He continued his experimentation, resulting in
Sixshot. Soon after, however, Megatron returned to Cybertron and bested Shockwave, taking
him to Earth where he did the same to Starscream. But now, the three players were assembled,
each knowing certain dark secrets of Cybertron’s past. Unfortunately, Dreamwave’s bankruptcy
and subsequently closure at the start of 2005 means that currently, this story remains unresolved.
Shockwave also appeared in several other Dreamwave miniseries, including Transformers/G.I. Joe
and the Micromasters series. In this series, set after The War Within but before the Great
Shutdown, Shockwave is in command of the Cybertron Decepticons, with Scorponok and Ratbat serving
under him. Later in the series a low-on-fuel Shockwave is defeated by the Micromaster Skystalker
and decapitated. Whether this mini-series is in continuity with the main Generation
One series is unclear. Devil’s Due Publishing
Shockwave was also in the second G.I. Joe vs the Transformers series from Devil’s Due
Publishing. In this Shockwave had taken control of the Decepticon army after Megatron’s disappearance
and conquered Cybertron, forcing the Autobots underground. However, this all changed when
Cobra Commander hacked into Teletraan III with the aim of creating a wormhole to Cybertron
where he could steal more Transformer technology. G.I. Joe attempted to interfere and they,
along with Cobra and Cobra Commander’s personal transport Starscream were all transported
to Cybertron. Shockwave arrived with his troops and attempted to eliminate them. However a
squad of Autobots led by Ultra Magnus stop them, keeping the Decepticons out by erecting
a shield generator. While the Joes and Cobra forces attempted to locate several time-displaced
Transformers, Shockwave’s forces battered at the shield and eventually overwhelmed it,
capturing most of the humans and Teletran 3 and wounding Ratchet in the process. The
humans were able to sneak in and undo the blocks on the time-displacement equipment,
allowing the last Transformers to return – the Dinobots, reconfigured into their now-familiar
dinosaur modes. They wiped out most of Shockwave’s forces and severely damaged Shockwave. As
Starscream tried to weasel his way out of being killed by Shockwave for his part in
the fiasco, both were instead eliminated when Cobra Commander activated his “parting gift”
to the traitorous Starscream – 45 pounds of plastic explosives.
Despite the character being notoriously difficult to kill, it seems Shockwave did indeed perish
in the explosion. In the third crossover a group of Autobots and G.I. Joes returning
to Cybertron via the Spacebridge are attacked by Cannabilizers – old and damaged Transformers
after spare parts. One of these clearly has Shockwave’s gun arm.
Fun Publications The Transformers Classics comics published
in the Official Transformers Collectors Club magazine is set in the Marvel Comics continuity,
but in a timeline where the events of Generation 2 did not occur. Shockwave’s severed but still
living head appears among Megatron’s troops. Fun Publications
Shockwave was among Megatron’s troops when Megatron defeated Deathsaurus in combat for
leadership of the Decepticons and when Megatron attacked Iacon with his new weapon, Devastator.
IDW Publishing Since the Dreamwave bankruptcy, the Transformers
license has been acquired by IDW Publishing, who have begun to issue their own Transformers
series. The Transformers: Evolutions: Hearts of Steel, an alternate reality set during
America’s Industrial Revolution, features Shockwave reconfigured as a Confederate-style
Ironclad. He is the first Transformer to reveal himself to the humans, transforming from boat
mode at the end of issue #1. Although he only briefly appeared after this in issue #2, showing
Tobias Muldoon the Decepticon base, he was presumably destroyed when Bumblebee and John
Henry managed to send the entire Decepticon rail convoy into a chasm.
In the main IDW Transformers universe, Generation One Shockwave made his first appearance in
the first issue of The Transformers: Spotlight. In this single-issue story, Shockwave sees
the coming state of Cybertron. Launching energon missiles into space, one crashes on Earth
with Shockwave looking on this as an experiment in progress. However, he was interrupted by
the Dynobots, seeking revenge for a past defeat involving Shockwave stealing their energon
cache. They adopted the forms of extinct dinosaurs to combat the high energon levels of the planet.
Despite the ferocity of the Dynobots’ assault he was still able to defeat them all. However,
Grimlock, anticipating possible defeat, programmed their ship to fire upon their location if
they did not return, burying them all in lava, until a human archeology team discovered them
many years later. In The Transformers: Escalation it was revealed the bodies of both Shockwave
and the Dynobots had been uncovered by the mysterious defense organization Skywatch.
Shockwave’s actions here serve as a prequel to other story lines: the rich energon seams
Shockwave plants here are discovered by Starscream’s infiltration unit, leading to the events of
Infiltration, while Megatron, at the story’s close, assigns Bludgeon to seal off Shockwave’s
research, implying that this is how he gains the knowledge he has in Stormbringer.
It is hinted in the Spotlight that Shockwave at one point cut himself off from his emotions.
Shockwave is subsequently reactivated by Skywatch to locate and nullify Laserbeak, Ravage, and
the Dinobots whom Skywatch have lost control of. Soundwaves help is obtained to break a
code that Skywatch have planned to detonate a bomb in Shockwaves head if he does not do
Skywatch’s bidding. Upon locating the Dinobots Shockwave firstly engages and defeats Scorponok
in battle, and then turns his attentions to Grimlock. However Soundwave correctly encrypts
Skywatch’s codes enabling Shockwave to disengage the Bomb, at this point Shockwave disengages
the battle with Grimlock and walks away, only for Grimlock to detonate a bomb burying them
both in rubble. Shockwave is subsequently captured and imprisoned by Ultra Magnus
In the recent mini series Last Stand of the Wreckers it was revealed that when the sadisic
renegade Decepticon known as Overlord took control of the Autobot pirson “The Last Resort”
he freed Shockwave and gave him a hand picked crew of Decepticons in return for Shockwave
disabling the safe guards he had implanted in him under Megatron’s orders, just as he
had done to Overlord’s fellow Phase Six Decepticons Sixshot and Black Shadow
Following his escape Shockwave joined up with the Decepticons currently faltering under
Starscream’s weak and ineffective leadership. He claims to be working on repairing the Space
Bridge though Megatron, still on life support following his battle with Optimus Prime, suspects
that he is not being completely truthful Transformers: Alternators
Shockwave staged a comeback in 2005’s Transformers: Alternators toy line, which featured classic
characters re-interpreted with modern vehicular alternate modes. Although the American toys
offered no supporting fiction, the storyline included with the Japanese version of the
line, Binaltech, detailed the story of Shockwave’s rebirth in this unusual new form.
