Short Stories for Kids – Trip to Egypt
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Short Stories for Kids – Trip to Egypt

January 19, 2020

Can you believe the pyramids were built almost 4000 years ago! I’d really like to see them up close. And the Nile River. I’m game! Perhaps I’ll take a pass, What is that? The sphinx. It’s near the pyramids of Giza. Now that would be worth seeing! A dog human. I think it’s a cat human. How about we head to Egypt and find out. Here it is, Egypt. At the top of Africa. Oh, I hope it’s not too hot. It’s too hot. Marhaban! Hello! Marhaban to you. Would you like to ride some camels to the pyramids? Would we ever. I have seen a dog on a camel, but never an elephant! He’s not just an elephant, he’s magic. And a bit queasy. Are camels always this bouncy? Oh yes. You sound like I feel! So, is it a dog human? Or a cat human? It is a lion human. You were close, Neena. What happened to her nose? It is a mystery. As are the pyramids. Come. How did they build this? Without cranes or bulldozers? It is also a mystery. But we do know it took many, many, many people. Would you like to go inside? I’m not so sure. Come on, Tiger. You can hold my tail. It’s a bit tight for an elephant. Or anybody. Welcome to the burial chamber. It was once filled with all of the Pharaoh’s treasure. Anyone else feeling a bit claustrophobic? Where’s the treasure now? Most was stolen by grave robbers, but you can see many other treasures in the museum in Cairo. I vote we go there, right now. Appu? Thank you for the tour! The elephant is magic. I’ve never seen this much gold in one place. Ahhh! What’s that! It’s a real mummy inside or sarcophagus. They wrapped the dead kings and queens up like that after they died. Reminds me of a scary movie! I’m hungry, anybody hungry? Sure, let’s check out the Cairo marketplace. There’s so much to see, I don’t know where to look. Or smell. My nose is on spice overload. Is it always this busy? Everyday Cairo’s Kahn el-Khalili market is a feast of sights and sounds. What are those? Spinnerets of our local mosque. Now my hungry friends, Baba Ganoush – eggplant with pita bread. You dip the bread in and enjoy. Yummy. I’m feeling claustrophobic again. I have an idea. The Nile River. Much better. The book said the Nile was and is the heart of Egyptian civilization. I could float down the Nile all day. But, there’s one more ancient site I have to see. The Valley of the Kings. This is the entrance to the tomb of Ramesses the second. Wow, this pharaoh wasn’t kidding around. How did they build these huge statues? With many, many, many people. Egypt really is a wonder. More Baba Ganoush? Please.

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