When the time-displaced Decepticon agent, Ravage, used the time machine called the Kronosphere
to alter the time line, the chaos that ensued resulted in the destruction of Shockwave’s
body. With Ravage’s aid, his mind was installed into a stolen Autobot “Binaltech” body, equipped
with a prototype “Transmuter” device, which, when interfaced with Shockwave’s personality
component, allowed the chassis to “transmute” itself into Shockwave’s recognizable physical
form, including his cyclopean visage and gun-arm. He wields a Turbo Rifle which can also serve
as a power booster for his gun-arm, and can project up to five holographic duplicates
of himself anywhere on the planet. Other Media
In the Megas XLR Episode, Ice Ice Megas, the robots of the Cerilian Army resemble Shockwave
in almost every way, except color and alt mode. All of them were voiced by Jeff Bennett.
In an episode of Robot Chicken, Shockwave finds Soundwave in eBay and asks Megatron
if he buys it now. He also appears in the Macgyver episode “The Black Corsage”.
Toys Generation 1 Shockwave
The Shockwave toy transforms from a robot into a ray gun that can be wielded in a “role
play” fashion, featuring electronic laser noises and lights. The toy itself was one
of the first Transformers figures not derived from the Japanese Diaclone or Microman toy
lines, instead coming from a company named ToyCo, which had produced the toy under the
name “Astro Magnum”. It is believed this was the only toy that ToyCo made. Unlike Shockwave,
Astro Magnum was gray with a red eye, and a standard trigger design. Also unusual is
that, prior to Shockwave’s release by Hasbro, Radio Shack sold the gray version in the US.
However, it is debated as to whether or not the Radio Shack release was a licensed ToyCo
release or a bootleg. Notably, unlike other early Transformers figures not made by Takara
such as Jetfire or Omega Supreme, Shockwave was the only non-Takara toy that was actually
marketed and sold as part of the Transformers line in Japan.
In the 1980s, Transformers was such a success that Hasbro wanted to get as much products
out on the shelves with the Transformers name on it as possible. Since they were running
out of old Takara molds to use, they obtained licences to use the molds of other companies’
robot toys in the Transformers line. Shockwave, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Sky Lynx, Roadbuster,
Whirl, Chop Shop, Venom, Barrage and Ransack were among those molds. It was believed with
the licences to those toys now expired, Hasbro and Takara no longer had legal rights to those
figures and could not reissue them. However, hope of a Shockwave reissue by Takara increased
when Omega Supreme was announced as part of the Takara Encore line for release in May
2008 in Japan. This toy was used to represent Shockwave when
he appeared in the Robot Chicken episode “Werewolf vs. Unicorn”.
In recent years bootleg versions of the Shockwave figure based on the original G1 toy mold have
appeared in the Chinese market. However, this new toys are grey colored and lack the transparent
chest plate piece, which is evident as the toy’s chest kept the holes where the plate
was attached. Also the head of the robot was changed to a more antropomorphic version with
red eyes and a mouth piece. Generation 1 Action Master Shockwave
A second toy incarnation of Shockwave was sold in 1991, as part of the non-transforming
“Action Masters” sub-line. He was accompanied by a transforming “terror droid” partner named
Fistfight – a loathsome little creature who enjoys dissecting late-model cars – who transforms
into a long-range lightning rifle that Shockwave can wield. Although many other Action Masters
had appeared in the Marvel Comics continuity, Action Master Shockwave did not.
Alternators Shockblast Due to trademark problems with Shockwave’s
name, the new incarnation of Shockwave created for Alternators was released under the “Shockblast”
moniker. The figure transforms into a Strato Blue Mazdaspeed II Mazda RX-8 with Shockwave’s
familiar head and gun arm, and also wields a rifle that transforms in the car mode’s
muffler. Robot Heroes Shockwave
A small PVC non-transforming version of Generation 1 Shockwave, released in a two-pack with Grimlock.
WST Robots Military Operations Commander An unlicensed figure produced by Justitoys
recreates Shockwave in the style of the Smallest Transformers line. Comes with a gray fist
for G1 Bruticus to hold the toy in gun mode. Other merchandise
Megatron, Shockwave and Ravage are the three Decepticon figures available to play in the
Monopoly Transformers Collectors Edition game. Transformers: Armada “Shockwave” was the name Takara used for the
character called Tidal Wave by Hasbro. Hasbro’s original design for the figure cast him in
shades of purple and gray, although they later abandoned this in favor of a green and gray
scheme for their figure; the animated series, however, had gone into production before this
last-minute change, resulting in the cartoon incarnation of the character being rendered
in the purple and gray scheme. Accordingly, in the interest of show-accuracy, Takara release
their figure in this color scheme, rather than the altered Hasbro one – happily, these
colors fit suitably well with his Japanese name in hearkening back to the purple-and-gray
G1 Shockwave, although it is unclear whether or not this was intentional, though unlikely
since Shockwave was known as Laserwave in the Japanese dub of the G1 cartoon.
Transformers: Energon Although the assorted Transformers series
which followed the original often paid homage to many popular characters by naming new characters
after them, or sculpting them to share their likeness, Shockwave was without a homage in
the US for over a decade—it would not be until the midst of 2004’s Transformers: Energon
line that Shockwave received this honor in the form of Shockblast. Hasbro had since lost
the trademark to the name “Shockwave” to Lanard Toys, and compensated as best they could through
use of this altered name. As previously noted, in Japan, Takara still retained the rights
to their original name, hence there, Shockblast was still named Laserwave.
Hugely egotistical, cold, ruthless, and a genius, Shockblast is sometimes loyal to Megatron
but occasionally acts like Starscream and seeks to overthrow his master. Shockblast’s
capacity for ruthlessness exceeds even that of Megatron which makes his personality a
cross between his leaders and Starscream’s. However despite that, Starscream himself even
under Megatron’s control seems to respect Shockblast. The power-hungry Shockblast transforms
into an orbital Satellite and a ground-based assault vehicle. He has an unspecified history
with Tidal Wave, who distrusts him. Animated series
Considered to be one of the most dangerous and deadly Decepticons, Shockblast was captured
by the Autobots and imprisoned on Cybertron. In the Earth year 2020, when Megatron attacked
Cybertron with Unicron, he instructed some Decepticon agents on the planet to liberate
Shockblast. Shockblast, however, had already begun to effect his own escape amidst the
chaos Megatron’s attack was causing, and broke free of his restraints just as a Decepticon
agent arrived at his cell, and was killed by Shockblast simply because he had no need
of him. In making his escape, Shockblast killed one of his guards, Padlock, causing his other
jailer, Wing Dagger, to swear revenge. Shockblast immediately rankled under Megatron’s
leadership, and was attacked by Wing Dagger when he led a new attack on Cybertron. Tidal
Wave was ordered to aid him, but Shockblast had already collapsed an Energon Tower and
dragged Wing Dagger under it, killing him, and accidentally injuring Tidal Wave. Both
victims were soon reborn, however – Tidal Wave as Mirage, and Wing Dagger as the powerful
Wing Saber. While Wing Saber merged with Optimus Prime as the Autobots ventured into Unicron,
Shockblast defied Megatron’s orders, lying and claiming he was under attack while sneaking
off and preparing to make a power play. When Megatron faced off against Optimus Prime in
the middle of an Energon reaction that had torn a fissure in space, Shockblast leaped
into the middle, only to be hit by a chunk of debris and sent spiraling through the fissure,
into a new region of space where Alpha Q had recreated the planets destroyed by Unicron.
Separated from the other Decepticons, Shockblast was confronted by the Autobots on Iron Planet
and was defeated and captured by Wing Saber, and chained and guarded by Inferno. Megatron
and the other Decepticons soon arrived to rescue him and Megatron warned him of the
price of defiance. This did not stop Shockblast from attempting to seize power again, however
– and in his next move, he succeeded, seating himself in Megatron’s throne within Unicron,
planning to take the chaos-bringer’s power for his own. However, he got more power than
he bargained for, as Unicron’s essence possessed him, warping his body and driving him into
an insane rage. Battling with Optimus Prime on Blizzard Planet, Shockblast was destroyed
when Unicron’s massive arm plunged down through the planet’s atmosphere and crushed him, completely
extinguishing his Spark. Shockblast’s place in the Decepticons was
soon filled by his own younger and equally treacherous brother, Six Shot.
Pack-in mini-comics Shockblast would make his only comics appearance
in the third promotional mini-comic packaged with Transformers: Energon toys. When Slugslinger
and Sharkticon attempted to break into an Autobot island facility as Shockblast scrambled
the security system with an electromagnetic pulse from orbit, they were caught and battled
with Bulkhead and Towline who had some unexpected help—Omega Supreme, who soundly defeated
all the Decepticons present. The name of Shockwave would make an unexpected
reappearance in the fourth mini-comic, as one of Megatron’s troops. On Earth Megatron,
with the aid of Snowcat, Shockwave, Mirage and Demolisher, cornered Optimus Prime and
a wounded Hot Shot. Optimus nobly refused to give up. The other Autobot reinforcements
were over ten minutes away and the two Autobots looked done for when Wing Saber arrived. Making
a powerlinx link with Optimus Prime, Prime soundly defeated all the Decepticons, even
Megatron, and forced them to flee. The Autobots then arrived and Optimus thanked Wing Saber
for his help. Toys
Energon Shockblast Designed mainly to be a visual homage to the
original Shockwave, the Shockblast figure is designed for its robot mode – it features
Shockwave’s traditional one-eyed head, and a large gun-barrel arm. Consequently, however,
its two vehicle modes are something of an ad-hoc jumble of parts. By sliding forward
the level on his gun-arm in any mode, the panels on the gun fan out, exposing gold-chromed
solar-panel-like decals beneath, and the arm launches a missile with an electronic blasting
sound effect. Shockblast was later repainted into his brother,
Six Shot. Transformers: Cybertron
The Shockwave name returned to the Transformers toy line in the US as part of the Transformers:
Cybertron series in 2005. Packaged with Tankor, a Mini-Con Autobot, Shockwave himself is of
Decepticon allegiance and a member of the Sky Attack Team. Left free to pursue his own
interests on Earth following the departure of the two other Transformer factions, Shockwave
has spent the last decade working for various dictators and tyrants around the world. Who
he signs up with is based on how likely he is to be able to cause devastation and death
– because there’s nothing he loves more than seeing a city go up in flames, and knowing
he lit the fire. Fun Publications
In Balancing Act by Fun Publications Shockwave appears among the rebel Mini-Con forces who
side with Megatron and attempt to sabotage the Mini-Con evacuation from one of Cybertron’s
moons. Toys
Cybertron Mini-Con Shockwave Shockwave was a recolor of the Transformers:
Armada Mini-Con Terradive. Shockwave and Tankor were sold together on a card, as well as being
included with the Decepticon Mudflap as a promotional item at Target stores in 2006. Live-action film series
According to an interview with producer Tom DeSanto published in issue #15 of the Transformers
Collectors Club Magazine, the original lineup pitched for the Decepticons in the live action
Transformers film was Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble, Skywarp,
and Shockwave. However, Shockwave was left out of the original film as the lineup eventually
ended up as Megatron, Starscream, Scorponok, Frenzy, Barricade, Bonecrusher, Blackout,
and Brawl. He does appear in the third film, Transformers:
Dark of the Moon. Actor David Warner was originally being considered for the role, but the part
was ultimately given to Frank Welker, who also does the voice of Soundwave. This marked
the second time that Shockwave was voiced by an actor who also voiced Megatron, The
Joker and Batman, that Corey Burton had previously voiced all three. Bay commented before the
movie’s release that Shockwave was going to be portrayed as a “little bit more vicious”
than Megatron. His armaments included a massive cannon, a shield and wrist blade, and during
the film he commands a driller, a massive and powerful Cybertonian animal. Before the
film’s release Shockwave was promoted as the film’s main antagonist to cover for the plot
twist of Sentinel Prime. Shockwave’s design in the film retains most
of his original features from the Generation 1 incarnation, most noticeably in his head
design, arm cannon, and color scheme. Development
Film concept art of Sentinel Prime by artist Josh Nizzi named the character who would become
Shockwave as “Blitzwing”. Reception
In 2007 USA today polled people as to which Transformer they want to appear in the next
Transformers film. Shockwave came in tied for fifth with Ultra Magnus.
Bryan Alexander of the Chicago Sun Times rated Shockwave 3rd of the top 12 most sinister
movie villains in film for summer of 2011, being topped only by the Red Skull and Lord
Voldemort. IDW Publishing
Longarm and Salvage are rescuing human workers at an oil plant disaster in Dalian, China
when the Decepticons Shockwave and Astrotrain crash to Earth and kill them. Shockwave leaves
Astrotrain and observes a group of Decepticons working for Starscream as they confront the
Autobots. He traces the radioactive trail left by Starscream’s minion Divebomb back
to Starscream’s base in junkyard of the outskirts of Mexico City. After blasting his way past
Ruination and Deadlift, Shockwave tells Starscream that Megatron requires his services. Shockwave
then sends Starscream to recover the drone called Brains. Shockwave, meanwhile, carves
a path of destruction through the Autobot’s base killing both Autobots and humans. Eventually
he comes into conflict with Optimus Prime, who brutally beats him, angered at the death
of his friends. Shockwave is only saved by the arrival of his driller.
He is responsible for the Tunguska event. Video games
Shockwave does appear, however, in the tie-in Transformers: The Game. He is a Triple Changer
with a robot, gun turret, and AH-64 Apache helicopter modes and is a boss for the Autobots
later in the game, where he must fight Optimus Prime. In the game, Shockwave delays Optimus
Prime from rescuing Bumblebee when Bumblebee is captured by Sector 7. Physically, he is
taller than Optimus Prime. Shockwave, however, appears to submit to Starscream, instead of
the other way around like his G1 incarnation. He also appears in the Autobot Cybertron mission
in the console versions of the game. In the PSP version of the game, he is a playable
character. He first appears with partner Thundercracker while trying to protect Blackout and Scorponok
in Qatar. He next appears in the Arctic dig site, where he, Thundercracker and fellow
Decepticon Dreadwing, try to find Megatron. They first destroy the Autobot transmitter
satellites, then go inside the site. They are also attacked by several drones. They
do not find Megatron and realize there is a satellite about to launch. The Autobot drones
decide to blow up the place, but Thundercracker and Shockwave make it out, leaving Dreadwing
to perish in the explosion. Then they go to the launch site, attempting to transmit a
signal in the satellite for Decepticon drones to approach them. Shockwave distracts the
armed forces while Thundercracker places the signal. They succeed, and Shockwave is rescued
by Thundercracker. Shockwave meets with Blackout and Scorponok, but does not find their army
and they have not heard from Thundercracker. At the end of the game, after the Autobots
succeed in destroying most of the Decepticons and bringing peace to Earth, Shockwave and
Starscream retreat to Cybertron. Starscream and Shockwave argue about leadership now that
Megatron is dead. They decide to go to war, with players assuming the role of Starscream.
Starscream successfully destroys Shockwave and his followers.
In the Nintendo DS versions of the game features all chopper vehicle modes that transform into
a robot complete with Shockwave’s head. Shockwave appears as the final boss in the
Transformers: Dark of the Moon console game, set before the events of the film. Megatron
sets out to free him from captivity in a Russian facility, destroying the cryo tanks keeping
him frozen. Shockwave began to thaw as Optimus found him, and the driller attacked until
Shockwave was active. However he was still sluggish, and this proved to be an advantage
to Optimus, who attacked the power coils on his back powering his cannon, forcing Shockwave
to take cover in the driller. After Optimus drove off the Driller again, Shockwave began
fighting Optimus and several Autobot soldiers, taking the smaller robots with ease until
Optimus used his flight-pack mode to finish the one-eyed Decepticon. Luckily for Shockwave,
the driller returned and whisked him away. Arriving in Africa where Megatron, Starscream,
and Soundwave were waiting. Megatron welcolmed back his best assassin, and ordered him to
head to Chernobyl as part of Operation: Pillar. Movie plot Shockwave is seen on the front page of a newspaper
that is hanging from the pipe in the scene in Egypt where Devastator is trying to suck
up the Twins. Shockwave first appeared during Optimus Prime’s
mission to Chernobyl with his ally human soldiers. They had discovered a fuel cell from the Ark
in an abandoned base that had incredible radiation levels. At that moment, Shockwave and his
driller – a massive multi-tentacled robotic animal – appear and immediately begin destroying
the base and killing soldiers in the process. They then proceed to take the fuel cell and
burst out of the base with Optimus Prime following. The fight then takes to the land where the
Driller knocks Optimus from his trailer, separating him from his weapons. However, Prime was still
able to gain access to them and cut off one of the driller’s tentacles to retrieve the
fuel cell. At this moment Shockwave appears out of the beast and menacingly utters Prime’s
name, but he quickly withdraws. He later appears during the final battle,
where the driller once again knocks over Optimus’s trailer, and is attacked by the Wreckers so
that the trailer could be retrieved. After noticing falling furniture from a building
that Sam, Carly, Epps, and other soldiers are in, he sends the driller to collapse the
building. After tipping the building over, Optimus Prime flies in with his jetpack and
is able to kill the driller, cutting off its main head by flying through the section that
connects it to the body. Angered by what happened to his pet, Shockwave shoots at Optimus with
a burst-missile – causing him to fly out of control and get stuck in tangled tower crane
wires. With Optimus out of the way, Shockwave and the Decepticons overpower the Autobots
and prepare to execute them. After the Wreckers manage to free Optimus, they join the humans
in a coordinated assault on Shockwave. He is eventually damaged badly, after getting
temporarily blinded by parachutes and then gets his eye partly shot out of his head by
human soldiers, but still refuses to fall. Optimus then flies in and attacks Shockwave,
who fires a missile, but Optimus dodges it and punches through Shockwave’s torso using
bladed knuckles and proceeds to injure him by completely ripping his eye out of his head.
Optimus then uses Shockwave’s hand canon to blast the space bridge control pillar, temporarily
halting Cybertron from transporting into Earth’s atmosphere. In the fourth film, Shockwave’s remains were
reused for KSI Decepticons with two heads and are colored purple named Two Heads, after
being infected by Galvatron, and fighting the Autobots. The firse Two Head was seen
fighting Autobot Hound, before firing his bullet from his mouth while holding the two
heads to be shot. The second Two Head shows up leading the drones as Optimus Prime throws
the grenade to kill it and the last remaining KSI Decepticon army. However, as three Shockwave
clones were shown in the factory when Galvatron infected the army and only two were shown
killed by Hound and Optimus, it is possible that a third remains at large along with Galvatron,
an Orange Con, and a White Con before regrouping the last hidden Decepticons on Earth in the
future. Books
Shockwave appears as a character in the book Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Junior
Novel. Toys
Dark of the Moon Burger King Flip Out Shockwave A BK Kids meal toy available at Burger King
restaurants in the U.S. The toy consists of a detailed head that opens to reveal a small
robot body, giving the overall figure a Bobblehead look. It also has a small flashlight that
emits the Decepticon symbol at the push of a button.
Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Shockwave A new mold for Shockwave, which transforms
into a Cybertronian self propelled cannon. Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Commander Class
Shockwave The individual release of Shockwave this time
in a Blue redeco. Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Shockwave Fusion
Tank A gift set that includes Commander Class Shockwave
and a Cybertronian tank that can transform into a mobile fortress or a fusion cannon.
Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime vs. Shockwave Costco exclusive
A black redeco of the individual version, this time with an unchanged Voyager Optimus.
Sadly, this is only in Canadian Costcos. Dark of the Moon Streetside Bot Battle Toys
R Us exclusive A grey redeco of the Voyager this time not
only with Optimus Prime, but with Bumblebee. As for the Autobots, they have been battle
damaged, with different MechTech weapons. Optimus with the weapon of Laserbeak and Bumblebee
with the weapon of Skids. Transformers: Timelines
Transtech Shockwave received a full-page biography in issue #22 of the Transformers Collectors
Club Magazine. He used to work for the renegade Decepticon Jhiaxus as a scientist, but after
Jhiaxus was destroyed was brought in by Megatron as a prisoner. Initially put on trial for
war crimes he was freed by Megatron, who argued to Optimus Prime that Shockwave’s mind would
be an invaluable asset to them. Shockwave is a morally ambiguous Transtech with few
actual weapons, in favor of a great number of in-built tools he uses for his craft.
Fun Publications Shockwave appeared in the 2008 BotCon voice
actor play Bee in the City, voiced by Chris Ho, also known as Vangelus. In this story
Professor Sumdac attempted to create a teleportation system to get the Autobots to Cybertron, but
an interaction with Sari Sumdac’s key ended up transporting Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and
Sari to Transtech Cybertron, where they met Flareup and were detained by Shockwave. Bumblebee
teamed up with Beast Wars Megatron to free his comrades, but then had to stop him from
taking the key for himself. Afterwards the Autobots and Sari returned to their own dimension.
Transtech Shockwave appeared in story Transcendent, where he kidnapped Breakaway for Transtech
Megatron. After Shockwave discovered that certain systems in Breakaway were unique and
might be useful Megatron requested permission from Transtech Ratbat to take the Autobot
apart, even it may kill him. When Alpha Trion’s forces raided the lab to free Skyfall Megatron
opposed them, but they escaped to another dimension.
Transformers Animated This incarnation of Shockwave has the ability
to change his body, using this power to assume the guise of Longarm in order to creep up
the Autobot ranks and serve Megatron incognito. To further his guise, changing his actual
G1 color scheme to a gray pattern, Shockwave provides his Longarm guise with an alt-mode
like that of a burly rough terrain crane. His actual alt-mode is heavily based on the
tank mode of Transformers Armada’s Megatron. Corey Burton reprises the English-accented,
David Warner-inspired voice for the character, but when Shockwave is in the disguise of Longarm,
he speaks in an American accent. Furthermore, while this Shockwave’s voice sounds identical
to that of his G1 self, Longarm’s voice sounds much younger than Shockwave himself. Corey
Burton revealed Shockwave’s inclusion in Season 2 arose from a between scenes conversation
he had with the production team, regarding how little the original Shockwave actually
had to do. Animated series
During Autobot training, his double-agent status was almost discovered by Bumblebee.
But thanks to Bumblebee believing the spy to be Wasp, Shockwave managed to plant the
evidence to have Wasp as his scapegoat. After successfully graduating from training, Longarm
is eventually promoted to Prime rank, and made intel commander of Cybertron, allowing
him full access to Autobot files, which he passes onto Megatron, who has him ensure Cybertron
is left helpless as part of his master plan. In the two-part “A Bridge Too Close” episode,
Shockwave informs Megatron that the Autobot who got the highest scores in the Space Bridge
aptitude test is Bulkhead, leading Megatron to capture the Autobot. When the rest of the
earth Autobots try to rescue Bulkhead, they are captured themselves, and Shockwave appears
on a screen to taunt Bumblebee with the truth of his double agent status, and the fact that
he had an innocent Autobot imprisoned. After the “A Bridge Too Close” two-parter,
he gained a more prominent role in Season 3, and returned in the season three premiere
event “Transwarped”. Appearing in his Longarm guise, he was waiting for Megatron’s arrival
until Blurr returned to Cybertron with information regarding Megatron’s communications with the
double agent. Once aware that no one else on Cybertron knows the truth yet, Shockwave
attacks him and manages to use the base’s walls to crush him, taking the remains to
Cliffjumper for disposal before being contacted by Megatron. When Ultra Magnus planned on
making contact with the earth Autobots, Shockwave uses his guise to convince him to have all
communication with them relayed through him, to keep his identity a secret, which is further
endangered when the council begins to realize there’s a spy in their team.
He next appeared in Where is thy Sting?, infuriated that Jazz, Sentinel Prime, Jetfire and Jetstorm
were heading to Earth while after Wasp and attempting to get them to turn back, with
Ultra Magnus “calming” him to let his group proceed with their mission. Fearing that his
cover will be blown and unable to contact Megatron, Shockwave left a message for him
that he would take matters into his own hands. At the episode’s conclusion, once word of
the truth came to Cybertron, Ironhide attempted to take him into prison, only to find the
gravely injured Ultra Magnus lying on the floor, as Shockwave nearly assassinated him
and stole his hammer before taking his leave into the long abandoned underground passage
ways to hide out. He appeared in “This is Why I Hate Machines”.
When Megatron arrived to Cybertron in Omega Supreme, Shockwave began setting up a scheme
to acquire the activation codes to Omega Supreme from the original Autobot who possessed them,
Arcee. His plans were slowed down when Ratchet and Captain Fanzone arrived on Cybertron and
try to protect Arcee from the clutches of Shockwave. Because of this, Shockwave battled
Ratchet several times through the episode, utilizing the stolen Magnus Hammer as his
primary weapon. After taking care of the Autobot, he encounters his “old boss”, Ultra Magnus
and attempts to put him out of commission. He would have succeeded if Ratchet had not
intervened. Though he lost Magnus’ hammer in the fight, Shockwave escapes with Arcee,
resuming his natural purple color scheme upon joining Megatron’s group officially.
In the third season finale, Shockwave kept Arcee in an operating chamber, where he hooked
her up to several wires. Once he received news that Megatron was going to make Omega
Supreme clones, Shockwave once again used his Longarm disguise in an attempt to trick
Arcee into giving Megatron Omega’s activation codes, so that the three Omega clones could
be brought online. When the attempt failed, Shockwave took the codes forcefully. However,
the codes were missing an essential security patch, requiring Shockwave to set up a bypass,
leaving Lugnut to control the clones remotely from Omega. Shockwave later encountered Ratchet,
Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Sari, who had come to save Arcee, and engaged Bumblebee and Bulkhead
in battle. Bulkead managed to catch him off guard, punching him to the ground and knocking
away his cannon. Forgetting his color scheme, Shockwave took on his Longarm guise in a vain
and desperate ploy to gain mercy. Bulkhead and Bumblebee were not fooled however and
destroyed the cannon. Shockwave makes a final appearance in the show when he gets taken
to Cybertron as a prisoner along with Megatron and Lugnut.
Fun Publications After the events of the animated series Shockwave
was placed in detention at the Trypticon stronghold in Kaon city.
Toys Animated Voyager Shockwave
In keeping with his depiction on the show, Shockwave features four distinct modes; his
normal robot mode and a shorter, stockier Longarm robot mode, each with its own alternate
mode – a Cybertronian tank and crane, respectively. His faction insignia can be flipped between
Autobot and Decepticon. Animated Voyager Shockwave with Activators
Bumblebee This figure is similar to the normal Animated
Shockwave except in his season 3 finale color scheme. He is currently exclusive to Target
being packed along with Activators Bumblebee. Like his original Animated action figure,
this toy can assume the guise of Longarm and his vehicle mode as well. The purple Longarm
made his first appearance in the final episode of season 3. However, while the Longarm toy
itself has gold eyes, his eyes still remain traditional Autobot blue in the cartoon.
Animated TA-14 Voyager Decepticon Shockwave The 2010 Japan release version by Takara Tomy
is virtually identical to the Hasbro version, with the exception of a purple Decepticon
emblem and a red Autobot emblem on his chest. Animated TA-45 Voyager Decepticon Shockwave
Original Version The Japan release version of purple Shockwave
by Takara Tomy is scheduled for release on October 2010.
Transformers: Prime Shockwave started out as Megatron’s pet “mad
scientist” during his days as a gladiator. Books
Appears in the novel Transformers: Exodus. Shockwave is responsible for creating the
Insecticons, and creating the combiner technology – first the Combaticons who formed Bruticus
Maximus and perfected it with the Constructicons who formed Devastator.
He is also mentioned in Transformers: Exiles, where he continues to lead the Decepticon
effort to subjugate Cybertron in Megatron’s absence. He communicates and meets with Alpha
Trion several times, always seeking to intimidate the ancient archivist, only to be rebuffed.
Militarily, his greatest opposition comes from the Wreckers under Ultra Magnus.
Shockwave later appears in Transformers: Retribution, where he captures Alpha Trion in order to
gain access to the supercomputer Vector Sigma, so that he may be able to create a Decepticon
Matrix of Leadership. Somehow, the Curator, a Quintesson leader, manipulated Shockwave’s
motives of finding Vector Sigma, in order to rebuild the Space Bridges so that the Quintessons
may take over Cybertron. Games
Shockwave appears as Megatron’s second-in-command in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for
Cybertron. While voiced by Steven Blum in the game, Shockwave was voiced by Corey Burton
in the GameStop TV promo. Players can unlock him on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions
by entering a unique code supplied by GameStop and Blockbuster Video. He is also unlockable
on the Nintendo DS version and part of the first DLC pack on the PC version.
In the TV promo, Megatron leaves Shockwave in charge while he is away. Shockwave revels
in this, then orders Soundwave to transform into boombox mode and play “The Touch” while
shooting several Autobots. Starscream asks “Why this song?”, to which Shockwave replies,
“When your hit percentage exceeds mine, you may choose the soundtrack.”
Shockwave appeared in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron where he has a larger role. Shockwave
opens a space bridge to search the universe for energy to rebuild Cybertron. He soon finds
dinosaurs on Earth and later he appllied these forms to a group of Autobots on Cybertron
with Grimlock being one of them and calls them Dinobots. Shockwave later tries to control
the new Dinobots, but they are intelligent enough to rebel against him. Grimlock even
eats Shockwave’s arm. Shockwave is presumed dead after Grimlock knocks him away. Even
if Grimlock did not kill him, both Grimlock and Shockwave would have died due to the destruction
of the space bridge. Animated series
A flashback in the Transformers: Prime episode “Out of the Past” showed that Shockwave was
in Kaon when Starscream was delivering energon to him. Starscream brought Arcee and Cliffjumper
to Shockwave in order for him to extract the cryptic Autobot message from them. When asked
by Starscream if he can extract the Autobot message from them, Shockwave stated to Starscream
that he invented Cortical Psychic Patch. Shockwave successfully extracts the message from Arcee
where it involved Optimus Prime giving the coordinates to Earth. When Shockwave plans
to dispose of Cliffjumper, Starscream tells Shockwave that Cliffjumper is his. Shockwave
acknowledges Starscream’s orders and leaves. Arcee and Cliffjumper learn from Starscream
that Shockwave is using the Energon to build a Space Bridge. Upon taking out two Vehicon
guards, Arcee and Cliffjumper discover that Shockwave plans to use the Space Bridge to
send the Decepticons to Earth to attack Optimus Prime before any other Autobot arrives. Shockwave
arrives when Cliffjumper tries to distract the two Vehicon guards and attacks Arcee while
she is sabotaging the Space Bridge. Cliffjumper then attacks Shockwave as Arcee takes out
some Vehicons. Before Shockwave can shoot Cliffjumper, Arcee shoots part of a ceiling
which knocks out Shockwave. When Shockwave tries to follow them, Arcee manages to shoot
Shockwave in the head as Arcee and Cliffjumper successfully arrive on Earth. Before leaving
to find Optimus Prime, Arcee and Cliffjumper are left wondering if Shockwave survived the
Space Bridge’s explosion. In the third season entitled Beast Hunters,
Knock Out finds Shockwave when he, some Vehicons, and some Insecticons were looking for the
Iacon relics at the destroyed Omega Lock. He survived the Space Bridge explosion, but
was lost on Cybertron and no Decepticons searched for him. He decided to use his time alone
to move along with a lot of his projects until he saw the Decepticon search party and returned
to Earth with Knock Out. After hearing Starscream’s excuse why he wasn’t looked for, he found
his excuse logical. With Shockwave’s return, Megatron established a new chain of command.
While Starscream remained Megatron’s second-in-command in terms of military activities, Shockwave
became Megatron’s first lieutenant for scientific activities. While hunting Autobots with the
Decepticons, Shockwave recommends one of his projects for it, a Predacon named Predaking
who was under his control. Shockwave sends Predaking after the Autobots with some Energon
from Wheeljack leaked during torture. But unfortunately the Predacon failed and Starscream
made fun of the mute creature. Shockwave was present when Starsream was sending the decepticons
to different parts of the globe. He later suggested to release Predaking on the Autobot
intruders. But after that failed Shockwave decided to handle it himself. He managed to
subdue Wheeljack and Bulkhead. He was later about to execute the Autobot prisoners until
he got distracted by Optimus Prime’s return. After the Autobots escaped, he returns to
the Nemesis through the groundbridge sent by Soundwave before the remains of Darkmount
fell on him. In “Project Predacon,” it was revealed that
Shockwave once used his previous clones of Predacons to Earth back in ancient times.
Optimus Prime discovers that the Decepticons are looking for fossil samples of the Predacons
so that Shockwave can rebuild his Predacon army. Shockwave also had his Predacons microchipped,
which made it easy to track their remains. When it came to one location, Shockwave ended
up engaging Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Smokescreen. With help from Soundwave, Shockwave
was able to obtain part of a Predacon fossil. While analyzing the Predacon fossil fragment,
Shockwave is visited by Megatron who states that he heard of his encounter with Optimus
Prime and how it would’ve been tragic if he had lost his best scientist in battle. Shockwave
vows to Megatron that he will leave the fossil-fetching missions to Starscream and the Vehicons so
that he can accelerate Project Predacon. In “Evolution”, it is revealed that Project:
Predacon is nearing completion. After having Knock Out transport the synthetic energon
to him, Shockwave finds that Predaking has learned to transform after Starscream angers
him. He is present when Megatron orders Project: Predacon to be shut down before the Predacons
can rebel. Shockwave surprisingly finds Megatron’s decision to be logical. When Starscream puts
his plan of having the Autobots destroy the Predacon clones without alerting Shockwave,
Shockwave escapes the Wreckers, but first releases the Predacons which are later destroyed.
He reports to Megatron later when he discovers freshly made Cybertronian alloy in his destroyed
lab. He concludes that synthetic energon was the cause of what has transpired.
In “Minus One” and “Synthesis”, Shockwave is working on the reconstruction of the Omega
Lock, and the manufacturing of the synthetic energon. He finds the formula difficult to
complete, and has Laserbeak retrieve Soundwave after he’s captured, and bring Ratchet to
the Nemesis. The two scientists end up working together to complete the cybermatter formula.
In the series finale “Deadlock”, Shockwave is about to use the Omega Lock on Earth, but
Ratchet attacks, and Shockwave easily defeats him, then the other Autobots arrive and Shockwave
ends up being knocked down by Bumblebee. After Megatron is killed by Bumblebee, Starscream
is distraught and swears vengenance on the Autobots, but Shockwave tries to calm him
down and forces him and the other Decepticions to presumably head for Kaon. They then get
into an escape pod and launch, landing somewhere on Cybertron.
Predacons Rising In the movie, Shockwave and Starscream are
the leaders of the Decepticons, and continue to relocate again and again to avoid detection
from the Autobots. Together they revive Project Predacon, and have made two Predacons, Darksteel
and Skylinx. Starscream later summons Shockwave to Predaking’s grounds, where he has located
many Predacon bones unearthed by the restoration of Cybertron. While they gather the bones,
Unicron in Megatron’s body comes over, and resurrects the dead Predacons with dark energon.
Starscream runs but Shockwave attempts to fight off the zombies in tank mode, but is
overrun and mauled by them. Later, when Predaking defeats his Predacon brethren, Shockwave is
shown to have survived, and asks the Predacons to use their power more logically. It is unknown
how he survived, or what happens to him afterwards. Toys
Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Shockwave A new mold of Shockwave, based on his appearance
in the game. He comes with a blaster and transforms into a Cybertronian ship
Prime: Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Shockwave w/t Hyperflux Cannon
Prime: Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Shockwave
Recolor of Cyberverse Commander Shockwave, homage to G1 Shockwave.
Prime: Beast Hunters Shockwave w/ Hyperflux Cannon
A new mold of Shockwave, based on his appearance in the show. He transforms into a Cybertronian
tank, similar to his Animated self, and has snap-off armor.
Transformers: Timelines Shockwave is a Decepticon whose skills are
at relations between organisms, working as the ambassador between Earth and the Decepticons,
along with his aide Fistfight. Calm, wizened, he’s intelligent and patient, though no scientist.
Like most Decepticons, he’s more than willing to put his life on the line to save humans.
Although his fighting techniques are entirely defensive, he’s more than capable of putting
a hole through any Autobot. In his alternate identity, Longarm, he is
an Autotrooper officer. He was always kind of a wet blanket, but recently he’s been acting
really strangely and disappearing for long stretches of time without explanation. He’s
even started saying stuff like “Interrogative” and “Conclusion” before his sentences.
Shockwave’s body is based on Transformers: Energon Shockblast. According to Trent Troop,
his colors were chosen because they were the opposite of Generation 1 Shockwave’s.
Shockwave’s ability to disguise himself as Longarm is an homage to Transformers Animated
Shockwave, who infiltrated the Autobot ranks as Longarm. Longarm is a disguised Shockwave,
but which Shockwave is still unrevealed. Fun Publications
After mistaking Cliffjumper for his universe’s Cliffjumper, Megatron mistakenly believed
that his time in the Rad Zone had damaged his circuitry, and noted that perhaps they
should have Shockwave take a look at him. When the Decepticons got a two-way Stellar
Spanner going between Earth and Cybertron, Megatron assigned Shockwave to Earth as an
ambassador. Shockwave arrived at the base on Earth and was greeted by Starscream and
Professor Arkeville. He was particularly interested in talking to Cliffjumper, and hearing more
about Primus. Shockwave attended the unveiling of the Mega-Rig, aiming to meet R.J. Blackrock
and Senator Shore. When a group of Autobots attacked the ceremony, Shockwave acted only
in defense. The human Sephie Beller came under threat from Seaspray, and Shockwave acted
quickly, taking the missile which would surely have killed her.
Though he was seriously damaged, he survived and was taken back to base for repairs. Sephie
blamed herself for his injuries and got herself upgraded with Cybertronian technology. Though
the other Decepticons didn’t approve of it, Starscream’s scans of her tech provided several
vital tips to boost Shockwave’s self-repair, saving his life. He was soon on his feet,
albeit unsteadily, and greeted Sephie when the Decepticons brought her back to base.
Toys Customization Class Exclusive Shattered Glass
Longarm Shattered Glass Longarm is a remold of Transformers:
Reveal the Shield Jazz, available only at the BotCon 2012 customization classes. He
transforms from a robot into a purple sports car. The speakers can also combine with his
rifle via clips to form a super rifle, or they can be used on any other clip-compatible
Transformers toy. Longarm also comes with an alternate Shockwave head and gun arm, which
one can use instead of the proper head and hand. The head can fit during transformation
if properly sanded, but the gun cannot. Neither new piece is considered Hasbro product. This
mold was also used to make Transformers United Stepper, and the mold’s alternate head was
used to make Treadshot. It was also retooled to make Transformers: Generations Wheelie
and Transformers: Timelines Kick-Over. References
Furman, Simon. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide. DK Publishing Inc. p. 26. ISBN 1-4053-0461-8.  External links
Shockwave at Transformers Wiki

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